Ezine Acts RSS Shows You How RSS Works?

The Ezine Acts RSS explains the "really simple syndication" process, how it works, how to get feeds, how to use it to automate your website & how to share it with social media & RSS platforms.

"Although the (really simple syndication) is a process that refers to RSS, which is the abbreviation that produces the news feeds, but it is in fact a real process that runs in your mind to syndicate the newsfeed you read in your mind to absorb it right. Absorption means assimilation." Journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman

So, the RSS is just the action you take to syndicate and ping your website through R.S.S. It has a tool and the tool should be included in your website building tools to automate and refresh the entire site, when you add fresh content.

But, does it work only with textual content? What about images? Could you syndicate images?

The recent practices appeared with pinterest shows that it is possible and image syndication has become since then a snap. Twitter takes it over and other image platforms are working at the same process to syndicate images. See an example below and get to pin it to see the process in action.

I favorite the Obsessed movie among others my daughter has written about at tvcinemaapp.com

So, it is here to help you get the newsfeed of your choice, or to understand how it works to automate your website from within and at the social media and elsewhere.

The first part of the Ezine Acts RSS is here at RSS-Blogging Ezine. Now we continue it on the Ezine Acts RSS. Read the continuation below this preface. You don't need to get other methods and buy other automation services.

If the R.S.S is not included in your website building and optimizing tools, you should look forward to get the all-in-one-place tools. This is very important to update your business and create your website blog, which takes over to update the entire website in and out.

If you don't have the RSS tool, that means you don't have a website that works. Moreover, if you R.S.S it manually, every time you build web pages to automate your website, that could also mean that your R.S.S doesn't work.

"Every journalist has a little bird like this to bring her, or him the newsfeed and even leak what happens inside closed doors." Journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman

The values you see through the Ezine Acts RSS are not limited to build automated content. Everything on your website, whether it is in text, image, or video should be ready for syndication using the R.S.S automation of your website to appear in excerpts on R.S.S serving platforms including social media and bookmark, such as Twitter, Stumbpleupon, FaceBook, and others.

That is why the RSS refers also to site summary syndication and rich site summary, which is technically the complete text of the abbreviated term.

It should be included also in your website building tools to pin images, such as the following image and sometimes videos to Pinterest, and to send your videos to appear on other platforms such as Plurks Timeline Friends and Pinterest too.

However, the process to Ping and RSS your content, as you see through the Ezine Acts RSS may appear different from the process you conduct to pin images and videos and like, or tweet a page on your website.

That means the social media and other video and image platforms are different from the RSS serving websites, such as the RSS services you submit to them when you Ping and RSS It here. Check them out and submit your feeds to them.

If you are active blogger, you simply syndicate your blog and get interested people to share blogs through this process, but not in the traditional style when writers, publishers and producers distribute or sell their products.

No, but you can syndicate it to be updated in all channels that accept your feeds. You need only to update your page, then the RSS feed will self-update all your feeds in all your Blogs on other channels. That is how to Blog It too.

The important thing to know here is that, while learning from the Ezine Acts RSS, you don't need to blog by yourself. Your website building tools should have the automation tools to blog for you every time you build, or your visitors build new pages for you, as explained at the Ezine Acts Blog.

The RSS feeds work their way out to those channels automatically, as explained at the Ezine Acts Feeds. It looks smart isn't it? I like to call them spiders, although they do not seem to look like the search engines' spiders.

By the way, how the R.S.S works to bring those search engines' spiders very quickly to any updated blog?

The answer at the Ezine Acts RSS is simple. The spiders like fresh content. You update this content when you Ping and RSS It.

You add value to this content in your small business by keeping it simple and keyword-focused content that serves the surfers who use the same keywords searching for information and then find it, because your tools have already syndicated it.

And not only that, but if your content satisfies your visitors, they will also syndicate it and share it with their social media services and other bookmarks. The Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center explains it more.

The RSS, as you see through the Ezine Acts RSS has its different channels to be syndicated through, since it is mainly constructed out of XML. When you add a new content, you need to "RSS it".

That is to say to check a small box, when you build a page in any of your narrow niches. This is why I say, your website should have all the required tools included to achieve every technical process your website needs to succeed.

This RSS process, as you see through the Ezine Acts RSS handles the tasks of refreshing your site all the way through to the other syndication channels your R.S.S auto-submit or "XML it" goes through.

This helps the search engines' spiders "smell" those updates you are doing, and then follow to get to the new content. They leave their "periodical/search/regularity" quickly (and this is not their habits) when a new content attracts them.

