The Editing and Publishing Process Goes this Way Online!

The Editing and Publishing article shows you how the process of editing your content and then publishing it online is different from the same process offline and pinpoints your skills online to edit and publish perfect content that interests good numbers of audience online.

If your content proved to be marvelous with the values it has, then parts of this content could be taken offline by some media sources to put you on their focus, as expert of the subject of your choice and then increase your reputation and drive offline readers to your online edited and published content. This is free traffic.

Well, asking of the money?

It is on every visit someone takes to your online published content. Whether visitors come from the offline media sources, the online social media, or the search engines, there is always money generated from this free website traffic.

But, generating income from such websites traffic has requirements to take care of while editing and publishing to provide the right content for the right audience. You don't need to engage in the editing and publishing prices without having to focus.

This is what the Editing and Publishing article is concerned about to help you choose the right raw materials for your content and execute the process right, paying attention to the sources of income in your raw materials.

First Editing and Publishing Stuff!

Through the editing process and the publishing process, writers acquire everyday some more new techniques to pinpoint their skills, and create excellent editorial and publishing environment in the media they use, whether offline or online. However, film editors have some other different methods to use while editing films.

To begin the process, you need the raw materials of your content. To get the raw materials, you should get back to your hobby, knowledge, passion, patriotic exceptional achievement in any field, personal experience, professional experience, or even relationship and things that interest you.

You'll need to search, research and study the best of these interests, as they present the raw material of the content you want to edit and publish and then focus on one of the best raw materials to narrow and choose it right to build your content.

You build theme focused content that way and this only happens when you produce the soft of the crop content out of the raw materials, which builds itself a narrow niche, as explained at narrow niches and small business in the Ezine Acts Home Business (site map 1 A), with its extension into Home Based Business (site map 1 B).

The editing and publishing could also be available through the data you collect, while searching and researching. Then the data you study would produce more business ideas about the narrow theme you have chosen to edit and publish it, as suggested by the tools you use to build that theme focused website.

According to long experiences I have in this field, I think you need the website building tools to be included in one place to achieve editing and publishing, analyzing the content you have edited and then publish it.

The tools build web pages that contain the content you edited and published. But, they should also build automated content after the editing and publishing process at your website blog, as you see at the Ezine Act Blog and as explained at the Ezine Acts Blog.

In such process with the help of the tools, the editing and publishing process should run automatically dependent on the data you collect for the raw materials of your choice to convert them into a product. The first product is your theme, or content focused your website itself.

From this product you could also carry on editing and publishing to produce other products, whether they are electronic products, such as ebooks, audio products, or just any digital and video products from, or relevant to your content.

The insights to creating such products are explained at the Business Strategies Cat, Ezine Acts Biz Marketing, Ezine Acts Exhibiting Online, Ezine Acts Fine Arts, Ezine Acts Internet Marketing, Ezine Acts Paintings, Ezine Acts Publishing, Ezine Acts Sell Paintings Online and the Ezine Acts Video.

How the editing and publishing on the Web and the writing process online are different from the same processes offline?

Well, this article takes it from two different angles. The first is about doing this on the Web and the second is about the technical aspect of the process, which includes the language usage.

First, the reader who read publications offline has different ways to read according to daily circumstances that connects with her or his job, domestic responsibilities and other social obligations.

So, the reader might have different reasons to spend less time online, especially if the reader's computer is slow, or the Internet connection the reader uses has low speed, or might be the reader has not much time to spend online.

The readers read offline with different intentions too. The publications people read in this regard have content or things that interest them whether in their local areas, or around the world.

They get those important things they need in their locations easily and with confidence, they lack sometimes, while using the Web.

For instance, many Internet users are still hesitant to order something and enter their credit cards information, when convinced by articles, or even announcements they read online.

Therefore... and we came here to the second point... the editing and publishing process should be different to treat the effectiveness of the factors I mentioned above.

The treatment is the half way to satisfy in-a-hurry Internet user and to write content for the Web in a different way.

This treatment has both a process to handle the technical factor when writing for the Internet and the technical factor of the language you use to write for the Internet. Let us take the Internet technical factor first, while editing and publishing online.

You don't have any A4 pages here in size details like 297 mm height and 210 mm width, so you could make the layout and the design you want and then convert to PDF files ready for publishing.

Processing such pages online using Microsoft Word to use them on a website for example is quite different from using them offline. Some website services offer that. But, in most cases it is not the way to publish online.

In some website building tools, Microsoft Word can publish directly to weblogs as blogger for example, but to use it to copy and paste on other website building tools that makes lot of troubles in most of the website building software.

