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Biz Marketing 40

Issue No.40 Wednesday, March.02, 2005 

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In This Issue of the Wise Biz Newsletter:

  • Special Invitations
  • Top Wednesday Thought: … Position!
  • Intro/ Publisher Main Spot: Your Own Career and Resume Profitable Business!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Determine Your Future!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets:-) save money or make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters
  • Archives: Our publications

Biz Marketing 40's Special invitations:

Are you a journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café here at HOAs Journalists Project. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area.

It's an international gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about The International Peace and make the Globe intact.

Not a journalist, but want to discuss or read about the Horn of Africa?

Well, join our blogs and post comments and articles in Arabic, or or in English, or just in French, Spanish, Italian etc… If you would like to post anything that has African flavor and could be useful for readers, link to posts in Arabic and English at the website above.

Biz Marketing 40's Top Wednesday Thought: ... Position!

"Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use of them".

Napoleon Bonaparte


Would you like to get everyday thoughts free with your café au lait, tea, soft drink or breakfast?

Visit those intellectuals online and get the insight of your life everyday at Motivation for Reasons.

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Biz Marketing 40 - Introduction:

Publisher Main Spot:


Your Own Career and Resume Profitable Business!

A resume business is actually a career counseling business, but in some direct details it provides more than you could expect to have when submitting a simple request.

Job seeking companies are taking the basics of this business in writing professional resumes for people and helping them with their interviews and job seeking skills.

Then when we look to the supply and demand for this kind of a business we find it always blooming forget about the increase in the supply area. See Personal Improvement Seminars, as an example.

The demand for this business shows up very high and the supply shows also a great number. But it's still to say when you consider the professionality of some suppliers that a very rare chances are only have their good launch at only 3 international great centers you'll find here.

The job seeking market is big and increasing very fast and that's mainly because of the increase of the graduates, the fired, the unemployment and the numbers of those who are searching for a job change.

So, every one of those who are defined on the category above is a job seeker who needs a resume. They know that their resumes are vital. They need them eagerly. But they haven't a clue about how to write good ones.

Now, this could be a profitable business if you're searching for ideas to begin a business. So, if your writing skills are OK, you need nothing more than how to start it?

You don't need even to think about an offline bureau, staff of assistants, equipments, accommodations and accessories. You can do it online where a high traffic potentiality is offered.

You need here only to take the elementary keys to your education career and resume business from this informational resource on "Biz Marketing" at the "Guest Coolest Corner".

Consider this if you cannot do it all yourself in this premier step: Premeditate by taking an action participating in these jobs and career centers at the right column on Education and Career.

To read more about this issue link to the following Success Stories. Get the insight with you before you go from the "Guest Coolest Corner" below.


Khalid Osman

Biz Marketing 40 Newsletter's Senior Editor

Biz Marketing 40's Guest Coolest Corner:


Determine Your Future!

by: Brian Tracy

Rise Above Your Current Situation and Plan Your Future!

There are four basic steps to achieving big goals in life. First, you must sit down and clearly define exactly where you are and what you are doing at the moment.

Second, you must examine your past and determine how you got to where you are today. Third, you must decide where you are going, and where you want to end up, one, two, three and five years from now.

Finally, the fourth step is for you to decide how you are going to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future.

Analyze Your Current Situation!

When I conduct strategic planning sessions for the executives of large corporations, we spend a good deal of time taking a snap shot of the company as it exists today.

Sometimes, very careful analysis of the current situation can generate valuable insights into what the company should be doing in the future.

In your personal strategic planning exercise you must do the same. You must stand back and take a look at your sales career, as well as your personal life as it is now, and honestly evaluate yourself in terms of the larger picture.

Rise Above Yourself!

Here's how you do it. Imagine that you begin walking from City A to City B, a distance of 30 miles. At the halfway point, 15 miles out, you will be in neither city.

When you look backward toward City A, you would no longer be able to see it. When you look forward to City B, it will not yet be visible.

This is similar to your situation at this initial phase of personal strategic planning.

City A represents the past and City B represents the future. Where you are at this moment represents the present. Now, imagine that you could rise above yourself, way up into the air, thousands of feet.

At a certain point of altitude, you would be able to see City A, yourself on the road, and City B, all at once.

Learn how to build your self-esteem, set goals in every part of your life, reprogram your mind for success and unlock your mental powers in The Psychology of Achievement.

More than 1,000,000 in depth lessons which are in books and CDs sold in 20 languages. Learn more at Motivation for Reason and Your Personal Success. See links to the products at the bottom of this article.

See Your Past, Present and Future Together!

By the same token, situation analysis enables you to see the past, present and future, and how they affect each other, with greater clarity.

When you are clear about where you are coming from, where you are at the moment, and where you are going, you become much more focused and effective in your planning and goal-setting.

Putting These Ideas Into Action!

First, examine your past history and determine the major steps you took to get to where you are today. What have you learned from your experiences?

Second, look forward into the future and decide where you want to be in 3-5 years. What could you do today to move faster in that direction?

How To Master Your Time? (Includes six CDs)

- Learn how to double your effectiveness, get more things done faster, and gain two extra hours of productive time every day.

You learn how to:

  1. lead others as an example of successful time management;
  2. become results-oriented, working smarter, not harder;
  3. energize yourself with the positive results of labor;
  4. set clear, measurable goals and objectives;
  5. determine your top priorities - seven ways;
  6. overcome procrastination and get yourself going;
  7. focus all your talents and energies on your biggest payoff tasks;
  8. double your productivity, performance, output and results - in one listening!

To manage your learning from this project get this package below and then continue to these links: How to Be A Leader? How to Be Productive? How to Positively influence Yourself and the Others?

Time Management Success Made Simple. If you found the package changed (It always does) enter Brian Tracy on the search box at the top and view the complete line of the products.

Biz Marketing 40's Web Market Place:

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Biz Marketing 40's Search Engines Marketing Resources:


Search engines and other HITS Quarters

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Well, here we are now at the close of our Biz Marketing 40. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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