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The Biz Marketing 66 talks to you and walks you through important interests that could be yours!

What interests you most? The Choose It tool answers the question to help you decide important things and have a good life.

You need to think of the most important things you want to achieve in life in terms. Summarize them in terms and form 5 open questions about these terms at the tool. The best answer is the one that comes with the highest value.

In addition, through the columns of the Biz Marketing 66 you could get more insights to do the things you love online to improve your life. If I were you, I will start with the free resources provided from within the Biz Marketing 66.

After that and when I become confident of the resources and know exactly what they will do for me, I will proceed to use them to build my hobby, knowledge, passion, professional and personal experiences, or the things that interests you and other folk in a home based business focused only on one narrow niche.


Biz Marketing 66!


Biz Marketing 66! Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

The Momentum Success Newsletter! is all about --

"Capturing Seven Shadow Strategies Online to Benefit from the Web". Benefits gained from the Web could be anything about things you love to do.

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Biz Marketing 66th Preamble!

The Biz Marketing 66 has sticky columns, as well as the other editions of the business and love newsletter, intended only for new subscribers and readers, to know something about the history of our publications and make sure that we are pioneers in the internet home business and we stand on solid grounds.

So, if you read them before, treat them as reminders and read them again, or skip to the main columns of the business and love newsletter.

Nevertheless, here is important update on Biz Marketing 66. I will be moving each of the art and love sections on the Ezine Act to a new website, as I did with the Ezine Acts Newsletters, the voice of the Ezine Acts Political Section.

However, there are other political pages still on the political section on the Ezine Act, because there are irrelevant to the theme of the other political site. So, of those pages are now indexed on the political section and on links within this edition of Biz Marketing 66.

As the other editions of the Ezine Acts Biz Marketing, the Biz Marketing 66 Newsletter is a content newsletter and it offers in demand good information to acquire more knowledge about something and achieve personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you know to improve your life.

In addition, the Biz Marketing 66 introduces good and honest sources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

NO subscription requests should be made at the Wise Biz main page or on any page on this site. It is enough to read the archives at WBM, Wise Biz Marketing and Wise Biz Newsletter to get unbelievable business insights.

There are 74 editions of the Wise Biz newsletter on the Ezine Act's Network and the website is now above 1000 pages. It is time to let it work alone.

In This Edition of Biz Marketing 66!


* Special Invitations

* Top Wednesday Thought: Relativity!

* Intro / Publisher Main Spot: What Interests You Most?

* Guest Coolest Corner: Part 4 of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!

* The Burning Flame of Love: I Love My Best Friend's Young Sister! * Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love!

* The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

* Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters


* Wise Biz Marketing 66's Special invitations:

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* Biz Marketing 66's Top Wednesday Thought: Relativity!

"What counts can't always be counted; what can be counted doesn't always count."

Albert Einstein, (March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955) was a German physicist. He created the theory of Relativity and won the Noble Prize for physics in 1921.

Did you know more about him? Did you know where he lived most? Did you know information about any beautiful city in Germany or the United States?

Well, you can answer the first question using the form on Wise Biz Marketing 66. Answer the rest of the questions and write about beautiful cities and places at Any Beautiful City here. You can also read about beautiful locations, destinations and resorts in USA at Mississippi River and North Slope. Thanks.


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* Wise Biz Marketing 66's Introduction:

Publisher Main Spot:


What Interests You Most?


Have your ever asked yourself this question?

Well, this could be, by the way, the very important question to ask and then get answers to it.

People have many interests. What are the most interests that work for them and benefit them?

How could people manage their interests, or invest on them to make their lives happier?

Every question has an answer, of course. However, some of my friends told me that they sometimes get lost between those answers. Therefore, I advised them to focus on their interests. When you focus on something, you would probably do it better.

Giving myself to this logic, and when I feel that the daily engagements (eat) my time, I get to a software that I use to determine the importance of the most thing that interests me, or I want to do according to priorities.

I start by typing my question in that machine and then five possible answers. I can add some more answers if needed.

