Biz Marketing 59!

This edition of the Biz Marketing 59 explains how to get money form stuff you own at home, but you don't use.


You can be creative to use the same ideas to find cheap collectables to start selling them at your saloon, house yard, or open space market places outside your local supermarkets.

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Biz Marketing 59 Wednesday, 14 April, 2010

The Momentum Success Newsletter! is all about --

"Capturing Shadow Strategies Online to Benefit from the Web".

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Biz Marketing 59’s Preamble

Biz Marketing 59 is one of the Ezine Acts Newsletters and is a content focused newsletter on business. It offers exclusively good information to acquire more knowledge about some things that make the core of your passion and then get one of them into focus to choose it right, build it and achieve ultimately your personal success.

It talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine you own and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life.

In addition, the Wise Biz Newsletter introduces good and honest resources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

Important Note: There are some sticky columns in this edition of the Biz Marketing Newsletter. You can treat them as reminders and read them, or skip them to the main columns.

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 59

  • Special Invitation.
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Value!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: Do You Have Equipments You Want to Throw Away?
  • Guest Coolest Corner: How Do You Start a Garage Sale Business?
  • Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for Equipments People Look for in a Garage Sale!
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), to save money or to improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

Biz Marketing 59's Special invitation

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Biz Marketing 59's Top Wednesday Thought: Value!

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value."

Albert Einstein, (March 14, 1879 - April, 1955) was born in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany. He was a scientist. He discovered the law of the photoelectric effect and the special and general thories of relativity. If you know more information about him, write it on any form on the political website linked above.

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Biz Marketing 59's Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

Do You Have Equipments You Want to Throw Away?

Why not sell them on your marketplace and get money?

We have an article in the * Biz Marketing 59's Guest Coolest Column to read and know some ways to start a garage sale business. Some ideas in the article show you simple steps to take if you wanted to engage in doing something useful on the weekends or in any time and benefit from it.

However, it is not for you if you have many things to do. In such case, it could be useful to get more knowledge about this kind of business, so you could illuminate others who have time to do it.

Some people do this business although they have many other things to do. However, they do it for example on the first Saturdays or the first Sundays every month in summer. They sell used computers, cameras, memorials, CDs, videos, DVDs, collectibles and anything other people need.

They collect those things they do not use any more and sell them by cheap prices to cover some other expenses. They use some prepared marketplaces in the centres of some towns and beside big supermarkets in the area.

Some supermarkets open actually on those first Saturdays and first Sundays every month to sell more goods to the public. If you found the outdoors market places crowded, you can organize party plan sales in your saloon.

Let me know what you think of the article in the Biz Marketing 59's Guest Coolest Corner.

Biz Marketing 59's Guest Coolest Corner

How Do You Start a Garage Sale Business?

Note: I have received this article long years ago included in a business package to use free for any purpose and even sell it with other articles. However, I offer them free to Biz Marketing 59's loyal readers.

Pick almost any city or town in your country, drive through any middle class neighborhood or residential area on the weekend, and you are sure to spot at least half dozen garage sales.

What's being sold at these garage sales?

The accumulated "junk" people no longer use or want taking up space in or around their homes.

Are they making any money with these garage sales?

You'd better believe they're making money! It's not at all uncommon to make $600 with a weekend garage sale. See Instant Cash.

Is it hard to put on a profitable garage sale?

Well, yes and no. It really does take some of your time, and also requires an awareness of a few merchandising tactics. But the problems in running a successful garage sale are small in comparison to the profits.

Who are the buyers, and how do you get them to come to your garage sale?

Your customers are going to be "everybody," and you get them over to your garage sale with a little bit of advertising and promotion.

Let's look at the background:

Everybody accumulates the kind of garage sale items that other people are searching for, and are willing to buy. These items range from no longer wanted or outgrown items of clothing, to furniture, tools, knick-knacks, books, pictures and toys.

Many garage sale items are objects of merchandise purchased on impulse, and later found to be not what the buyer wanted. He discovered too late that he really did not have a use for it, or he no longer has a need for it.

Many items found at garage sales are gifts that have been given to the seller, but are the wrong size or incorrect choice for the recipient.

