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Issue No.36 Wednesday, June 02, 2004 Published and Distributed FREE Monthly By- Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) Copyright©2003 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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Dear valued reader,

Greetings to all of you, and we hope that you're enjoying good times this summer.

It has been a time since we had published our last Wise Business Marketing and the Ezine act issues.

As we told you in the last update the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter and the Ezine Act will be published every month to bring you (and we mean it surely) very good content instead of newsletters full of ads.

Thanks to some of you who shared their good comments to improve Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter and the Ezine Act in writings or on phone.

As you know the Ezine Act was the sister ezine to Biz Marketing Newsletter, so we've successfully moved it also to this server as we moved it's (Politics, business and love) site. However, once more again we changed it to the HOA's Political Scene Newsletter here.

It's time now for your Biz Marketing 36 in it's new orientation.


Khalid Osman

Senior Editor

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 36:

  • Special Invitation
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Step!
  • Intro/ Publisher Main Spot:(Enlightening) your soul, (refreshing) your mind 
  • Search Engines: Understanding the pros and cons 
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets:-) or to make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters 

Special invitation:

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It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about The International Peace and make the Globe intact.

Top Wednesday Thought: Step!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Chinese Proverb


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Publisher Main Spot:


(Enlightening) your soul, (refreshing) your mind!


Yes, we should be deeply concerned about this target above in our Biz Marketing 36.

So, we've got for this reason two kinds of columns running together in Biz Marketing 36 to enable you to skip to where it is proper for you to read.

We're doing this because we know our subscribers data-base is varied. Just imagine from where had we originated you?!

From politics to business to love and that's our site concept  since some years until now and we are going to move that site to our new location where our network is running.

We do mean by saying our subscribers data-base is varied, we do mean also those subscribers who had been originated from our other contacts, referrals of our friends or other businesses like the discount home shopper's club.

So, we should neglect no one in this regards and we want you all to enjoy these newsletters we're publishing monthly.

We changed those weekly newsletters (Ezine Acts Biz Marketing and HOA's Political Scene) to be published monthly because we do not want to be a (heavy shadow) or silly guests for you.

The second element in our intro is that, we've got two kinds of columns running together in Wise Biz Newsletter: permanent columns with different articles and guest or new columns as the demand suggests to not only diversify our topics but our targets too.

We hope you'll enjoy them all and find them more interesting and helpful.

Please bookmark Biz Marketing 36 by adding it to your favorites so you can refer to it and read the Ezine Acts Newsletters always. Just press Ctrl+D at the same time... Thanks.

Search Engines: Understanding the pros and cons!

"Men's brains often descend into their nether regions when deprived of female companionship".

Joan Collins

Hmmm, well, not only men actually, but search engines too ;-)

So how could you be making them feel sexy with your web site?

We found this article about how search engines' users actually do their search very informative. It's intended for webmasters to help them check their keywords terms.

So we've been delighted when honoured us to publish it in Biz Marketing 36. 

How Search Engine Users Interact with Search Results?

It's a question that every search engine marketer would like to be able to answer:

How do search engine users decide which search results they click on?

Some interesting research on search behaviour, which was undertaken by two different companies, has received media 

coverage in the past week. The research included surveys of several hundred to over 1,500 people as well as a small focus group. Here are the highlights of the iProspect research findings:

56 percent of the survey group stated that they used search engines at least once a day.

Almost 38 percent of these daily users run searches four or more times a day.

Close to 57 percent say that they have a favourite search engine they always tend to use. Google was on top of the favourites list. Only 17 percent of searchers look at more than three pages of search results before trying a different search.

23 percent stated that they would look at only the first few matches on the first page of search results before trying again.

Men appear to go further into the search results pages than women. 44 percent of women only looked at the first page of search results, compared to 37 percent of men.

Both men and women preferred natural search results to paid listings, but women were more likely than men to click on paid listings.

In the Enquiro focus group research, it became apparent that search engine users clearly distinguish between paid and organic results. Most of the focus group members looked at the organic results first.

There were four distinct types of user behavior:

  • people who scan the first few results and then click on one;
  • people who have a first glance at the top few results and then look through more results more carefully;
  • people who carefully read through all the results on the first page before clicking on one; and…
  • people who carefully start reading through the results from the top down, and click on the first one that appeals to them.

What does this mean to you?

Being in the top results is vital - but depending on whether searchers scan or carefully read listings, your title and description tags can be perceived very differently.

The bottom line is: the higher your site ranks in organic search results, the better. How can you improve your Web site's ranking?

We recommend the Keyword Analysis and Web Site Code services, together with our Submit Pro submission service to ensure your site is thoroughly optimized for the RIGHT keywords!

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The Web Market Place:


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Well, here we are now at the close of our Biz Marketing 36. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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