Then I enter what is important to me and the percentage of the importance of each of my entries in the small box beside it from 1 to 100. I click on the right arrow to proceed to score each possible answer.

I do not think of maths at this level, but I concentrate on the values of those figures. I will get the results scored by the value of importance in the last fifth step and then I can decide on things that I should take first. I can use this machine to determine things in my future too.

I treat this machine patiently and passionately and organize my thoughts before taking any step.

The machine works as your guide to see which of those things you have entered is the most important thing.

The very important goal of getting answers to this question is to get you confident of important things in your life. Those things of interests make the core of many things that are important in your life. They may be about your studies, some things you want to do, improve, or advise people to take care of.

This machine helps you make important decisions in your life, so do not ignore it. Play always with it and Choose It to decide on important things and tell me what you think! There is more information on this link and at things interest you.

Moreover, we continued the "House and Apartment Cleaning Services" by publishing the fourth part of it in the Wise Biz Marketing 66's Guest Coolest Corner.

However, there are more parts remaining, as the article is so long. You can get the full report to your home library through the links provided at the Wise Biz Marketing 66's Guest Coolest Corner.

I appreciate your active sharing. Let us read your thoughts and comments on the issues you read in Wise Biz Marketing 66's. Use the form below.

Have fun and pleasure while reading this edition of the Wise Biz Marketing 66.

If the article falls apart of your interests, use any form on the business pages to tell me what interests you to bring it to you. Use the form at things interest you.

That is it.


* Wise Biz Marketing 66's Guest Coolest Corner:


Part 4 of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!


I published the first part of this article on Biz Marketing 60, the second part at Biz Marketing 64 and the third part at Biz Marketing 65 here. You need to read those editions one by one, first, and then come back to continue here.

I ended on that paragraph, which says: Here you begin finding a place in your appointment book, and tell her: "Actually, I have an opening at 8:30 on Tuesday morning. We could come in every other Tuesday at 8:30, clean the whole house and have it done before you get home from work."

I continue part four here:

The customer agrees that 8:30 on Tuesdays will be fine. Then you ask her if she prefers to be billed with the completion of each house cleaning session or on a regular monthly basis. Point out to her that by engaging you on a monthly basis, she picks up a free house cleaning every three months.

Now that you have your first customer, you want to fill in every day of the week, each week of every month with regular jobs. Once you have one week of each month filled with regular jobs, it will be time for you to expand.

Expansion means growth, involving people working for you, more jobs to sell, and greater profits. Don't let it frighten you, for you have gained experience by starting gradually.

After all - your aim in starting a business of your own was to make money, wasn't it? And expanding means more helpers so you don't have to work your self to death!

You can operate this business quite successfully from the comfort of your home, permanently, if you choose to. All you'll ever need is a telephone, a desk, and a file cabinet.

So, just as soon as you possibly can, recruit and hire other people to do the work for you. The first people you hire should be people to handle the cleaning work. The best plan is to hire people to work in teams of two or three - two for jobs not including dishwashing and laundry - three for those that do.

You can start these people at minimum wage or a bit above, and train them to complete every job assignment in two hours or less. Just as soon as you've hired and trained a couple of people as a cleaning team, you should outfit them in a kind of uniform with your company name on the back of their blouses or shirts.

A good idea also would be to have magnetic signs made for your company and services. Place these signs on the sides of the cars your people use for transportation to each job, and later on, the sides of your company van or pick-up trucks.

Each team should have an appointed team leader responsible for the quality and over all completeness of each job assigned to that team. The team might operate thus: One person cleans the bathroom, makes the beds, and carries out the laundry, while the other person dusts and polishes the furniture and does the vacuuming.

On jobs where you do the laundry and the dishes, the third person can pick up the laundry and get that started, and then do the dishes and clean the kitchen. By operating in this manner, your work will be more efficient and the complete job will take a lot less time.

However, it is important that each person you hire understand that the success of the business depends on the "crew" doing as many complete jobs as they can handle each day - not on how much they get paid per hour working for you.

