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This edition of the Biz Marketing 62 shows you how to manage the equation between (goals and time).

When you finish reading the edition, you'll effectively set your goals, manage your time and get more done, faster and easier.

Biz Marketing 62 Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

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Biz Marketing 62nd Preamble

How to Read the Biz Marketing 62?

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In This Issue of Biz Marketing 62

  • Special Invitation.
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Goals!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: How to Manage the Equation Between (Goals and Time)?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Getting More Done, Faster and Easier!
  • Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Goal Setting and Time Management! 
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), to set your goals, manage your time, save money and improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

Biz Marketing 62nd Special invitation

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Biz Marketing 62nd Top Wednesday Thought: Goals!

"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine."

Brian Tracy, is a motivator, speaker of self-help and an author to many audio books on different kinds of personal motivations and personal management.

If you knew more information about him or his works you can publish it through any form on the political website linked above. Thanks.

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Biz Marketing 62nd Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

How to Manage the Equation Between (Goals and Time)?

Without having the time and your business planning ready, you cannot achieve any goal. Here is the connection between the "Top Wednesday Thought" and the "Guest Coolest Corner". It is not any connection, but a magical connection between TIME and GOALS.

Successful people, as you see on the success stories here know how to invest their times to achieve their goals. It is not strange that success is the third side of the equation.

Therefore, anybody can put it this way: goals setting + time management = success.

In addition, problem management skills are also needed to magnate any problem that occurs to your business, whether its online business, or one of the offline businesses you see on the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses.

However, this is not the equation. It is in setting your goals and managing your time.

Seems easy?

Well, it is not.

The quote in the "Top Wednesday Thought" motivates you and prepares you to setup your goals. The article on the "Guest Coolest Corner" helps you manage your time and prepare to eat that frog.

Where am I? Just behind these lines watching your reaction ;-)

Seriously, I am here too, to help you my friend achieve your goals. Have fun and pleasure while reading the Guest Corner in Biz Marketing 62.

If the article falls apart of your interests, get the linked pages to read more insights on the topic.

That is it.

Have a good reading in this edition of the Biz Marketing 62.

Biz Marketing 62nd Guest Coolest Corner

Getting More Done, Faster and Easier!

By: Brian Tracy

Learn to Focus on High Value Tasks, Eliminate Low Value Activities, and Keep Your Life in Balance

There are so many demands on your time today that very little of your time is yours to use as you choose. The good news is that you can take far more control over how you use your time at work and in your personal life.

The Starting Point!

Time management begins with you making a list of your goals in order of priority. You always work from a list. You then organize each day with a list as well.

Priorities Versus Posteriorities!

There is a difference between priorities and posteriorities. In order to get your personal time under control, you must decide very clearly upon your priorities.

You must decide on the most important things that you could possible be doing to give yourself the same amount of happiness, satisfaction, and joy in life.

But at the same time, you must establish posteriorities as well. Just as priorities are things that you do more of and sooner, posteriorities are things that you do less of and later.

Time Management for Results (Twelve videos) This 12 part program can be given in one day. Each person learns how to gain two extra hours of productive time each day.

Participants learn how to identify their key result areas, set priorities, overcome procrastination, eliminate time wasters and get their work done faster.

Create Your Own Future: How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success.

Your Calendar Is Full!

The fact is, your calendar is full. You have no spare time. Your time is extremely valuable. Therefore, for you to do anything new, you will have to stop doing something old. In order to get into something, you will have to get out of something else.

In order to pick something up, you will have to put something down. Before you make any new commitment of your time, you must firmly decide what activities you are going to discontinue in your personal life.

If you want to spend more time with your family, for example, you must decide what activities you currently engage in that are preventing you from doing so.

Hard Time Pushes Out Soft Time!

A key principle of time management says that hard time pushes out soft time. This means that hard time, such as working, will push out soft time, such as the time you spend with your family. So concentrate on working when you are at work so that you can concentrate on your family when you are at home.

Three Questions For Life Balance!

There are three key questions that you can ask yourself continually to keep your personal life in balance. The first question is, "What is really important to me?"

Whenever you find yourself with too much to do and too little time, stop and ask yourself, "What is it that is really important for me to do in this situation?" Then, make sure that what you are doing is the answer to that question.

Your Highest Value Activities!

The second question is, "What are my highest value activities?" In your personal life, this means, "What are the things that I do that give me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction? Of all the things that I could be doing at any one time, what are the things that I could do to add the greatest value to my life?"

The Most Valuable Use of Your Time!

And the final question for you to ask over and over again is, "What is the most valuable use of my time right now?" Since you can only do one thing at a time, you must constantly organize your life so that you are doing one thing, the most important thing, at every moment.

Personal time management enables you to choose what to do first, what to do second, and what not to do at all. It enables you to organize every aspect of your life so that you can get the greatest joy, happiness, and satisfaction out of everything you do.

Action Exercises!

First, look at your calendar, your list of tasks and responsibilities, and decide what you are going to cut back on or stop doing altogether.

Second, organize your work so that you work all the time you work. Don't waste time in idle socializing or low value activities.

Third, ask yourself continually, "What is the most valuable use of my time, right now?" and whatever your answer, work on that task exclusively until it is complete.

Useful Resources by the Guest Writer

Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills that will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed.
Personal Success Made Simple
Time Management Success Made Simple.

Biz Marketing 62nd Search Engines Insider

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Goal Setting and Time Management!

The following tips on this column of the Biz Marketing 62 could be helpful while searching using the terms "goals setting" and "time management" to explore more information about the topics.

When you start typing inside the search box "goal" and even before completing the term, Google will suggest many keywords and you will find many second words added to "goal".

Choose what you need from the "goal setting" that you'll read on the small window Google drops for you when you search from the toolbar in your browser.

When you start typing "time", Google will give you many terms that you do not need. When you enter the first letter of the second word in the term "m", the drop-down window will appear containing "time management", "time management games", "time management skills", "time management tips", and "time management techniques".

Now you will know what to do. Just click on your terms to learn more.

The best results of your search will be at the first 3, 4 result pages.

Another search engines insider to this search is that you could use it to define a topic by a unique theme to get more information about it and build it some narrow niches you are passionate about.

Of course, you'll do this better, if you are seriously thinking of using your hobby, knowledge, or any of the things that interest you to build it a home business. However, you'll need the Choose It tool and the CTPM Process to achieve remarkable success in your small business.

The Wise Biz Marketing 62nd Web Market Place

Goals! How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible


Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time (BK Life)


The Psychology of Achievement: Develop the Top Achiever's Mindset



Retire To Something

Biz Marketing 62nd Marketing Resources

Search engines and other HITS Quarters

You'll definitely find the complete Search Engines Secrets associated with Search Engines Marketing and hit quarters to attract more free website traffic to your business website and then monetize the volume of traffic you get at this resource. It is the best according to more than 14 years of experiences with it.

In addition, find many articles about websites traffic and search engines on the Ezine Acts Network and get the free traffic you want form the following pages:

Best Ways to Feature Your Business| Build Automated Content| Build Web PagesEzine Acts Business Publicity| Ezine Acts Link Building StrategiesEzine Acts Optimization| Ezine Acts Traffic Converter| Ezine Media AdvertisingHow to Convert Traffic Into Sales?| How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?| How to Improve Your Website Presence?| Improve Your Website PresenceOptimizing a WebsiteSearch Engines Top Placement| Search Tutorial|

Well, here we are now at the close of our Biz Marketing 62. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity

Sincerely Khalid Osman

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