Biz Marketing 44!

Biz Marketing 44

Issue No.44 Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

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Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) 


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In This Issue of the Wise Biz Newsletter 44:

  • Special Invitations
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Motive!
  • Intro/ Publisher Main Spot: Credibility Online!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: The Momentum Principle Of Success!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) save money or make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters
  • Archives: Our Publications

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Biz Marketing 44th Top Wednesday Thought: Motive!

"Nothing happens until something moves."

Albert Einstein

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Biz Marketing 44th Intro / Publisher Main Spot:


Credibility Online!

Yes, if you were searching for credibility online, then this edition and some other pages on my website will tell you directly about it. This is all that the "Biz Marketing 44" newsletter is about. Yes, credibility.

So, getting online may not be that easy, honesty and safe all the time. It involves some risks I'm obliged to highlight and warn you to be careful.

As, you know there are so many malware and viruses and some bad techniques to infringe your privacy, even through your IP addresses, there are also so many misleading business opportunities.

My advice is to be always careful and don't trust anything until you study it. It takes time and efforts to make sure that you are safe online, whether you are just browsing to chat, social networking, doing your college assignments, downloading music, watching movies, videos, or building some small businesses.

I found myself obliged too advice you because I was hurt the first time I indulged myself into this cyberspace more than 13 years ago. I got there without having the knowledge needed about the Web. I come to know that it is dangerous.

So, after many years of experimenting I knew so many facts about it and discovered ways to see from the first look where I could find the credibility I need to make sure of just anything I want to get, or do online.

Now, I feel that I'm actually doing this (giving my advices) because I've a lot of experiences about anything on the Web and especially about those home business opportunities on the Internet.

I learned that, when I want to do something with them, I should look first at the way they present what they offer and then go deep to investigate what they offer and compare all of that with others.

I would also seek proofs through real personal experiences, case studies and researches based on the offers they have and then make sure that they over deliver what they describe as credible and incredible without any assumption.

This is why I published the linked pages about malware and the Affiliate Marketing Lessons and the Leads Genereting Systems to highlight risks you may face, if you just got into that scope without vision.

I believe in this area, that only when businesses do bring you confidence, then you'll see whose credibility and transparency is most welcomed to help you in your online work at home business, or to get the correct information you were looking for, or to do anything you want to do online feeling quite secure.

This works much better with trustworthy sources.

In addition to the intro, there is a good article in the "Guest Coolest Corner" below to help you further get the principle of success done easily.

It also show you credibility and teaches you to get it for yourself to network with others and improve your life.

I am glad that the main columns of Biz Marketing 44 and the other editions are so connected.


Khalid Osman 

Biz Marketing 44 - Senior Editor

Biz Marketing 44th Guest Coolest Corner:


The Momentum Principle Of Success!

By: Brian Tracy

Fast tempo seems to go hand in hand with all great success. Developing this tempo requires that you start moving and keep moving at a steady rate.

The Key Action To Orientation

When you become an action-oriented person, you activate the "Momentum Principle” of success. This principle says that although it may take tremendous amounts of energy to overcome inertia and get going initially, it then takes far less energy to keep going.

Increase Your Energy

The good news is that the faster you move, the more energy you have. The faster you move, the more you get done and the more effective you feel.

The faster you move, the more experience you get and the more you learn. The faster you move, the more competent and capable you become at your work.

Get Onto The Fast Track

A sense of urgency shifts you automatically onto the fast track in your career. The faster you work and the more you get done, the higher will be your levels of self-esteem, self-respect and personal pride.

Talk to Yourself Positively

One of the simplest and yet most powerful ways to get yourself started is to repeat the words, "Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!" over and over to yourself.

If you feel yourself slowing or becoming distracted by conversations or low value activities, repeat to yourself the words, "Back to work! Back to work! Back to work!" over and over.

Get A Reputation For Speed

In the final analysis, nothing will help you more in your career than for you to get the reputation for being the kind of person who gets important work done quickly and well. This reputation will make you one of the most valuable and respected people in your field.

Action Exercises

Practice makes perfect! Pick up the tempo! Whatever you are doing, resolve to move faster than ever before.

Million Dollar Habits

You may only want to be satisfied of your life and content. It doesn't matter to be a millionaire. Be only yourself with the mode of knowledge, passion and intelligence you have. This is your character and charisma. Use the million dollar habits in this educational source to make all of that happen.

Learn from this book, how to acquire those habits for a Momentum Success.

You've worked very hard to get where you are today. You've paid your dues. You've made sacrifices. You've put in that extra effort. But are you making enough money?

Take complete control of your career and future financial life. Request your free consulting from one of the relevant pages.

Biz Marketing 44th Web Market Place:


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Well, here we are now at the close of Biz Marketing 44. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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