The problem with most people is that they have not the time to gather up all the items "just taking up space" in and around their homes and staging a garage sale to get rid of them. Many people do not know how to stage a garage sale, and many other people feel that putting on a garage sale is just too much bother and work.

This is where you enter the picture. Your enterprise will be an ongoing garage sale of items donated and collected from these people who lack the inclination to put on garage sales of their own.

Step one is education:

Spend a few weeks visiting all the garage sales, swap meets and flea markets in your area. Find out what's being offered for sale, what people are buying, and how the merchandise is being sold.

Generally, an item is tagged with a price, but the seller is open to almost any reasonable offer from the customer.

Another thing you want to make mental note of is the way the merchandise is displayed, and how the customers are allowed to browse. See How to Get Money Fast.

You start your own garage sale by cleaning out your own basement, attic, closets and garage. Talk to your relatives and friends; tell them what you are going to do and ask them for donations of no-longer used or unwanted items.

It is here that you will get your first experience in negotiating, and finally, an agreement for you to display and sell other people's merchandise for a percentage of the sales price.

You will find people explaining that they really do not have a use for a specific item or they really do not want to keep storing it, but because of sentimental reasons, "just hate to give it away."

Once you have had a little experience with this type of seller, you will be able to advertise in the newspaper that you buy garage sale items, or take them on consignment for a percentage of the final sales price.

It's best that your wife handle the garage sale itself - greets the potential customers, "shows them around," and generally engages them in conversation. If it is a woman staging the garage sale, then arrangements should be made to have an other woman "mind the store" while she is out digging up more items for sale.

The advertising angle is really quite simple, and should not cost very much either. You should run an ad in your area shopper's newspaper for about three days in advance of, and up through the day of your sale.

Once you are operating on a full time, every-day-of-the-week schedule, you will want to change your ad schedule and the style of your advertising.

But in getting started, go with small classified ads simply announcing your garage sale, emphasizing that you've got something of interest to everyone... everything from A to Z. To get ideas on how to write your ad, check your news pa per for a week or so; cut out all the garage sale ads you can find; paste them up on a piece of paper.

Then, with a bit of critical analysis, you will be able to determine how to write a good ad of your own by determining the good and the bad in the ads you have collected.

Something to remember:

The bigger and better your sale, the bigger and better your "getting started" ads should be. And the secret to outstanding garage sale profits is in having the widest or largest selection of merchandise.

The following Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual Seventeenth Edition (Garage Sale and Flea Market Annual).

In addition, here is a video shot from a jumble sale market.

Biz Marketing 59's Search Engines Insider

Some Dots on Searching for Equipments People Look for in a Garage Sale

The following tips could be helpful while searching using the term "garage sale" to explore more information about it. This will give more information about other searches users have entered in the search boxes.

When you start typing inside the search box "gara" and even before completing the term, Google for exmaple will give you some suggestions to click on any of them for search, such as, garage doors, garage shoes, garageband, garage, garageband for windows, garage doors prices, garage Glasgow etc...

When you enter "garage sa" and again before you complete it, the suggestions would be garage sale, garage sale mac, garage sales uk, garage sale for windows, garage sauchiehall street, garage sale torrent, garage sale pc etc...

From here on, you can decide what kind of garage sale you want and where. When you complete the term, Google would add to those terms above, garage sale London, garage sale serial, garage sale house clearance, garage sale download. You can add the location to see more results.

The best results are alway at the first 2,3 result pages. Use the search box at the right column on Biz Marketing 59 and you may see that in other search engines too. If you wanted products to get more knowledge, use Amazon search at the same column.

The Biz Marketing 59's Web Market Place

Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), to save money or to improve your life?

Choose It

Retire To SomethingBiz Marketing 59's Marketing Resources

Search Engines and Other HITS Quarters

You'll absolutely find the complete Search Engines Secrets and hit quarters to attract more free website traffic to your web business and profit from that traffic here. In addition, here are some articles about websites traffic and search engines at the following pages:

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Well, here we are now at the end of our Biz Marketing 59. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity

Sincerely, Khalid Osman, the senior publisher of Biz Marketing 59.

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