The R.S.S works just as a seducer to search engines. I need to think out of the traditional way of thinking and analyzing although I am not a search engine or a RSS techie.

Experiment and Pin the Sunset Colors to See if This is Different from RSS. See also how posters reflecting terms of every page on your website could add values to your website's topic, make your site beautiful and earn you additional income.

More Ezine Acts RSS Insights!

The search engines' spiders love the way the new content seduced them. The RSS does this accurately and in a subtle manner. You win the R.S.S race, when you build well-focused themes from things that interest you.

But, how would you know that the things that interest you appeal to others?

The Ezine Acts RSS has the answer while following your eyes to read more through the lines below.

Some intellectuals say that R.S.S and XML is the same thing. However, when someone needs to update his or her blog, s/he needs at the same time to create the file and save it as XML file ready to upload to his website building tools.

In response to this RSS fever and the increased numbers of social media, some marketers think the email marketing media will die in the near future.

They indicate this fear because the R.S.S enable people to subscribe to the RSS feeds using even newsreaders from their desktops, without having to leave their email addresses using "subscribe me" forms or sending a reply to an auto responder's request.

They think this will be a remarkable end to their email marketing efforts.

I do not think so, although people do not need to submit their email addresses, when they subscribe to the R.S.S feeds, because the marketing message will still reach them through those feeds they have plugged into their newsreaders.

The only challenge to get the clicks, as you see through the Ezine Acts RSS is when you make your RSS feeds irresistible. Have special and magnetic irradiance. Perhaps, they will respond to your message when your "RSS feed strikes their interests".

The R.S.S messages strike their interests when you build automated content following the CTPM process and then use the same CTPM concept through those R.S.S messages. As Ken Evoy says it, the RSS is an important part of this process.

I thumb this up on the Ezine Acts RSS, because it is only when you focus on your theme, study it and Choose It right, you will build it right. This answers the question of how would you know that the things that interest you interest also other people.

When those people get the news feeds displayed through their desktop saved newsreaders they get some links within those feeds and they will be on their way to click on any interesting issue, or any offer they're searching for.

This is one thing at the Ezine Acts RSS to engage blogging for pleasure, or profits. The other is that, email marketing through newsletters or Ezines will only be a classic online marketing when this RSS revolution takes over.

This way, as you could see through the Ezine Acts RSS, subscribed folk will get updates every time the RSS updates the website. They will also get them, if they subscribed through Google reader, Yahoo, Bing, Bloglines, Twitter, FaceBook and many other platforms.

People who would like to have only information delivered to their readers will have it and block the door for any exploded commercials. This is good indication to the importance of CTPM and emphasizes what Key Evoy has said.

Others who enjoy the technology and especially those who would like to have information about some products in the market will get those commercials the way they like. What will happen here is that you will get more desirable and targeted clicks.

Now what does XML mean?

It is the Extensible Mark-up Language as HTML means Hyper Text Mark-up Language, and HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and IP means Internet Protocol. However, the term XML is yet to be discussed more.

It is a language, document, modeling tool, e-business application, evolving the fundamental data representation. It has its tree as a data model. It is simply the way of structuring information.

XML, as you see through the Ezine Acts RSS has a metadata tags to classify, manage, access and retrieve electronic records, including Web pages.

When you do "RSS it", you are gathering the data to be captured by any newsreader, manipulated and analyzed in databases. It can only be filled in with a Web browser through any R.S.S reader.

You can click on the XML link to read it directly on your browser, if your browser supports this technology. In old browsers, such as IE7 you will see only the XML built-up file even with the edited HTML resources.

How to Get RSS Feeds?

Hey, haven't I explained that yet?!

In addition to the mentioned services on the Ezine Acts RSS, when somebody wants to subscribe to any RSS/XML to read it from his desktop, the first step he needs to do is to have a newsreader. See Why Using a Newsreader!

Then simply do a right mouse click on the R.S.S icon/ button to copy shortcut and paste it into his reader. This way the reader will go out to search for that specific RSS feed then bring it back to its audience.

Anybody who has a Google, Yahoo or MSN account can easily do the same thing but paste the shortcut into his Yahoo or MSN search filter when he ads a content there to his Yahoo or MSN.

Get some experiments with this by taking the XML URL at the Home Biz Trends Blog, or use the small buttons on the Ezine Acts RSS to RSS it with your Yahoo, Google, Bing, or any other services.

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