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Use the following services to PING AND RSS IT! Submit your RSS to many RSS serving websites through the links I included on this page. You can scroll down to do this job, or read the article here for more information.

This page will help you get your links to hundreds of RSS serving websites, improve your links popularity, get more traffic to your website and bring the World to read your news from their own desktops.

If you thought that submitting your RSS manually to hundreds of RSS serving systems could make you a headache, then you think of using the best website building and optimizing tools here to do this job for you every time you built web pages.

The tools I mentioned here automate this process through the entire Web, whenever you built a new page. As the submission goes to the major search engines, it goes also to many RSS serving websites and updates your website through its own blog.

BELIEVE ME OR NOT; you will lose and waste your valuable time if you skipped this link. But, if it is OK... well, here we go. Please feel free to use these services  politely.

You can go through the following links to ping and RSS it, or simply use software to do the job and submit your RSS URL to many services out there in addition to the links below.

How do you Ping and RSS? Open link in new window. Read the guidelines in the article and then close that window to come here again to ping and RSS it.

If you become a regular visitor to this page to ping your website, I encourage you to leave us a comment saying: (Nice to see improvement to my feeds I submitted through the prodigious RSS Blogging Ezine. Thanks from the heart to this WONDERFUL service!) That's all I ask in turn.

Alternatively, you can use the small buttons at the top of the right column to tweet and like this page.

Use this simple form by clicking on the highlighted Prodigious FEEDS. However, you can use the same form below to write about ping and rss it or about any relevant XML topic.

Internet browsers could refuse to read your XML so you may need to search for alternatives to let them parse your XML data and display it good. The following link will provide you by a software that's good to do such job.

Feed For All helps you edit and create your RSS FEEDS. You can submit your RSS FEEDS and convert RSS FEEDS to html to display them on your website as content. Use the power of this RSS FEEDS editing tool at FeedForAll

This will enable you to digest your feeds the way you see in the news feeds below, if you don't want to use Java Script to work as text alternative and display your RSS FEEDS using free services as feedburner and feedinformer (feedigest):

Some RSS Services allow you to add your news to your account, import more news and syndicate all those important news into one script of news using the newest online media development.

Please give us a credit when you are done, by "RSSing" this page with you there and referring to it. Do it this way:

Click on the RSS orange button using the right click on the mouse and copy the shortcut to add and ping it on those services, or use the other buttons to add Ping and RSS It with news from the entire website to your accounts at Yahoo, Google, Bing, or Bloglines.

You'll be prompted to sign in or create an account to keep in touch with the development of this online media, and use it to promote yours.

Ping and RSS It. Submit RSS FEEDS!

Feedvalidator lets you know if your RSS FEEDS are valid. A very intelligent brain has created this fantastic tool to carry on this RSS FEEDS, ATOM FEEDS and all this XML technology.

You're not submitting RSS FEEDS to this source. It only validates your RSS FEEDS structural features. You'll of course need to validate your RSS FEEDS before "RSSing" at other RSS providers.

Check your ping and RRS it feeds and Validate RSS FEEDS here.

All you need to do is to remove the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) you'll find there, which will be the domain name that corresponds to Ezine act politics, business and love, and insert yours to validate.

Postami is FREE RSS and Atom finder. You can search for your RSS FEEDS or Atom FEEDS on this directory and add or update them. It makes it easy for you and others to add the results of this search to their websites if they are looking for content too.

Come back to this page to do that often. BOOKMARK Ping and RSS It Free RSS FEEDS this way: press Ctrl+D together, then click OK and check it on your favourites.

Find, add or take the search result codes:

Rss Finder

Stepnewz podcasts your news through the power of RSS FEEDS and ATOM FEEDS. You can use it also to display RSS FEEDS on your website, giving you free content if you need it.

You can add other Stepnewz News or Stepnewz Press Releases. You should register to Ping Stepnews!

Ping and RSS It and add yours while using Digg.

Feedburner Burning Feeds - You'll get burned RSS FEEDS associated to your Feedburner login name when you ping using Feedburner. Feedburner enables different headlines animators and different feed count buttons to track your RSS FEEDS stats.

It gets your RSS FEEDS through a state of the art feeds manufacturing, until they appear on your Dashboard at Feedburner. Through this manufacturing process, you'll be able to make OPML list of your RSS FEEDS. Ping, boy and see benefits.

Subscribe to FeedBurner Information World and click on the image link at the bottom to get yours there.

Ezine Act Blog - So Many Things Are Changing on the Web

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Plurks Timeline Friends - This is not a service to use to ping it and RSS it there. But, it has a timeline through which you post short news about your business and even videos to appear at that timeline.

Then you acquire friends like what you did in other social media services. It could help your small business. Read about Plurks TimeLine Friends here.

We Blog A Lot - Does not seem as good as the other ping and RSS services. So, you may ignore it and ping and RSS it with the others. Alternatively, you can check it to see when you enter the name in the search box at the right column.

Geo URL allows you to find RSS FEEDS by their Geo-location. If you want to ping and RSS-It, you should know how to add meta tag for weblog.

It's difficult to do it unless you know the latitude and longitude to your geo-location. However, enter Geo URL in the search box at the right column to search for it.

RSS Network has some Ping and RSS It services to submit your RSS to them. Some the services included there submit in turn to many other services. You can try to Ping and RSS It with all of them.

Click to Ping and RSS It at the RSS Network.

Feeedshark gives you more than 10 RSS FEEDS sources to submit your RSS FEEDS to them. You need to enter your RSS FEEDS URL then click on each RSS FEEDS buttons to submit to them manually. While you are there don't let the shark eats you;-)

Ping and RSS It at FeedSahrk.

RSS Specification / FeedBeagle helps you to manually ping and RSS it in about 39 websites and rss directories out of 65.

You can also submit your blog and blog's RSS feeds or atom feeds to 27 out of 35 blogs, and podcast to only 2 podcast submission services. 

Go to RSS Specifications.

Blogstreet helps you create your own RSS FEEDS, generate RSS FEEDS for a blog, make RSS FEEDS discovery, use personal JavaScript RSS Aggregator, or simply add your RSS FEEDS.

But it's difficult to find your RSS FEEDS if you use the site search tool there. However, you can use it and Ping and RSS It. Enter the name in the search box at the right column.

Other Ping and RSS It Services:

Twitter is just something different and it is amazingly very good to use to build a community in this network at Twitter. Communities Marketing could get into different indirect way here. See the Twitter gadget at the right column and reach it form there.

To see some other RSS Blogging services and weblogs connect to them from those links at the top, or at the right column.

Add yours and ours to "Live" and others from the buttons at the navigation bar at the left and at the bottom. Like and tweet, or pin the images on this network.

Read more about this technology to Ping and RSS It better at the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center and Why Using A Newsreader?

In addition to Ping and RSS It, you may also be interested in the following articles in the Articles, Site Map 9 and the Inspirations and Motivations, Site Map 7.

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Here are some of the articles to help you first build good narrow niches that you would proud to use Ping and RSS It in your website system to do this job:

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