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* Special Invitations:

* Top Wednesday Thought: Accuracy!

* Intro / Publisher Main Spot: 1- About this Edition! 2- How to Protect Your Computer from Bad Social Media!

* Guest Coolest Corner: Bulk SMS Software!

* Social Networking Made Easy: Twitter Updates You!

* The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

Special invitations:

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☆ Top Wednesday Thought: Accuracy!!

"It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong." Henry Wadsworth.

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Wise Biz 74's Introduction:

Publisher Main Spot -

1- About this Edition

In the last edition of Wise Biz 73, we published "Quick Steps on How to Prepare Your MacBook for Good Launch". You can read it at the link above, if you had missed that issue.

As usual, we keep the main columns in this issue. There is a new article about "Bulk SMS Software" in the Guest Coolest Corner. We have not any affiliation with articles provided by other contributors to be published in this corner.

Readers should check confidentiality and ensure links and services are good before taking any action by ordering a product or a service. Consider this advice in Wise Biz 74 and treat it seriously.

2- How to Protect Your Computer from Bad Social Media!

This article in the Wise biz 74 shows you simply how to protect your computer from bad sites in the social media network. Protecting your computer means protecting your privacy while using the internet.

Millions of people use different social media platforms to connect with their families and friends. Therefore, businesses invest in the social media and put great efforts to reach those people with their offers.

For businesses, the social media becomes very important to attract users to their products and services. But, for ordinary people, I do not think the social media is that important, as people could get in touch by using the traditional mediums they knew and used before the rush of the social media.

Even if some people have causes and other activities they like to share with others, they could use their own platforms to do that. There are many free websites to do such jobs in the filed of blogging and operating petitions.

There are also good websites owned by small businesses owners, people could use their free pages to write about their causes. Otherwise, people could use cheap websites to do what they want to get online.

Perhaps, some people want to get known through the social media network. Well, there are few perfect platforms to help them achieve this goal. But, those people should also know how to use them better and how to protect their computers. Protecting their computers mean protecting themselves and their privacies.

In spite of the convenience of the messengers people use, the habit of running after the last mode in the internet connection trends drive many people crazy to the social media, even though many of them do not know how to use their computers well, let alone knowing about the dangers involved when they run their internet browsers.

I have discovered few social media platforms that hurt users. I used them to try and discover things behind the surface of their technologies and came up with a conclusion that they do not deserve my attention, time and efforts to connect with my family and friends.

Unfortunately, many people do not know what social media they need to trust and use. Even in this regard, many people do not know how to protect their computers from any potential threat from those sites in the social media they trust.

Here is how to protect your computer and privacy while using the social media:

If you were new to this experience, or if you do not know the social media you want to use, do not ever use your computer to log in to that social media. Use computers in public libraries and other places.

Do not provide so much information about yourself. You even do not need to provide complete information about yourself.

Do not hide your location, as they have their technologies to know it. But, you can hide your location from other users, if you wanted that.

Check your email inbox and your trash folders frequently and you may discover that your social media sends you many emails form their affiliates. This alone could help identify bad social media.

If you have many emails, I am sure that you already have received invitations from people you do not know to join them in that specific social media. The social media they use as you do, does not know that you are already a member. This proves that social media has no clue. But it indicates that the social media provides illegal ways for many people to spam others.

Do not upload any of your photos to those sites you do not know better or trust. You do not know the way they use your photos. You do not know even your photos make them big money on the internet.

When you discover bad behaviors from any of the social media you use, advise your friends by emails to get out of it and close your account. In fact, even in this regard, some of your information would be there in their servers to use in the future.

Always read articles about dangers in the internet. Use Google Alerts, enter "internet dangers" in the alert you want to receive and provide your email address to receive alerts about this matter.

When you read the alerts, you will find more information about those dangers. However, take care of bad alerts. You can evaluate them.

We at the Wise Biz 74 found Twitter and Stumbleupon perfect, confidential and convenient in the social media network. They do not send spam from other members. They do not send so many offers frequently. Twitter even does not send any offer. Why they need to do so, since their social media platforms are there, have millions of people and are growing fast.

* Guest Coolest Corner: Bulk SMS Software!

By - Send SMS

NOTE: This article in the Wise Biz 74 is written by a writer we do not know. It the information provided is good to read. However, we at the Wise Biz 74, do not endorse any articles in the Guest Coolest Corner. You should investigate any offer in this corner before you react and take action to order anything from other third parties.


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