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Biz Marketing 55 Wednesday, 17 March, 2010

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Wise Biz 55 Marketing Newsletter is a content newsletter and it offers exclusively good information to achieve personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to only write about what you know about or do as a hobby and improve your life. In addition, it introduces good and honest sources to people to get their important needs from them.

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In This Issue of Wise Biz Marketing 55:

  • Top Wednesday Thought: Life!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: Are You a Video Addicted Person?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Where Would You Find Video Converters and How to Use them?
  • Search Engines: How to Make Your Content Presell to Attract Presold Visitors?
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) to improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters

Biz Marketing 55's Special invitations

This week edition of the political newsletter, HOA Political Scene 8 is at this link, in case you were interested in politics. You knew already that we have changed the name of the political newsletter, the Ezine Act and built it its own political website at the link above.

Are you journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café at HOA Political Scene. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area.

It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about International Peace and make the globe intact.

Are you in any town or city in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands and France, or in any beautiful city in the world? Read or write about it at Any Beautiful City and take some "I Love You Gifts" of friendship from the "Thank You page".

Biz Marketing 55's Top Wednesday Thought: Life!

"There is more to life than just increasing its speed."

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

He was called and known also as Mohandas Karamchand and the father of the Indian nation. Read about him and his homeland in Gujarat. See his efforts to hit the economy of the British colonization in India.

Read more about his struggle to get India free and united. Understand the conspiracies that led to destroy the unity of this great country. If you came with comments, please write them through the form on the linked page above. Comments about beautiful places in India should be posted at the link provided here in this column.

Biz Marketing 55's Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

Are You a Video Addicted Person?

There are three articles in this edition of the Biz Marketing 55 for you to improve converting your videos to many formats and get the best software to convert videos from free and trusted sources.

The fact about video converters is that, not all websites that offer those converters are good. Some very few sources are good, though. Therefore, you will not need to push after free offers without good browsing, reading and investigating. Free software could harm your PC.

The best video maker you can use lies inside your system. Many people do not know this. In addition, your video camera should come with uploading and converting software. All that should be included in the package if you bought a new camera and paid good price for it.

Well, there is an article in the Biz Marketing 55's Guest Coolest Corner about this issue. Feel free to read it and follow links to the other two articles to get free software from trusted sources and convert your videos to any format.

You can use this idea in the article both offline and online and even develop it to enjoy your time and feel better. I have also many business ideas like this you can enjoy reading about in the Wise Biz newsletter. Just look inside the archives and watch out for the coming issues every month on the first Wednesday.

As a loyal reader to Wise Biz Newsletter, I will surely enjoy helping you to do more than only reading this newsletter. Use the Contact Us form at the political site.

Biz Marketing 55's Guest Coolest Corner

Where Would You Find Video Converters and How to Use them?

By - Khalid Osman

Well, I occupy this corner in this edition.

The Internet is full of websites that offer paid video converters and free video converters. However, not all those websites are safe. I search the Web since many years ago looking for more information about the best video converters. Not only the best, but also the trusted service that offers free video converter.

I do not rely on the first 10 pages on the search results pages, which count to 100 websites, but I move far beyond this number. I do this because I know there may be some websites that are not making it to the first 10 pages on any search term.

Through this hard search, I read ton of information about video converters and visited so many websites there. While trying to download from some websites, my Firewall alerted me many times.

Even when I prepared a folder for the new download, I found additional files there. Those are either tracking systems or just spyware.

Therefore, the first thing to do when searching for a video converter is to make sure of the website itself. The free video converters come as shared software, so you should expect that your files may be shared especially if you have open dial up connection or a net gear that is not protected by WPA/PSK.

However, some hackers work continuously to develop accesses to crack and attack a WEP encrypted wireless. This is additional information to take care of.

I found two sources that are more reliable and I downloaded free packages from them. They only ask for supporting them through donation and you can donate small amount to them to help them keep their services free. You can find these sources here at the Ezine Acts Video Converter.

However, the best service you use is on your camcorder package if you have a video camera. The video camera comes with a CD to install the program that drives the camera to connect with your computer and upload video to some folders the program creates in the original video map or in the map you have chosen to save the downloaded software to it.

The software that comes with your camera may not convert your video to the format you would like to convert to them. Only in this case, you have the option to download the supported video converter software.

Some video converters convert only to one format, some convert to few formats and some convert only to audios like mp3.

In addition, if your video camera helps you get video files in the format you want make sure this format work with the Windows Movie Maker in your system. The moviemaker does not work with some formats like flash videos.

With that said, you may also consider Photoshop as a platform to produce videos. In addition to the link above, the following articles on the Ezine Acts Video, Ezine Acts Video Games, Ezine Acts Video Shows and NTI Home Video will get you satisfied.

Please do not forget to send us feedback on those pages and say if they helped you.

Make Money with Your Camera guide here and How to Make Real Money With Your Video Camera?

The ideas cover using your camera to work in many fields. A camera could be used in fact to help you think of the the mentioned fields of expertise and see whether you could work on any of them to improve your life. See the Ezine Acts Freelance Photography, Ezine Acts Photography, Videotaping Ideas, Videotaping Weddings and Weddings Photography.

Please, see other useful guides in the Biz Marketing 55's Web Market Place below.

Biz Marketing 55 - Search Engines

How to Make Your Content Presell to Attract Presold Visitors?

What those two strange terms in the headline mean?

They are one term. The term presell means building reputation through which the readers or the people who come to know you trust everything you say and take care of anything you recommend because it comes from an experienced person.

As the person who knows what he or she speaks about, you have many ways to make people like you and respect you. In the Internet world, you do that through the content you write on your website. Visitors evaluate what you wrote and react according to the way you presented that content.

In general, many people do not like sales bitches. If they saw many links to sales without even you took the efforts to say why those items you sell are important, they will click their way away from your site.

To make your content presell and establish your authority in something you know great deal of information about it, you should provide that information in attractive content, so people recognize you as expert or at least as somebody who knows, and then they can admire the way you write and trust you.

They only become presold this way and there is no way around it. When they became presold, they will act positively and click on your links to sales.

It is as simple as that although preselling is so hard. The forth video on explains it more and highlights the best ways to go pre-selling instead of selling.

Biz Marketing 55 - The Web Market Place

SBI! Case Studies

Search engines and other HITS Quarters

You may find the complete secret to search engines and hit quarters to attract more free traffic here.

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