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Biz Marketing 48

Issue No.48 Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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This edition of the newsletters breaks the CTPM into pieces to understand each letter in the term, literary and then enrich you literature and provide it to people who need it.

While doing this, it shows you how to move online with your hobbies, or personal experiences whether you use them in textual, imagery, or scenery works to develop a home-based small business.

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In This Issue of Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter:

  • Special Invitations
  • Top Wednesday Thought: ... CTPM!
  • Intro/ Publisher Main Spot: New Year, New Estimation!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: The Inside Secrets of FREE Publicity for Your Business!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) save money or make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters
  • Archives: Our Publications!

Biz Marketing 48th Special invitations:


These invitations are designed to cover your interests. We know that you have so many things that interest you. To move through them easily choose the best that suits your interest.

When you respond to some invitations, you will get some good ebooks we give as gift of love to read and benefit from them.

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Biz Marketing 48th Top Wednesday Thought: ... CTPM!


"Through CTPM, SBI removes all the barriers... the technical stuff, the need to be a Search Engine guru... all of it. But it doesn't remove the fact that you have to work to build a business."

An SBIer


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Biz Marketing 48 is all about the steps you need to take to achieve outstanding success, just in anything you do to invent, create, or improve important things in your life!

Biz Marketing 48th Publisher Main Spot:


New Year, New Estimation!

This is absolutely healthy to get back to evaluate your web business progress and check your websites traffic, not every year, but every month or even every day.

Well, as search engines change their spidering habits every time and then, this is the best advice we offer in Biz Marketing 48.

FREE Publicity for your business will help progressively in increasing your traffic free. So, I've got an article about this issue in the "Guest Coolest Corner".

I noticed that my domain at is progressing and hitting point 5/10 in Google PageRank, until the time I published Biz Marketing 48.

Some weblogs I am publishing are also getting good traffic at the 3/10 in Google PageRank although they're not 6 years old.

However, they dropped in a short time although I am adding keyword-focused content almost daily. So, this brings my attention to original content and the volume of the informational articles I have there.

Blogging for pleasure only doesn't work. Neither just posting some impressions in your blog. I am trying to study those measures to acquire a sense of understanding traffic.

These traffic measures I've acquired through free publicity, made me happy at the time. Nevertheless, studying the causes of dropping pages is important to take a new direction while building a home based business.

I can tell you exactly how to do it too, when you hit the expected dropping and what to do, to gain steadily good free website traffic. See the Resources column.


Biz Marketing 48 Publisher and Senior Editor

Khalid Osman

Biz Marketing 48th Guest Coolest Corner:


The Inside Secrets of FREE Publicity for Your Business!

Product publicity is the "secret pathway" to business success everyone wants. In simple terms, product publicity is a kind of advertising that costs you nothing, yet brings in the orders for you.

Regardless of what kind of business you are operating, you should want, and strive for, as much publicity for your business and your products or services, as possible.

After all, it's "free advertising" that is essential to the growth of your business. However, your publicity efforts should be well thought out, and pre-planned for maximum results.

The first, and basic form of obtaining publicity is through what is known as the press or news release. This is generally a one page story about your business, your product/service or an event happening related to your business that is about to, or has recently occurred.

These publicity stories are generally "shotgunned" to all the various media: local newspapers, radio and TV, and trade publications.

Problem number one is getting the people to whom you've sent these publicity stories, to use them, publish or broadcast them. And this leads us back to the "right way" of writing them and sending them in.

In every case, send a short cover letter addressed to the person you want your material to be considered by. This means that you send your story to the city editor of the newspapers' the news directors of the radio & TV stations: and the managing editors of the various trade publications.

It will do you no good whatsoever, to send your material to the advertising, circulation or business managers describing how you're a longtime advertiser, subscriber or listener.

The most important thing is that you make contact with the person who has the final say as to what is to be published, or broadcast, and at the bottom line this person's use of your material will somehow make him a "hero" to his or her readers, viewers or listeners.

The cover letter should be a short note. Go to a paper supplier - tell them you want a hundred or so sheets of good bond paper - 8 1/2"  by 11" preferably in a pastel color such as blue or ivory.

Tell them that you want this paper cut into quarters, giving you a grand total of 400 sheets of note paper "From the desk of..."

Note sheets are too elaborate until the people you're contacting get to know you - first time around, and until they use your material, don't use these semi-formal note sheets.

On this note sheet, begin with the date across the top. Skip a couple of spaces and then quickly tell the recipient of the note, the attached material is new and should be of real interest to his readers, viewers or listeners.

We advise our dealers and distributors of MONEY MAKING MAGIC, our regular publication for serious wealth builders and extra income seekers to send the following note to the editors and news directors of the media in their areas:

"Here's something that's new, and for a change, truly helpful, to people trying to cope with inflation, the soaring costs of living and those engaged in building extra income businesses of their own.

