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The business newsletter, Biz Marketing 54 shows you, whether you were unemployed, or you had something to do with photography and videos, how to use your camera, or camcorder to make additional income.

In addition, the other columns highlight further the best ways to do this job offline and online too, so you could triple your income by using supplementary products, or service that support your basic services. They show combined the methods you could easily learn to make that happen.


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Biz Marketing 54th Business TV Show!

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Biz Marketing 54, Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

"Capturing Shadow Strategies Online to Convert Your Passion into a Successful Small Business"

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In This Issue of Biz Marketing 54:

  • Special Invitation
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Triumph!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: Are You Unemployed Looking for Work?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: How to Use Your Camera for Extra Income?
  • Search Engines: How to CTPM Your Content to Attract Search Engines? 
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) to improve your life!
  •  Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

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Biz Marketing 54th Top Wednesday Thought: Triumph!


"It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always."

Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey was born on 29 January 1954. She's philanthropist, producer, American celebrity and television host well known for her program the Talk Show.

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Biz Marketing 54th Intro: Publisher Main Spot:


Are You Unemployed Looking for Work?

Are you awaiting for an employment?

Do you have a camera?

This is only an example!

Have you ever thought of using your camera for extra income?

Here are some good business ideas in the Biz Marketing 54th Guest Coolest Corner about how to use your camera to colour your life, get out of stress and benefit more from it.

Alternatively, get to the Offline Businesses section to read more about some good businesses you can start offline and support any of them online.

I could not think of other easy way than this to improve the life of unemployed! However, there are some other ways certainly the following article and the Offline Businesses section could reveal and motivate you to look for other similar tasks to improve your life.

To sum it up, an unemployed can think of things in his house, or surroundings that he can use with little motivation and good inspiration to develop some ideas about how to use these things that interest you to benefit from them.

In this regard, if you were looking for such ideas, you only need BAM to use the equipment or the electronic you want to solve some economical problems.

What is BAM?

You may ask. That is simply "brain and motivation" we use as a concept to fulfill any duty or to improve anything we are doing, as the Action Guide explains it, because the BAM makes it easier to study any of the things that interest you, get the best of them, research that, choose it right and then CTPM it to improve your life.

In difficult economical situations, looking for a job could be difficult to all stay at home moms and to dads without jobs. Instead of wasting time blaming these conditions, they may need to move to use anything that they could think of as income-generating method.

So, the BAM does not stop at the article in the Biz Marketing 54th Guest Coolest Corner. The article is written with you in the focus to help you think of ways to engage yourself doing enjoyable things that solve any kind of stress and improve your living.

You can use this idea in the long article in Biz Marketing 54 below both offline and online and even develop it to enjoy your time and feel better. You will need to follow the links at the end of the article to complete it in some other pages, so you could get the complete business reports.

I have also many ideas like this you can enjoy reading about in the editions of the newsletter included in the archives section of the Biz Marketing 54. Just look inside the archives and watch out for the coming issues every Wednesday.

As a loyal reader of Biz Marketing 54, I will surely enjoy helping you to do more than only reading this newsletter. See the complete resources in the Biz Marketing 54.

Khalid Osman

Webmaster at https://www.home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-blog.html and http://www.real-match-dating.com

Biz Marketing 54th Guest Coolest Corner:


How to Use Your Camera for Extra Income?

One of the easiest ways of making extra money is with a camera. More people own cameras than radios, and photography is the fastest growing hobby in the world. Yet using a camera as an extra income tool is largely overlooked!

With a little imagination, a flair for showmanship, and just a hint of salesmanship, the average man or woman, or even teenager, can easily make an extra $300 a week with his camera.

You don't have to have one of the popular, more expensive cameras either, or a loot of high priced-attachments and equipment.

In many instances, a Polaroid or other "off-the wall" camera will suit the purposes perfectly.

The only special piece of extra equipment you may want to invest in would be a tripod for mounting the camera in certain situations.

One of the easiest ideas is to visit a children's clothing store in one of your busy shopping centers, or the children's department in one of your large department stores. Check the shopping center papers.

