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Biz Marketing 64! Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

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"Capturing Seven Shadow Strategies Online to Benefit from the Web". Benefits gained from the Web could be anything about things you love to do.

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Wise Biz 64's Marketing Video Tour! This tour helps you understand how the Web works, so you could do what you love to benefit from it.

Biz Marketing 64 - Preamble

Wise Biz Marketing 64, the 64th edition of the newsletter is a content newsletter and it offers in demand good information to explore what you love to do, acquire more knowledge about something, improve your economical situation and achieve personal success.

It is for this reason that the Biz Marketing 64 talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine inside your ideal self and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you know to improve your life. In a nutshell, self improvement made easier here.

In addition, the Wise Biz 64 Newsletter introduces good and honest resources to you and other people to get some of their daily important needs from them.

No subscription requests should be made, because all of the published editions of Wise Biz Newsletter until the edition number 74 are included and you can read them from the bottom navigation bar. We reached what supposed to be done with the WBM Newsletter.

Important Note: We have some sticky columns in the Ezine Acts Newsletters including the Wise Biz Marketing 64 and other editions. Consider them as introductory to our publications and reminders intended for new subscribers and readers.

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 64

  • Special Invitation.
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Beauty!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: We Started the Burning Flame of Love to Warm Your Evenings!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Second Part of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!
  • The Burning Flame of Love: First Cut is the Deepest!
  • Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love as Well!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

Biz Marketing 64 - Special Invitation

This week edition of the political newsletter, HOA Political Scene 17 is at this link, in case you were interested in politics. Why not subscribe to it?

Are you journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café here at the Horn of Africa's Journalists on the political website linked above. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area. For more insights on being a reporter, see the Ezine Acts Freelance Photography.

It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about the International Peace and make the Globe intact.

Are you in any town or city in the United States, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, or in any beautiful city in the world? Read or write about it at Any Beautiful City and take some "I Love You Gifts" of friendship from the second page.

Biz Marketing 64 - Top Wednesday Thought: Beauty!

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it."

Confucius, (551-479 BCE) was a Chinese thinker, social philosopher, political character, educator and founder of the Chinese Ru School. He has influenced Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese by his teaching and thoughts, through which he emphasized personal and political moralities.

Did you know more about him? Did you know where he lived most? Did you know information about any beautiful city in his country?

Well, you can answer the first question at the political website linked above. Answer the rest of the questions and write about the Chinese city at Any Beautiful City. You can also read about beautiful places in China at beautiful sites linked above. Thanks.

* Would you like to get everyday thoughts free with your café au lait, tea, soft drink or breakfast?

Read Biz Marketing 64 and the linked pages to discover exactly how to do what you love to improve your life. In addition to every day thoughts from the inspirations and motivations with the insights included, you will receive some useful ebooks.

Thank you "Presents" for being a good reader of Biz Marketing 64:

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Visit also this link to see first-hand the quality of these products and download any Masters Course you need to make strategic home based business success. Download Make Your Words Sell. This is just a gift to know that we love you.

When you read it, you'll be pleased and remember what Biz Marketing 64 did to you. I know, the textual content of the course is so invaluable. It will guide you to do what you love by writing about it and building a successful home business about it.

Biz Marketing 64 - Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

We Started the Burning Flame of Love to Warm Your Evenings!

I started the Burning Flame of Love again in this edition of Biz Marketing 64 to warm your thoughts at the evenings. The Love Column is below. In the following editions, you will read about love and romance and about some love problems, I am receiving to manage solving through the Online Love Consulting Services here.

Short Cut is the Deepest is the headline of the column for this edition. I got it from Rod Stewart.

The song by that title warms my thoughts and entices me to burn myself on that flame of love to explore more pleasures and of course, more wording to create nice short articles about love and sex.

Was this the reason that I wrote my poetry book, Rising of the Phoenix and my short stories, Love in the Internet Time?

Well, I added these lines after many years to Biz Marketing 64, when I re-edited the page. See these books at the right column on other pages.

The beauty of the Burning Flame of Love is that, you will be able to share your thoughts solving those love problems with us using the contact us form on the political website. You pay it forward today and receive thanks and recognition tomorrow.

In addition, there is a continuation to the article "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", I published in the Biz Marketing 60 at the Guest Coolest Column below. Since the report is too long, I divided it into series of articles. However, you can get the full report to your home library through links at the Guest Coolest Corner.

I appreciate your active sharing. Let us read your thoughts and comments on the issues we published in Biz Marketing 64 and other editions. Use the contact us form at the political website.

Have fun and pleasure while reading this edition of Biz Marketing 64.

Biz Marketing 64 - Guest Coolest Corner

Second Part of "House and Apartment Cleaning Services"!

Here is the Second Part of House and Apartment Cleaning Services!

I published the first part of this article on Biz Marketing 60. You need to read it first, then come back to continue here.

We ended on that line, which says, you need a flyer. Here is the rest of part two.

You also need an advertising flyer, such as the following:

HOME OR APARTMENT CLEANING (Yes make it caps and bold)

We do the work - You relax and take it easy.

You get the best job in town, at rates you can afford.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

For more details,

Call (your name): (telephone numbers) - (the name you've chosen for your Cleaning Services)

For more insights on advertising, see Bulletin Boards, Classified Ads, the Ezine Acts Advertising, Ezine Acts Business Publicity, Freebie Ad Magazines and Free Publicity.

You can either type this notice out or write it in longhand with a pen. Either way, it's going to be your first advertising endeavor, and bring in that first customer for you.

It would be a good idea to visit your stationery store to pick up a pad of "fade out" graph paper, a couple of sets of transfer (rub-on) letters, a glue stick, and if they have one, a Clip Art book.

