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Blogger has two short articles to discuss whether having a blog is necessary or not. It is not mainly about that platform everybody and his dog know and many people use nowadays to make some profits.

There is no other secret than the secret to successful blogging you read on the image and that comes with image.

Many people use it to build even pictures blogs and videos blogs. They don't know that pictures and videos don't work alone without textual content in a contextual platform… and then many of them wait for the money.

So, this page with the pictures included through the textual content demonstrates that it is time for rationality to think of building first and then blogging after that.

This is because, it is obvious that when you build good content website, you are ready to blog each of the textual content in every page, whether it has supportive pictures and videos or not.

Actually, you don't have to blog by yourself, if you have good website building, automating and optimizing tools. In addition to the three functioning parts of the mentioned tools, they should also do the following:

Blog it for you whenever you build web pages, through the automation process, which means that they should build automated content.

Prepare your pictures and videos to be ready for optimization through the pictures attributions. See the pictures below with their attributions to get the idea and hover your mouse on them to read more of the attributions.

Get you the image search results by locations to know exactly how to continue with the image techniques and amend anything you see it requires adjustment.

Enrich the construction literature by providing methods learned through varied experiences to enhance the building and automation process.

Get you over Blogger by making you knowledgeable of how to monetize even images and videos on your website and when you blog them, or share them with social media.

Martin Luther King in One of His Influential Presence in Montgomery, capital of Alabama, "the cotton plantation state.", Alabama. Well, posters like this make your website beautiful and earn you additional income at the same time.

More Insights on Whether Blogger and WordPress are Right for Your or Not!

Make sure of this, Blogger and WordPress wouldn't function without serious and full content that you build from your hobby, knowledge, passion, or professional and personal experiences and that content helps others get what they want.

It is as simple as this. People don't want to read about what you do every day, or every week and you blog about. They don't want excerpts of something you blog about. But, they want real and original content with full information about the subject matter.

The subject matter is important, because it is focused on a topic people want to read about to get more information about it, or to know how to use this and that, or to help them in their daily lives, or to enrich their knowledge, if they are students to do their assignments better, or to write their researches better.

Blogger and WordPress don't have great quality content to provide such values, although the two platforms have shifted to long articles you may be able to write.

But, they don't have the learning curve with the required tools to make that content better, well optimized to drive free website traffic and ready for monetization.

Well, I am quite sure of this fact, as I used Blogger along time ago and spent years on it and I learned that they don't have the required tools to do all of the mentioned jobs.

It is very necessary to make the core of it at the Ezine Acts Blog, so you could make sure of how to ping and RSS it through the RSS Blogging Ezine, or elsewhere.

There is a discussion in an article about the Top 7 Things Your Blog Needs To Have. But, the fact is that you should have complete ping and RSS functionality in your website building tools to do the job, as explained at the Ezine Act's RSS Feeds Center.

Yes, they have this functionality. But, do you know what they lack?

You have some other shots to shoot well at the Ezine Acts Feeds, the Ezine Acts RSS and Why Using a Newsreader.

The wisdom in this experience you may also have is to think wisely of your time and efforts and evaluate the performance of your blog at Blogger and WordPress to see where it stands nowadays and whether it improves your life, or not.

Questions about Blogger!

I moved the first article I wrote about Blogger a long time ago comparing between the classical b.l.o.g.g.e.r and the new version to the second section of the page to renew it and ask you the following questions at the first section of B.l.o.g.g.e.r to demonstrate how important is building versus blogging.

I hope you will share blogs, blog experiences and thoughts about blogging by answering the following questions.

Are you using Blogger?

Do you use it to blog in text, pictures, or videos?

Does your blog rank well at Yahoo, Bing and Google?

How do you blog it, often… daily, weekly, momently?

How much free traffic you are getting to your blog?

Have you ever generated income from your blog?

How do you generate income, frequently from your blog?

Are you satisfied with that income you are generating from it?

Evaluate the answers and then decide whether your time and efforts worth all of the income you get from Blogger, or WordPress.

Martin Luther King was Born in 15 January 1929.

I just have doubts about claims that bloggers make enough money from their blogs at Blogger and WordPress. So, prove it here to convince other people who may be interested to use free blogs to make money. I will be with you, although I don't believe on that.

In addition, I will be clear to the point here, regarding these claims. I know, of course that my own experiences are not signs of any  prophecy to be of much importance to you to consider, because everyone has a different approach, different way of thinking and different methods to treat things.