It should be of real value (interest) to your readers. Please take a look... any questions, or if you need more info, give me a call at: (your phone numbers)"

Then, of course, you skip about four spaces, type your name, your business name, and your address - sign your name above where you've typed it, and staple this note in the upper right hand corner of your news release. This note should be typed and double-spaced.

So now, you've got a cover letter, and you know who to send it to... We type up one such note, and take it to a nearby quick-print shop.

They xerox the note 4 times, paste these 4 copies onto one sheet of paper, print 50 to 100 copies, and cut the paper into individual notes, all for less than $10.

Do not try to save money by photocopying or xeroxing - a photocopy is a photocopy is a photocopy, and will not do the job for you.

Now you need the actual publicity release, which also must be "properly" written if you expect it to be used by the media. Above all else, there's a proper form or style to use, plus the fact that it must be typed, double-spaced, and short - about a half page in total length.

About an inch from the top of the paper, with an inch and a half margin on each side of the paper; from the left hand margin, type in all capital letters: PRESS RELEASE.

Then, underline these words. Immediately following the colon, but not in all capital letters, put in the date. Always set the date forward by at least one day after the day you intend to mail the release.

On the same line, but on the right hand side of the page, and in all capital letters, write the words, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Underline this, and immediately below, but not in all capital letters, type - your name - your phone number - and your address.

Skip a couple of spaces, then in all capital letters - centered between the margins - type a story headline, and underline it. Skip a couple of spaces, and from the left hand margin, all in capital letters, type the words, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: From there on, it's the news or publicity story itself.

You can write the headline before the, story, and then a story to fit the headline - or the story before the headline, and then a headline to fit the story - either way, it's basically the same as writing a space ad or a sales letter.

You attract attention and interest with the headline and fill in the details with your story.

Here's an example of the headlines we use on publicity blurbs for MONEY MAKING MAGIC:


Notice how we continue to sell or involve the editor. His readers are always looking for better ways to make ends meet, and he's specifically interested as to what our promise involves.

Continue this article at FREE Publicity, read Free Press Releases and then close the windows to continue Biz Marketing 48.

We're giving more benefits on business reports like this one. Just receive them totally FREE when you subscribe to "Wise Biz Marketing" Newsletter and confirm your subscription.

We'll show you also how to use them on your website, and newsletters. You just need to build a website here if you don't have one.

We hope the article in the "Guest Coolest Corner" of the Biz Marketing 48 is useful and adjustable to your needs and location.

If so, please share the Biz Marketing 48 with your social media services. Thanks.

Biz Marketing 48th Web Market Place:


You can use the search box at the right column to search for adult or baby moisture cream, or lotion, skin decent and face wrinkles remover, seasonal fashion wear, latest diamond jewelry, women, or fragrance, such as men's perfume, or perfumes by stars, as Christina Aguilera perfume, or any other products you want.

Affiliate Signup

However, you may find beauty products, lifestyle products, consuming food and beverage, electric or electronic products, bicycles, motorcycles, or even Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, or Chevrolet automobiles  through this page, whether in the market places, or elsewhere.

SBI! Results

The Internet has also its market place, where you can find, internet service providers in your location, broadband, satellite companies, TV channels through the net, websites hosts, and free servers, as you cant find advertising companies and radio stations and television channels that offer advertising.

Compare Web Hosts

Biz Marketing 48th Resources:


Search Engines and Other HITS Quarters:

SBI! Traffic Test

You will absolutely suffer continues lack of free traffic if you did not define the thing that you are good at, or the most things that interest you from your hobbies, to research them one by one, then pick the one and choose it right to start the CTPM process.

That is because narrow niches drive traffic, if you did them right following the mentioned process. There is not another way to make your website work. You don't even need to be a search engines expert SEO to optimizing a website, or even invent your own optimization methods from the mentioned process.

After that the search engines top placement wouldl be de facto.

The search engines secrets the SEO may tell you are not secrets anymore with the CTPM Process available on the market place of the Biz Marketing 48. It guides you step by step to improve your website presence.

It makes even search engines marketing easier by the collective serials of information, which comes as search engines tutorials to enrich your knowledge and thus enhance your business. So, you will never wonder about how to improve your website presence.

The process provides even methods composed of link building strategies through the free ebook download that teaches the methods you need and through the friendly usage of the system of the Value Exchange itself.

A short distance from this, you find the lessons including the best ways to feature your business, the best way to write press releases and distribute them to free press releases platforms and the best ways to monetize your work at home business.

There is nothing left to chances.

If you were still here and haven't seen the SOLE PROCESS yet, I will kick your ass ;-) buddy.

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Khalid Osman


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