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Wise Biz Marketing 68! Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

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Wise Biz 68's Marketing Video Tour! This tour helps you understand how the internet works to benefit you.

In This Issue of Wise Biz Marketing 68:

* Preamble

* Special Invitations

* Top Wednesday Thought: Solution!

* Intro / Publisher Main Spot: What is Bumper Sticker?

* Guest Coolest Corner: How Do You Start Bumper Stickers Small Business?

* Social Networking Made Easy: Be My Friend and Get New Friends! * The Burning Flame of Love: Laxman (not his name) Feels in Love While He is Unemployed! * Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Bumper Stickers and Anything else, even Love!

* The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), find love, save money and improve your life!

* Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters:

* Wise Biz Marketing 68's Preamble:

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* Wise Biz Marketing 68's Top Wednesday Thought: Solution!

"Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it."

Rene Descartes, (31 March 1596 - 11 February 1650). Rene Descartes was a French mathematician, physicist, writer and philosopher.

He was born in La Haye en Touraine, France at the west of France and died in Stockholm, Sweden. His town of birth was renamed La Haye Descartes in 1802 and the name changed to Descartes in 1967.

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* Wise Biz Marketing 68's Introduction:

Publisher Main Spot:


What is Bumper Sticker?


A bumper sticker is simply a label or banner intended to be sticker on the bumper of a car with a specific message written on it. It is usually about 12 inches by 3Ω inches. It appeared the first time in the public scene lately after World War 11 and since then it is used for different purposes.

There're different kinds of content on bumper stickers as you have probably seen on some cars ranging from politics to economy, social issues, arts, technology, sport, philosophy, religion, fun, and so on. They send in very few words, some pictures, or other drawings messages about something.

People may only catch attractive bumper stickers in the first glance. For this reason, other people who use them always need to think of the best ways to get attention to their messages. For example, "No Blood for Oil" is strong message on a bumper sticker against the war in Iraq. Such kind of bumper stickers sends public opinion out to support this cause.

Big companies use them with their slogans, so people remember them always. For example, while somebody was in a hurry to do something outdoors and he was hungry at the same time, a take away banner of McDonalds could remind him to take his sandwich from the near Mc and continue pursuing that matter he wanted to achieve.

The very important message here is that big companies in your area may not be interested in your banner sticker. Therefore, you need to work with small size businesses to get their offers out.

Begin with garages and auto repairs, local newspapers, small stores, private schools, pizza and take away, and add others when you see good development.

The article about bumper stickers in the Wise Biz Marketing 68's Quest Coolest Column reveals more information about this topic. However, some points in the article are old and may not be up to date in regards to this topic.

You can design and finish your bumper stickers using your computer instead of taking your product to a printing house to finish it.

Carefully, understand the articles in Wise Biz Marketing 68 and adjust to your needs. Use the necessary information in the article and skip anything that doesn't work. Enjoy.

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That is it.

* The Wise Biz Marketing 68's Guest Coolest Corner:


How Do You Start Bumper Stickers Small Business?


This is the kind of business that might grow out of a conversation over a couple of beers at your favorite tavern. Imagine for a moment this scenario: Someone suggests that the owner should sponsor a summer picnic or softball game.

The question then comes up as to how to advertise it, and someone suggests bumper stickers. And the basics of a very lucrative business are set in motion.

As you consider this idea for a source of income, your first decision will be whether to first line up people willing to "wear" the bumper stickers on their cars, or the business owners who will want to advertise in this manner.

A good friend of ours started such a business several years ago, and he found it easier to sell the business owner by telling him that 100 to 200 people were all set and willing to wear his bumper sticker advertisement, because such people were known to be in the area.

All this boils down to a recommendation that you talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers first. Get as many of them as you can to agree to "wear" a bumper sticker.

You might offer to pay them $10 for three months, or $5 for six weeks. With inducement of money just to put a bumper sticker on their cars or trucks, you won't have too many turndowns.

One person we know runs an ad in his weekly shopper newspaper, advertising the fact that he pays money just for "wearing" a bumper sticker. And of course, don't overlook the pulling power of all the bulletin boards in your area businesses.

This is an ideal business for constant free publicity write-ups in your local newspapers, plus interviews on radio and TV talk shows. At first, you'll want as many people as possible to "wear" bumper sticker ads.

What you'll want to stress in any publicity write-ups or media interviews is the fact that you've got the "vehicles for exposure" lined up and organized so that any potential advertiser needs only to give you a call, and you can launch his advertising program immediately.

Next, you check with a number of printers and determine the cost to have bumper stickers made to order. Generally, you should be able to get a thousand bumper stickers for $100 or less. Whatever the cost, this initial outlay should be absorbed by your charge to the advertiser.

So let's suppose you've got 100 people lined up to "wear" one of these bumper stickers on their cars for six weeks. Figure the bumper stickers will cost $100. Now, the problem of what to charge the advertiser.

You should always charge on a "per car" basis, i.e., on a basis of circulation, as newspapers do. So, you could charge $5 per car per week, with 100 cars. This comes out to $500 per week, or $3,000 total over six weeks, from the advertiser. Subtract $100 for getting the bumper stickers made, and $500 as payment for the cars "wearing" the bumper stickers, and you would end up with a profit picture of $2,400 for those six weeks.

In the beginning, you should be the one calling on potential advertisers and doing all the selling. Once you've got your first program organized and running smoothly, your next step is a natural multiplication of your efforts.