This fact, however, doesn't eliminate considering the confluence of my thoughts about this topic and yours to rethink about the usefulness of Blogger, or WordPress.

The first thing is to consider whether you are blogging for pleasure, to satisfy yourself and interact with your friends and other people you know, or for more income to improve your life.

The money doesn't matter, of course, if you were blogging just for the pleasure of blogging.

But, life is not all pleasures. It is getting harder, especially during the hard recession time, whereby so many people, including the rich are effected hardly.

I would be insane, if I were blogging for the sake of just blogging during this hard time. Every minute nowadays is important to use to make your life better. You are not responsible only of yourself. You probably have many people in your family relying on you.

Martin Luther King in One of His Speeches, Taking the Strength to Love.

So, blogging that way seems taking the wrong direction in the right time, instead of thinking of positive approaches to improve your life, while you are making great efforts working at home on your blog.

The first think I should know, in this case is that I should first build a real web business and then... well, it seems obvious that every good set of website building tools should include the mechanisms, or the automation of that website blog. I should build automated content continuously when I build web pages.

Blogs are not necessary without websites to be blogged.

The blog should have also an automated process whenever you build a page to blog that page to your blog to refresh the entire website and bring free websites traffic to it, so you could monetize that traffic easily.

But, how could you monetize?

Well, you never monetize before you take serious steps to learn the Ezine Acts Optimization methods of your content through the CTPM Process, wether you build that content a small business, or some narrow niches of your own creativity.

So, when you achieve optimizing a website to drive that traffic, it will be easier for you to do that through some money making mechanisms, using some Ezine Acts Associate Programs, such as the 5 pillars affiliate programs, or in-textual ads from some good advertising companies.

Every step in the optimization and monetizing approaches is enjoyable, because you would learn many new things that interest you through this process and you will eventually conclude that it is better to build than to blog.

You will only blog, when you build. Remember this. See HOA Political Scene Blog and TV Cinema App.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford Series in History & Culture).

However, there would be many useful ways to use that blog after having it updating your content not to your visitors only, but to the search engines, because the spiders love fresh content and they alway smell it fast.

But, not just any content... It is content that reflects seeds of the mastering keyword of that niche you build. The keyword could be simple and you only need to be creative to carve it to make original concept.

The concept of your website develops when you add new pages and thus conceptualizes the entire pages, when use the seeds of your original keyword to build more pages.

So, to keep the blog performing well with some good seeds of keywords that they support the main concept, you may need to elect to have about 30 pages to be updated, whenever you add new content.

The older pages will sweep back, freeing places for the new content.

Now getting back the eight questions I asked above, I appreciate taking the time to answer them in some details and enter the address of you blog. You can upload some pictures with your submission too.

This would be one of the methods to blog it right using other services, such as the website services I provide through this article about blogger. Use the comments form below.

Martin Luther King, Jr. When He Said, "I Have A Dream".

The Old Article about Blogger

I apologize for the inconvenience. Lot of waters ran under the bridge since the first day this page went online. I published it that time because Bloggers have had lot of troubles with the new version of Blogger.

As I was observing Google forums for blogger that time, I could say, all the new features were unknown to them. Some of them did not get the benefits of switching to the new version at the time.

I even had been skeptical at the point, because I was afraid to lose about 25 Blogs there. Some Bloggers had mentioned how they lost their Blogs and there were many problems. However, I have succeeded during the switch.

Most of the classic built templates switched smoothly and they are now benefiting from the new plug-in features. So, this is also about being there, did that and know some techniques about how this works.

Many people acquired some more qualifications during the experiments.

For example, I added more users and upgraded them to administrators to help me observe and control multiple blogs from (different ME). I use a sticker, to keep log-in information with different details, so I will surely be in the save side and remember my login every time.

During this experience, I have come to know, how to delete a user and how to upgrade a user. Some Bloggers may find this difficult.

It is also useful to guard comments on your Blog to eliminate spam comments from spam-bots and even from some people who may want to entice you. It is very necessary to furnish your Blog with accommodations when you decide to make it your online home.

Well, the new version of Blogger has improved and it works now very smart. But, what else?

Did I make any money from those blogs at Blogger?

No, although they are still working there with many advertising.

What about you?

Answer the eight questions about blogger and get in addition to a link to your blog, some useful ebooks to read and discover new methods of building websites that work.

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