Do You Know the Search Engines Secrets?

What Did You Know about the Search Engines Secrets?

Are You Trying Hard to Discover the Search Engines Secrets?

Stop right there and focus on your business, instead of running after mirage.

Well, there is no secret at all and here is the whole story about the so called secrets of search engines, with some internet business insiders to consider while building your small business. You should start small to win the race at the search engines end of the marthon.

Yes, despite that we always mention there are some secrets in the search engines' world, as this term is always used for search engines marketing purposes, now those secrets are not secrets any more.

The marketing purposes, as explained at the Ezine Act Internet Marketing are more, or less about getting free website traffic from the search engines.

Interestingly, you could see many paid advertising even on the ad spots those search engines offer about the search engines secrets and how to get free traffic.

The ads go further to offer methods to optimizing a website and answer the question of how to improve your website presence. So, all of the so called search engines secrets are about optimization too.

Nowadays, with all the technologies available for all, mature and immature internet business builders, they could know all about it, if they have the right tools to build them knowledge about such topic and assure them there are null search engines secrets.

The Unfold Search Engines Secrets!

The unfold search engines secrets are about websites traffic and certainly, almost many website owners know by now how to get the traffic they want.

This is, of course if they have the right website building, automating, optimizing and monetizing tools that teach them every single element in the search engines world while they are building their home based businesses and while they work at home to generate additional income.

The free traffic doesn't just happen when you build any business online, unless you follow proven process to home business building accompanied by great knowledge of one of the following things:

Any of these mentioned things should have many terms in keywords to use with each to build a theme focused content website with more than 100 pages on it from the first glance at the website building tools you are using.

Then, simply use the variations of the same terms to connect the pages in good levels based on similar keywords terms, as in this example:

(cola - cola topi - cola niche - cola this - cola that) and then those would be connected to under level pages, such as (cola topi beach - cola niche so - cola this term - cola that term).

In this example, I aim at the Kola nut, not the coca leaves, so you could create your nutrition, or beverage theme focused website with recipes that include cocoa ice creams.

This is known as link building, as explained in good details the Ezine Acts Link Building Strategies and the Ezine Acts Traffic Converter.

It depends on the terms collector tool within your website building tools to determine wether to go with cola, or cocoa, or combine them. You don't even need any search tutorial.

And all of this happens only, if you have the right tools to make the evaluation and relevancy of such theme in the example, as you learn from the search engines secrets.

This is an example of something doesn't exist by th mentioned terms associated with the first word. But, I only wanted to show you how to use the terms you have in levels that begins with one keyword, then connect it to a page with the same keyword added to another word and then connect the two pages to a third page with three keyword terms.

One of those terms is the essential term in one keyword. The first page should be linked to the other two pages in this example. The inbound link building goes this way to improve your website presence, as you learn from the search engines secrets.

At this process and while building inbound links to get strong clean linking points from the search engines, you could use even some of your affiliates (those you generate money from them) to improve the inbound links, as explained at How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates.

But, this should be supported by outbound linking to your website to complete the presence of your website, so the search engines take that into their indexes, as explained at the best ways to feature your business, the Ezine Acts Business Publicity and free press releases.

Luckily, there is a tool to do this for you, which at the end assure you there is only a process to build a successful web business based on narrow niches and there is not any search engine secret to worth your time looking for it and following all the advertising about it. You'll be lost there.

How to Define and Build Your Theme?

  • Take any of the six things I mentioned on the bullets above.
  • Break it into 5 terms with the relevancy included to search them.
  • Write five questions about the five terms to get the values they have.
  • Search for the values using the Choose It tool and decide on which to use.
  • Get it into another search to read more information about it, so you make sure of the demands.
  • Research it comprehensively to get more data about it using the website tools you have.
  • Study the data, analyze other relevant terms in it and take all that you know to write about it.
  • Study the advertising you see on the result pages when you get to search your terms.
  • Write about 500-700 word count articles about each of the relevant terms in good structure following the CTPM Process.
  • Build web pages using the articles and following the same structure for the page building.

Again, you should have the right tools combined in one place to do all of the jobs mentioned above and to analyze the last process of building and to build automated content for you at your website blog, as you see on the Ezine Act Blog.

In addition, keep with the insights on search engines and work at home business to know how to get into the search engines top placement and get more insights about the so called search engines secrets. 

Read about website services and the series of articles on this page and you will agree at the end, that secret has already been exposed and you enjoy it.

For example there is some good information about creating search engines friendly title and META tags at Search Engines Marketing.

This is part one. Part two is about the rest of the tags at Search Engines. Part three is about 20 things you need to know before optimizing a website and it is here at the Ezine Acts Optimization and Optimization.

In addition to search engines secrets, which are not secrets any more, you may also be interested in the Articles on the Free Website Traffic, site map 5 and the other Ezine Acts Articles on site map 9 A, with its extension into the Ezine Acts Articles Section (site map 9 B), Ezine Act Articles Index (site map 9 C), Ezine Articles (site map 9 D), Submit Articles (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles (site map 9 F):

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Carefully, read about the unfold search engines secrets on the linked pages. You can also use this page to look for more search engines secrets, if you still believe there is any. It is that simple.

I hope you enjoy the series of these articles to know more about how the search engines treat your website. There are so many exposed search engines secrets on the Ezine Act's Network. If this page about the search engines secrets is good, "like" and "tweet" it using the small buttons you see on this page.

Alternatively, pin one of the Ezine Acts Pictures on this page, or at the Ezine Acts Galleries, Ezine Acts Photo Gallery and Pictures for Your Website. Thanks.

I think the CTPM Process, which is the absolute solution for any optimization exposes the search engines secrets better than this page. It makes all of that simple to understand and then implement the essentials to acquire good ranking and good traffic to your website. It has proof too. As I use it, I strongly recommend it for any small home-based business owner. It rocks.

The Solo Build It website building tools on the image below are all combined in one place to build, automate, optimize and monetize small businesses well. They empower this page about the search engines secrets and the entire of Khalid Osman's Network at the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love and HOA Political Scene.

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