Take these materials home and clear off your kitchen table. Take a sheet of graph paper, and temporarily tape the corners down on the table. Then take a pencil and a ruler, and mark a rectangle five inches wide by six inches long along the lines of the graph paper. This will be the overall size of your flyer when it's finished.

Look for a Clip Art piece depicting a harried housewife engrossed with either cleaning tools or in the act of running a vacuum cleaner, or some other household chore. Cut this piece out, and with your glue stick paste it in the upper left-hand corner of your rectangle.

Then take your transfer letters and make the headline: HOME OR CLEANING. Next, type out the body of the message on ordinary white typing paper. Be sure to use a relatively new ribbon, preferably a black carbon ribbon, and upper case letters. Cut this strip out, and paste it onto the graph paper, centred just below your headline.

Then use some transfer letters that are about twice as large as your typewriter type, and paste up the action part of your message: For details, call Sue: 123-4567. Cut out a couple of border flourishes from your Clip Art book, paste them under your action line, and you're ready to take it to the printer.

In essence, you have a professional advertising "billboard." You can check around in your area, especially with the advertising classes at your local colleges, but generally, they'll do no better than you can do on your own, using the instructions we've just given you, and they'll charge you $50 to $100.

Once you have this advertising flyer completed, take it to a nearby quick print shop and have about 200 copies printed. You should be able to get two copies on a standard 8 ½ x 11 sheets, and running 100 sheets of paper through the press is going to cost well under $10. For just a few cents more, have the printer cut them in half with his machine cutter, so you will have 200 copies of the advertising flyer.

Now take these flyers, along with a box of thumbtacks, and put them up on all the free bulletin boards you can find - grocery stores, Laundromats, beauty salons, office building lounges, cafeterias, post offices, and wherever else such announcements are allowed.

* I'll publish the third part in one of the next editions. However, if you were in a hurry and want the full report, it is here at the Web Market Place column of Biz Marketing 64 below.

The Burning Flame of Love: First Cut is the Deepest!

Yes, I know first cut is the deepest, because it blows you under the grounds to seek continuous love improvement methods and love techniques to deepen your next cut (blink).

Aha, all love experiences have more than deep cuts. You deepen that sentimental feeling of love when you fall in love for the second time after the first cut.

You may want it to happen again. Some people may not want that. However, it depends on your experiment with the pain it reflects in your feelings and soul.

Get some of the first cuts at the Ezine Acts Love CommentariesEzine Acts Love EntriesEzine Acts Love Stories, Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories and Love Consulting Services.

Some people love to have it with a little pain to feel it hurting and then enjoy it after being burned by that nostalgic flame of love.

This understanding works well with people who have passion for arts. They cannot paint, write, dance, or perform any kind of arts unless they feel the burning flame of love. See such activities at the Ezine Acts Art and Culture, Ezine Acts Art Links, Ezine Acts Fine Arts, Ezine Acts Literature and French Paintings

Watch Rod Stewart this evening at Noon50. Just type Rod Stewart there and you'll get him. Do not forget to rate other videos by yours, faithfully.

Biz Marketing 64 - Search Engines Insider

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", or Love as Well!

The following tips could be helpful while searching using the terms "House and Apartment Cleaning Services" and "Love" to explore more information about the topics.

As for "House and Apartment Cleaning Services", you can check this column at Biz Marketing 60.

Use the search tool at the right column to look for love. The best results will appear either on the top or at the right of the result pages. However, searching for love using the same term will not give you the concrete results you want until you add some words to it to make the search term unique.

Searching for love only will bring about 1,300,000,000 results. Among those results are lot of porn. That is not good. Right?

Google for example, suggest the following, when you start typing the first 3 letters: love film, love calculator, love quotes, love poems, love tester and even love poems for him, love never dies and lovely bones. You do not need all of that. Right?

Try typing "m" after love. Google will suggest love meter, love magazine, love messages, love me lyrics and love match. Oh, it is only the last term that you may be looking for.

This will give you the idea as what kind of love you were looking for. So type the kind of love you want and use quotations to get direct results. You can stop wasting time on all of that and find it here. See the Web Market Place column on the Biz Marketing 64.

Biz Marketing 64 - The Web Market Place

Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service

You may be also interested in these two items to accumulate necessary things and to enrich your knowledge about the topic: Apartment Cleaning 101: Or How To Get Your Deposit Back (Volume 1)

Outwitting Clutter: 101 Ingenious Space-Saving Tips and Ideas to Make Any House or Apartment More Livable

Retire To Something

Biz Marketing 64 - Marketing Resources

Search Engines and Other HITS Quarters!

The complete Search Engines Secrets are focused here on a category with some hit quarters to help you attract more free website traffic to your company, or brand website and then use the volume of the free websites traffic you have to monetize that traffic easily.

You'll never need to pay for traffic, if you have built narrow niches focused on one topic about your hobby, knowledge, professional and personal experiences and done that with the required focus on each niche.

In addition, the search engines' site map on this website include many pages about free traffic, all of which you can read on the following pages:

Best Ways to Feature Your Business| Build Automated Content| Build Web Pages| Choose It| CTPMEzine Acts Link Building StrategiesEzine Acts Optimization| Ezine Acts Traffic ConverterEzine Media AdvertisingHow to Convert Traffic Into Sales?| How To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates?| How to Improve Your Website Presence?| Improve Your Website Presence|

Share Biz Marketing 64 with your social media services through the buttons on this page. Pin one of the Ezine Acts Pictures on this page, or at the Ezine Acts Galleries, Ezine Acts Photo Gallery and Pictures for Your Website. Thanks.

Well, here we are now at the closure of our Biz Marketing 64. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity

Sincerely Khalid Osman

Copyright©2010 Khalid Osman's Publications.

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