Sell the manager or store owner on the idea of your setting up in a corner of the store or department, and taking pictures of the shoppers' children.

He can promote the fact that you'll be in the store taking pictures for special prices during certain hours, perhaps on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays, in his advertising, thus drawing patrons into his store because of you.

You'll need a sheet or a plain piece of material, or some sort of imaginative set for a background. But this you can easily make or build yourself.

You should also have an eye-catching poster that calls attention to what you're doing and the prices you're charging.

Unless you're a commercial artist, spend the money to have this sign made for you by a professional. The next and last thing you'll need will be a 2-part receipt or coupon.

This can be a simple piece of paper about 2" wide by 5" long. On the left side draw lines for your customers to fill in their name, telephone number and address.

You might also want to include space for additional information, such as the child's name and age and the number of children in the family, for future efforts, but keep it brief and simple.

Continue this article in Biz Marketing 54 at PhotographyFreelance PhotographyHow to Produce Cable TV SpotsInventory Videotaping BusinessSpecial Event VideosVideotape Rental StoreVideotaping ServiceVideotaping Weddings and Weddings Photography.

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Biz Marketing 54 - Search Engines:


How to CTPM Your Content to Attract Search Engines?

Well, you may be wondering what is CTPM!

That is the complete process to attract the search engines to visit your website and not only index it, but also make it appear in the first pages of any search term.

Hey, any search term?

Yep and Nope, but any search terms relevant to your theme through the coverage you use when writing your articles and using these articles to build web pages following the optimization process the CTPM has.

Successful webmasters at SiteSell have the complete guide to use to define and use this concept correctly. It stands for Content - Traffic - Presell - Monetize.

Webmasters should have also the tools to analyze the content of their pages and suggest what to do if their keywords exceeded the limit of their content, or it is not enough.

Not only that, but the tools provide the complete manual to handle any development that search engines could do that drop pages from their listing.

The best guide comes in both texts and videos to enable webmasters be successful while building their websites. A website is just dead pages on the internet until the owner implement the CTPM process correctly.

See how CTPM works at the manual and make sure that I am concerned of your success.

Biz Marketing 54 - The Web Market Place:


Recent Developments on Money and Finance: Exploring Links between Market Frictions, Financial Systems and Monetary Allocations (Studies in Economic Theory)

How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Internships, Resumes and Cover Letters, Application Essays (KSAs), Interviews, Salaries, Promotions and More!

Accept This Postcards From Me** Watch this video here. If you cannot watch it in this space, please check your flash-player.

SiteSell YouTube

SiteSell Services

Biz Marketing 54th Resources:


Search Engines and other HITS Quarters:

You will find the complete secrets of search engines and hit quarters through the following video and other similar videos; this is considered a leading video to them. In addition, search engines resources linked below provide good information that gets you deeply into the subjects.

Good resources provide you with the complete information you want to know so you could make sure that there are not other ways to optimize a website than the methods explained in the CTPM process. Through the manual you will discover the best ways feature your business.

Prior to this step, you will learn how to write content both your visitors and the search engines love. Then take the steps needed write content that attract good volume of free website traffic, know how to improve your website presence and use some other sources to get more free websites traffic.

The lessons include, but not limited to the following: how to use free press releases the best way you can, how to get free publicity using the media offline and online, how to improve keyword density using your affiliates and most importantly how to combine that and how to convert traffic into sales.

Nothing is left to chances through the complete manual, as you can come through to make a good break through into success when you know exactly how to optimizing a website, get what you need from the search engines marketing lessons and other in demand search engines tutorials.

You don't need false claims that some people promise to bring you Guaranteed 1,000,000 Hits to Your Website. That would never happen. You will need, indeed to work your business in the way explained in the manual, doing your business math and business planning correct, so you will be able to Improve Your Website Presence.

The Value Exchange included in the manual (of course when you get it with all the tools included) provide the best Link Building Strategies to combine that with all the efforts you make to get Search Engines Top Placement.

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Well, here we are now at the close of Biz Marketing 54. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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