Your team leaders will check with you each afternoon for the next day's work assignments and gather the team together, complete with cleaning equipment and material, on the next day. Your team leader should be supplied with a stack of "hand-out" advertising flyers to pass around the neighborhood or within the apartment building before leaving each job site.

A good supply of business cards wouldn't be a bad idea for them either, in order to advertise your services to others they come in contact with. The only other form of advertising you should go with would be a display ad in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

Design on paper a system of clean-up operation that can generally be applied to any situation, then drill your teams on speeding up their activities to make the system work even better. Just as firemen practice and practice, you should drill your people as a team in their cleaning activities.

Probably the biggest time-waster in this business will be in the travel from job to job. For this reason, it's important to spread advertising circulars to the neighboring homes when you're doing a job, or to the apartments on the same floor when you're in an apartment building.

As the organizer, and person assigning teams to jobs, it will behoove you to locate, line up, and assign jobs as close together as possible. Keep up efforts to cut the time it takes for your crews to travel from one job to the next. Work at lining up jobs all in one block, or in one apartment building.

Your equipment needs will really be minimal: Cleaning and polishing rags, mops, a couple of plastic buckets, and furniture polishes. Most people will have the necessary cleaning materials, including vacuum cleaner, soaps and cleansers.

But it wouldn't hurt to have these items available just in case you get a job in a home or an apartment without these tools. As your business grows, you'll be able to purchase all your needs at huge discounts, and these are the sources of supply to cultivate as you grow.

One of the most important aspects of this business is asking for, and allowing your customers to refer other prospects to you. All of this happens, of course, as a result of your giving fast, dependable service.

You might even set up a promotional notice on the back of your business card (to be left as each job is completed) offering five dollars off their next cleaning bill when they refer you to a new prospect.

This is definitely a high profit business, requiring only an investment of time and organization on your part to get started. With a low investment, little or no over head requirement, and no experience needed, this is an ideal business opportunity with a growth curve that accelerates at an unprecedented rate.

Think about it. If it appeals to you, set up your own plan of operations and go for it! The profit potential for an owner of this type of business is outstanding!

I hope this report was useful. However, if you were in a hurry and want the full report, it is here at How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service


* The Burning Flame of Love: I Love My Best Friend's Young Sister!

Andrew loves his best friend's younger sister. He is in real dilemma. He knew he had a crush on her for six years but they only started to be very close to each other lately.

He described his lover saying that she is a kind of girl that does not like to talk about "love" and she tries her best to avoid "love" topics whenever he started it.

He said about himself that he is a kind of person who hate "rejections" and will try his best to avoid asking something which he knows there's a risk of being rejected.

He asked her out once but she was shy because she thinks of him as a "high-end handsome" person while she thinks of herself as a "low class" girl. They end up not going out even after he pleaded to her.

Could you help him out?

Read the problem at I Love My Best Friends Young Sister and share your thoughts about it. Thanks.

Watch some Love stories in videos and hear love music to warm your evenings at Noon50 and Sudateria. Do not forget to rate those videos.


* The Wise Biz Marketing 66's Search Engines Corner:

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love as Well!


The following tips could be helpful while searching using the terms "House and Apartment Cleaning Services" and "Love" to explore more information about the topics.

As for "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", you will see Yahoo and Google suggesting the complete search term, when you only enter the first two letters in the search boxes. So, you could see what you were looking for and then click on it to replace the letters you have entered in the search boxes.

Use the search tool at the third right column. When the page opens, type your search term in the search box. You will get direct results of any search term you type in the search box. The best results will appear either on the top or at the right of the results page.

You can find love here through the following search.


* The Wise Biz Marketing 66's Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

SBI! Tools

SBI! Proof


* Wise Biz Marketing 66's Marketing Resources:


Search engines and other HITS Quarters:

You will find the complete secret to search engines and hit quarters to attract more free traffic here, so you could compare it to get good results. In addition, get more information about traffic and search engines from the following articles:

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Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity

Khalid Osman

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