You need to use any text editor rather than Word. I am actually using NotePad/Notesblock built-in to Windows, or Textedit in Mac and I find them very good.

But, there is one thing, though to count against NotePad and that is that it doesn't have tag-coloring. However, you don't need this while copying texts from it and pasting that into your webpages during the building process.

In some cases, you can use NotePad to publish online by saving your document as filename.html instead of saving it as usual filename.txt.

Expect to see bad pages, because this is not the right method to publish web pages. You need to use the building tools you should have on that space.

Microsoft Word is easy when using it to convert to PDF, by changing the conversion settings from within Adobe PDF, or from the new version of this software. It is good for pages based on PDF, though. It is also good for content download from your website.

You can use this method after editing and publishing your pages to sell e-goods from your website, through one or two business partners in success.

There are so many web publishing software to use free or shared. Some of them make it easy for you to edit and publish your text using the HTML codes you want. Some of them let you use few simple codes like the " com" etc...

But, they do not allow to open into new window using HTML codes, such as "target="_blank" or "target=new". And some of them are integrating all the codes in their software, so you do not need to worry about HTML codes if you don't know any of them.

As for editing and publishing on the web using much complicated web publishing encoding or HTML codes, I don't advice those who do not know them to even bother.

Learning this kind of web publishing will engage them for quite a time to learn the basics, while editing and publishing online.

It costs money and time to achieve this. So, why not start editing and publishing using very simple tools from those web publishing software?

If I were you I'll never hesitate to make a choice to save my precious time, efforts and money and even be an HTML half-expert in a short time. Liked "half-expert"?

I am using here on this space those late integrated web publishing software called Site Build It, although SBI is more than just web publishing software. Read about it at about SBI.

It helps you achieve everything between editing and publishing, including but not limited to, the following tools that have much to do with:

We read together some of the technical factors we need to consider, when editing and publishing on the Internet above. Those factors we read, absolutely concern the technical usage of webpages.

So, if you implemented them, you will succeed and build web pages for readers to enjoy. More importantly, you should consider at this stage some useful optimization methods, as explained at the Ezine Acts Optimization and Optimizing a Website to build automated content too, as automated content to attract free website traffic.

Now, we should read together the technical factors of the language (you) use to write for the Internet. It is discussed here at Article Writing, Ebook Publishing Articles, Headlines, Net Writing Masters Course an Write Arabic Webpages.

See the other site maps on the Ezine Act Network at the left column to get the rest of the techniques you need while editing and publishing online.

In addition to editing and publishing, you may also be interested in the following articles, which show you more how editing and publishing works good for the web:

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Don't stop here! Continue below to see how to use images and videos.

Editing and Publishing with Images!

Editing and Publishing Images: Arabic Phoenix Poetry, Rising Phoenix by Poet Khalid Osman Skinned on Image.Editing and Publishing Images: Arabic Phoenix Poetry, Rising Phoenix by Poet Khalid Osman Skinned on Image.

Hover your mouse over the image to see how editing and publishing images goes with some attributions in textual content. Distribute this image, hang it on your walls, or any location on your streets. You could get posters to make you home, or website beautiful and earn additional income.

In fact, you don't need to worry so much about your writing and editing skills at the start. You can learn that while you are doing it using the Net Writing and the building tools I mentioned on links above.

There are not spelling and grammar barriers to stop you at the time you decide to do this job and Choose It right and then start building that using the CTPM Process.

Using Images and videos

Editing and Publishing images is somewhat different from editing and publishing using texts. However, you could use pictures, as explained at the image links above to support your textual content when editing and publishing for the web.

You see this image, but may not see the texts included within the image, if your browser doesn't support this functionality.

When you add images to support your content and to optimizing your website, add description (alt) to the image focused on the keyword of that content. Then add a Pin It button for your visitors to pin that image.

In addition to (Use the -pin it- button below the image above) you can use to support your content uploading pictures to that service, building business relations with other users and promoting your small business.

Using audio and video shows to support your content is so simple. All that you need to do is to produce digital and video products of your own, as you see on this website and then use them on your website through some website services.

You can of course use video platforms to build a network and support your business opportunities using some business ideas in this regard, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business Opportunities.

It is only your love, that could build this passion gradually until you reach your momentum success working at home on something that you love to do every day, no matter what!

All the EDITING AND PUBLISHING process you follow online should lead visitors to come to your website, or it will stay dead on the web. But, not any visitor... this is how to drive your targeted visitors. Click the image below.

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