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Well, Yandex search engine (NASDAQ - YNDX) proves daily that it becomes the best search engine to rely on.

It has been chosen as the default search engine in Windows Phone 8 in Russia and the Commonwealth. The company announced that this week.

At the same time, Yandex search engine has introduced new technology to enable searchers to perform complex searches without having to refine or rephrase their search query.

Last week, the biggest Russian search engine said in its reports that it has achieved an increase of 45% in sales and reached 60% of the market search in Russia.

It also develops maps starting with Europe and the US maps using Navteg, the mapping division of Nokia, which enhances not only the navigation, but the location based products and open the market for greater potentials for investment.

It introduced a mapping site for Turkey. Technology observers suggest that the Yandex search engine is taking the battle to the ground with Google in Turkey.

This challenge to Google is not only in Turkey, but it is also in other states in East Europe and maybe in some other countries in the Middle East in the future.

The App Store of Apple began promotional efforts for customers to download Yandex search to use on their smart phones - iPhones.

In addition, Yandex released a version of browser to incorporate Opera's Turbo webpage, using their compression technology.

The Russian language is not a problem by now, as searchers could use English to search the web, whenever they want to do so. It also offers its bar as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft IE.

Use the Yandex search box in English to search WebPages in this network, or in the entire Web. Add the Yandex search engine's bar to your Internet browser and enjoy the new technologies.

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