Run an ad in your local paper for commission sales people. Brief them on the basics and get them out on the street selling advertisers for you.

The best time to launch a business of this kind is during the fair weather seasons, or just in advance of general political elections in your area. Once established, however, the business can, and should sustain itself year round.

The selling "keys" to this kind of advertising are basically the same as those enumerated for "word of mouth" advertising. You've got people all over town spreading the word - talking about the advertiser. And these people are saturating the area with the advertiser's name and message wherever they go.

It's easy! It's simple! And it works! Compared with other, more traditional advertising methods, bumper sticker advertising is very low in cost.

One of the tricks of the trade is in using short, snappy, even humorous slogans or telegram styled messages. For instance: Anderson's Cafe - 6th and Main - That's where I'm going - How about you?

Another idea is to make the lettering on the bumper stickers luminous to the headlights of the cars following. Most important, be sure to make your lettering easy to read, and the message easy to comprehend at one glance.

Actually, you could start at the front of the yellow pages in your phone book and probably never run out of places ready to be sold on your plan of bumper sticker advertising. Some of the more traditional places to sell this kind of advertising include:

Flea Markets
Political Campaigns
Radio & TV Stations
Appliance Repair
Movie Theatres
Auto Repair Shops
Special Local Events
Pizza Houses
Physical Fitness Clubs
Insurance Companies
Travel Agencies
Sporting Goods
Trade Schools

The important thing is to always be creative in your selling efforts. Always show the prospect how his business can grow from advertising in the manner you propose, and how your method is more positive, more responsive, and lower in cost than the more traditional advertising.

Remember, too, the more clever or "catchy" the message on the bumper sticker, the more it will make people talk and respond. For ideas along these lines, go back to the yellow pages of your telephone book and read all those short, crispy one-liners.

Remember also that advertising is a form of "catching the eyes" and the more people see the message, the stronger that message is imprinted in their minds.

Therefore, when they need or are in the market for the services or product offered by the advertiser, they'll quickly refer to the strongest, easiest-to-recall advertising message in their minds.

And that, of course, means that if the prospect sees a specific advertising message on the bumpers of the cars in front of him day after day, when he's ready to buy, that particular advertiser will be the one he will patronize.

You can expand this business to include magnetic signs on the sides of cars, saddle-back signs on the back of cars, and even signs in the yards in residential neighborhoods.

As I've explained in this report, line up your "method of exposure," deter mine your costs and then go after the advertisers. It can be a very easy way to achieve real wealth and independence for yourself!

Adjust this article in the Wise Biz Marketing 68's Guest Coolest Corner to your need. You can comment on it using the form at the second section of the Wise Biz Marketing 68.

Get the full report about bumper stickers and other relevant small businesses to this topic from the following source.

How to Write and Sell Greeting Cards, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts and Other Fun Stuff
If You Can Read This: The Philosophy of Bumper Stickers
Spiritual Guide to Bumper Stickers (v. 1)

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* The Burning Flame of Love:

Laxman (not his name) Feels Love While He is Unemployed!

Could you help him? Remember, as usual only people who care about others can find others to care of them. I tried to help him out of his love problem. However, I seek some opinions about such love that comes in the wrong time.

He is 28 years old. He loves a girl in his town since five years ago. Freaking out with her, he found that he could not help but thinking of her so much.

Recently, her parents discovered this love relation and then came to know that the boy is unemployed. They became worried about their daughter's future and forced her to find someone who could love and feed her.

Laxman wanted to marry her but he cannot sustain her with the financial stability she needs. He is honest in his feelings as it appears from his words and I tried to help him to understand the challenge to prove that he really loves her by getting a job by hook or by crook.

Read the problem at Unemployed Love and share your thoughts about it. Please, don't share your thought here at the Wise Biz Marketing 68, but use the comment form or the comment link on that page. Thanks.

Watch some Love stories in videos and hear love music to warm your evenings at Noon50 and Sudateria. Do not forget to rate those videos.

* Wise Biz Marketing 68 - Search Engines:

Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Bumper Stickers and Anything else, even Love!


The following tips could be helpful while searching for more information about bumper stickers or anything else to get concrete results at the first ten pages.

If you applied the setting the search methods I told you here last Wednesday on the Biz Marketing 67, then you will get these tips to work for you correctly. If not, check the last week issue.

When you start typing b many words will appear in the search drop down menu. Your first letter in the search term will not appear there when you add the letter u. When you add m, a bumper will appear and it would be bumper ball. It is not your term of course.

When you add the letters p and e, you see many words that start with bumper, such as bumper stickers (this is yours), bumper Liverpool, bumper car games, bumper cars, bumper repair and bumpers. When you scroll and click on bumper stickers, you will find almost 24,900,000 pages indexed for that term there.

If you typed stickers, you will read on the drop down menu such terms as bumper stickers UK, bumper stickers for cars, bumper stickers funny, bumper stickers sayings, bumper stickers slogans, bumper stickers customs, bumper stickers quotes and even bumper stickers facebook.

Many of the pages in the first result page may not be of interest to you. Try to find the best result for your search at the first top 4 links or at the links at the right of the page.

However, if you want even better concrete results add a word to the term to define the specific bumper stickers you want. You can of course add a location.

The search tool at the right column will get you direct results of any search term you type in the search box. The best results will appear either on the top or at the right of the results page. However, use the second box below to search for love. You can escape the headache of searching for love and find it here.

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