Is Search Engines Top Placement Your Headache?

You maybe here, because search engines top placement makes you a headache.

This is because you have reached this page about top search engines placement through one of the search engines. If not, you will still have the insights to get top search engines placement and resolve that headache.

You know that you need this, because you are sure that you will never generate income from your home based business without having the required free traffic from search engines.

You know further that the free websites traffic is the blood for your web business to survive and succeed because of the high volume of traffic it gets and because of that you have paid great attention to optimize your home business following the AG, which is the CTPM mantra of free traffic.

The first question you may ask yourself here is the following:

Is there any secret to acquire search engines top placement?

There is none. All the search engines secrets are unfold by now and if you couldn't reach where they are unfold, then you may need to scratch your head and think harder while hitting the search tutorials and the free website traffic headquarters we provide for the sake of getting you search engines top placement at the traffic center.

Read good answers I wrote about the search engines top placement on any search engine here and on the fenced pages to unfold the secrets…

But, does Google have answers?

Let the leopard of the search engines answer. Google says... no one can guarantee your web site * TOP PLACEMENT * in Google.

Is it true?

What about those websites we see on AdWords and see them on the top of the result pages when we use keywords to look for something through Google?

Is paying for AdWords guarantee search engines top placement?

Does it manipulate, while penalizing manipulating websites?

Well, the issue is that simple when we look at how search engines treat websites and why they index them and when. One fact to consider is that search engines do not index all websites. They only index websites with specific criteria.

Since all of this depends on searches users conduct while using the search engines, then the issue of bringing websites to appear at the top of the result pages becomes very clear...

What search engines want?

Search engines want to deliver the best results that reply to the users' searches. So, it is apparently that websites need content to achieve good indexing.

But, it is not just any content. It is original content and keyword focused content that the search engines rely on to deliver what their users want.

Despite all of the important factors in this regard, some search engines optimizers (SEOers) in some traffic sources are still doing their search engines top placement campaigns! They still promise to bring Guaranteed 1000000 Hits to Your Website.

One of these SEOers says that it has uncovered the key to successful search engine optimization and marketing. It suggests that with an individualized approach to web site marketing, it has generated millions of web site hits for its clients and continued to be a leader in search engine placement.

Search engines top placement has nothing to do with these claims, in fact. Google is still saying no one will ever predict a first placement and even within those 10 level search engines top-placement.

But, that does not mean it is impossible, of course. It only needs that original and well focused keyword content, the way the CTPM goes.

However, here are the rest of the search engines top placement that SEOer offers. He is not only guaranteeing the top placement on Google, but on Yahoo as well as Bing and domoz.

Running this search engines' marketing campaign, the SEOer promises advertisers search engines top placement using his system to:

  • Get personalized and detailed website analysis report, and find out what keywords their websites are optimized for; and what search engines are looking for.
  • Use unique keyword selection with each web page through evaluation to form selected keywords based on the content of the page.
  • Breakdown optimized web design finding problematic web design used methods and reflect the best solution to this affection.
  • Enhance friendly crawling with convenience compliance to search engines guidelines.
  • Help web page coding properly to ensure the highest potential search engine positioning.
  • Develop your services to increase the success rate of your search engine marketing campaign.
  • Monitor your search engine ranking on a daily basis. Reporting this movement will be done weekly.
  • Consult you about your search engine ranking, and best placement through a certified search engine marketing expert by mail and phone.

However, while treating Search Engines Top Placement, Google suggests determining top indexing through certain criterion Google itself helps webmasters to define through Google Sitemap as one part of this mechanism.

It is obvious that Google says all those points are not easily predictable; and they could go the wrong way. It gives guidelines to indexing and generating free traffic through their website traffic mechanism; to take it seriously through content building methods and "site-mapping-facilities" which is not far from optimizing.

It is clearly said that no promises about high indexing and search engines top placement are inevitable through such claims.

How to Achieve Search Engines Top Placement?

I learn here throughout these methods of search engines top placement how to target potential websites traffic and I know it begins from the net writing methods.

These methods determine the way you write your content to pre-sell, make your links work in the lights of the optimization methods of the "Action Guide".

However, while considering the optimization explained at the Ezine Acts Optimization and the link building explained at the Ezine Acts Link Building Strategies, you should make sure that you have already built some narrow niches to connect the volume of the traffic you get between these narrow niches.

All these methods are combined in the tools that empower this page about the search engines top placement and the entire website you are reading.

How to Obtain these Methods?

Well, in a nutshell, think of the following 10 pointers:

  • Choose up to five topics out of your hobby, knowledge, passion, personal experiences, or things that interest you.
  • Form five questions that open with unlimited answers (open questions)
  • Enter them on the Choose It tool to get the best of them based on high values.
  • Search and research that term with the highest values to get the data.
  • Study the data and do some searches on some relevant terms in it.
  • While carrying the search, look at where there is advertising to study.
  • Get the knowledge that the first ad is the ad that pays search engines well.
  • Use this knowledge to determine the highest values of your terms in money.
  • Get the tools to learn and implement all the requirements of search engines top placement.
  • Follow the CTPM Mantra to get smoothly through article writing and build keywords focused web pages.

In details:

The search engines top placement has a criterion that begins with choosing a theme, as you read at pointer one. This theme should be of a high value. This high value should contain very well targeted keywords. Website traffic will be built gradually when this mechanism works.

Each of the five questions should contain the fiver terms of the five topics. The five topics could be (as an example) freelance, games, health, language and shows. The open questions should be concrete questions about each of the terms.

These terms alone are very wide and you actually don't need them in their wideness to build web pages about any of them. All you need is to conduct searches to see whether you could find a definition with two, or three words added to any term and whether there is high values in it, or not.

This is a process that you need to execute with the help of a tool to track all the relevant terms to your main terms that you have chosen through the pointer three. The tracker tool should bring you up to 5000 relevant terms to study the values and determine your theme. Th process also provides the insights of many narrow niches.

At this point, you will have some documents associated with your tracker to write notes, list terms with the highest values and prepare them to write and build web pages about each of them. This could make you 100 web pages in a short time.

The building tools should provide the techniques you need to optimize the page and even build automated content without lifting a finger at your website blog. You'll only need to prepare it to blog automatically every time you build a web page.

It takes up to one month at least for everything mentioned here to get a position within these first 10 pages on any Google, Yahoo and Bing keyword search. Done.

As this article is written considering high free indexing; I see from my observation to different websites’ top ranking mechanisms that Google AdWords is playing to some levels a role in these mechanisms.

You could use the platform it offers to study the money values in your terms. But, if you have the tools combined with the tracker, you'll find all of that very easy and sensational to build your keyword focused website.

What it takes to make this mechanism work is just about a click here.

SBI! Results

Nice and white optimization does not hurt. What hurts is that claim to bring targeted traffic only when you pays for it. If you did not pay, that means you are dead. It is just wrong.

You are not dead and your website will succeed over all of your competitions when you use the right website building tools… tools that do the technical parts of your web business and help you learn the best methods of getting search engines top placement without paying a penny.

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In fact, while looking into such topic to get search engines top placement, you should always be sure of the tools you are using, as you will not achieve that without having the right tools all combined in one place.

The search engines top placement requires tools to learn from them while you are building your web business How to Convert Traffic Into SalesHow To Improve Keyword Density Using Your Affiliates and How to Improve Your Website Presence.

They should provide all of the optimization in good plain textual and video content to show you how optimizing a website goes and guide you along the way to improve your website presence.

The Solo Build It website building, automating, optimizing and monetizing you see on the image above, empower the entire of Khalid Osman's Network at the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love and update it at the Ezine Act Blog.

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