How to Make Digital and Video Products?

"Digital and video products" has complete set of articles about how to digitalize some products, including audio and video products, electronic books and audio books. I don’t assume complete knowledge in the digital audio and video products filed. However, some knowledge could be helpful.

I learned many things about this topic earlier and started to make digitals including audio with pictures to produce videos, and textual content to produce ebooks, picture books and other products. The newest and surely useful experience is the experience with the poetic images.

To get the experience link your imagination with your thoughts, when you read the textual images on Arabic Phoenix Poetry, Arabic Poems, Phoenix Order and Wakening of the Phoenix. See the poetic image below to get the feelings of the textual content you want to design using images.

The Arabic couplet of poems is one of the Arabic poems Khalid Osman has written for his beloved girlfriend and the nation, with the symbolism terms to collapse extremism.

It is very easy to design images with textual content. But, it is important also to make the textual content on the images emotional, inspirational and have more reading values with the image reading experiences enhanced on the textual images you produce.

The business ideas included to inspire you at this level of production to think of the most interesting things that interest you and the there and then convert relevant image with textual content to get your message through, as explained at the image above and at the Ezine Acts Galleries, the Ezine Acts Pictures and Pictures for Your Website.

This could be your hobby, or professional experience. The values of each make your passion about the subject matter. So, the process of producing such digitals would be a pleasure, as explained at the linked pages and at the Ezine Acts Video and the Ezine Acts Video Games.

I learned many things about this topic earlier and started to make digital and video products including audio with pictures to produce videos, and textual content to produce ebooks, picture books and other products.

I read many articles and help information in so many resources during the production process, all of which has helped me to make some videos and other digital products. Therefore, I decided to share with you what I have learned so far along the way.

So, here is what you need to know to produce such products. You have many articles about digital and video products to read through this small site map. The pages in this site map come in good details to make video and audio products.

View all of them through the Site Map 17 below the first video presentation and take a look at the right column to see book covers of my ebooks and hard cover books.

You can digitalize even your family memorials, or use the experiences learned through this site map to produce digitals including videos and audios and make money. However, you should get some software to do the converting process during your production, or use some services online.

The Digital and Video Products (site map 17) includes so many pages. I listed some of the important pages here below to browse this category easily. Each page includes a guide. Through the complete Digital and Video Products guide, you'll see that there's no single secret about making money from digital and video products.

You can digitalize even your personal experiences including adventures and be creative to produce digitals in audio, video and electronic books. To read important pages in other site maps, link to them from the site map listing at the second section of the page.

The articles also show you how to use either the knowledge you get while going through this kind of production, or to use your digitals to improve your living conditions, if you thought of doing that too.

That is all to it, for you to make your life better.

Digital and Video Products, Site Map 17:

Audio Products - This page show you how to make audio products easily? Here are some easy to use techniques to grow loyal clients through your own audio system! Learn how to produce your own CDs to improve your life.

Digital and Video Products - This is the page you are reading right now to get more information about digitals and other video products. The linked pages get you started on some products, whether they are on audio, videos, or ebooks.

Ezine Acts Freelance Photography - Freelancing photography is doable and it has demands. It depends also in digitalizing your photos at the end, so you could publish picture books, for example. But, the main theme of this profession has some demands, so you could carry with this job, if it interests you. 

Ezine Acts Video - The video tutorial on this page shows anyone who is interested in digital and video products, especially Youtubers, how to shoot good videos for fun, or for family and friends and even monetize those videos.

Ezine Acts Video Converter - What is the best Video Converter? Are there any free movie converters? How do you use a Video Converter to convert your videos to many formats? Here are the answers.

Ezine Acts Video Games - This is something different. However, if you enjoy playing video games, or other war games, you can enjoy the fun, entertain and even see how talented people have created good computer games, such as Wolfenstein 3D games.

This page is part of the site map 13, Ezine Acts Game Site. But, it is also relevant to digital and video products.

Ezine Acts Video Shows - This is different, somehow, too. But, it certainly include good relevant information to support the articles in Digital and Video Products, the Site Map 17.

Although the page is part of the site map 11 A, Ezine Acts Art Links, but the production part of the video shows belongs to digital and video products. So, it is here for this reason. It could help you produce video shows and convert that passion into small business you work at home.

File Converter Software - You may need some file conveyer and file converter software to convert your videos, for example from one video format to another. But, be careful here some file converter software could harm your system.

Therefore, read this article to avoid crashes and install only the File Converter Software that you trust is good. So, this page is important because it points out good sources.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots? - This includes of course digitals as audio and video at the end of the production.

If you thought of such kind of production, the article provides you by good information including ideas to run with TV programs of your own at the end.

The cable TV spots are part of the site map 21 A, Ezine Acts Offline Businesses. But, they are also relevant to digital and video products.

Inventory Videotaping Business - The inventory videotaping business could be the right business for you, if you knew how to use videos and some other supportive digital materials to carry on your inventory video taping service.

NTI Home Video - This video maker is free. I used it on my Windows PC and have not experienced any problem. Best of all, it makes good video production.

But, the high quality videos it produces are in big sizes. You need to resize them using some measures on it and then resize them through your Windows Movie Maker. This page shows you how to do everything.

SBI TV - This is a TV show that shows you the best tools to use for any passion you have to build narrow niches from your digital and video products experiences and succeed.

It also helps regarding the entire topics in the Site Map 17. So, it is the home page for digitals. The page is part of the site map 1 A, Ezine Acts Home Business and the site map 22, Site Build It. But, it is relevant also to digital and video products.

Special Event Videos - The service business on tho space shows you how to use your videotaping knowledge to produce special event videos including the many types of production as you'll read at:

Videotape Rental Stores, Videotaping Ideas, Videotaping Service, Videotaping Weddings and Weddings Photography. All of those pages, as well as some pages below are parts of the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses. But, they are also relevant to digital and video products.

Video Talk - This is about how to use Google Talk, transfer videos and files and enjoy your time with your family and your friends. However, it is also helpful and it shows you how to use such topic to work it on a home based business and boost it while you are chatting.

Videotape Rental Store - The videotape rental store business could be a good retail business to start in your area, if you had any interest in it and the possibilities for opening a rental video store may still be available.

Videotaping Ideas - The ideas are not just like any other business ideas. The insights given through videotaping ideas are only meant to make your video production outstanding, so you could use this profession to improve your life.

Videotaping Service - Look in your area of demand, competition, availability and potential to provide videotaping services. The article covers the best ways to operate such services and the tools you need.

Videotaping Weddings - Despite that many families do this their own way, the weddings videotaping could be a good business in your area. The article shows you how to start it and what you need to do so.

Weddings Photography - This business is spreading somehow, as many wedding ceremonies require photos to document the events in digital photos. So, how to start a weddings photography service offline? The article gets you covered.

Windows Movie Maker - This movie maker does not accept videos in flash format, just like the NTI Home Video. Is there any way around? The page answer this question and more. Luckily, you can save your video you made with NTI in an AVI format and then upload it to the movie maker.

Yearbook Help - The yearbook could be about just anything, whether it is a mock yearbook, or other types of yearbooks. In fact there are many types, if you thought out of the box.

Let's say, you are interested in the relief policy of the USA during natural disasters. You could make a yearbook of such topic taking the disasters in the same year in one of the states.

Perhaps, you are a fan of one active Hollywood star, so you could produce a yearbook based on his activities in that year, whether it is personal, or professional.

The Entire Ezine Acts Site Maps Including Digital and Video Products:

In addition to the articles in Digital and Video Products, the Site Map 17, you may also be interested in CINEMA DIGITALS at and the other articles in the Ezine Acts Site Maps to build your passion a home based business. Here they are:

Are digital and video products your passion, or profession?

Did you use them on any online business?

Well, whether digital and video products are your passion or your profession, you can make them sell well. Here is how.

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You can "tweet" and "like" the digital and video products, site map 17 using the small buttons you see on the page. I appreciate it very much.

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