Start a Home Business this Way!

To start any home business, you need some business ideas and plans to execute the business you want right.

The insights are included here to help you focus on one business at a time to run it at home.

How Any Home Business Works?

The home biz article started at business and it continues here to get you more insights to start the right business for you and prepare it well to avoid failures.

In addition, there are many insights on many businesses at the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses (site map 21 A) you can work at home to improve your life. However, you'll need to take only one business and focus on it to succeed.

Here is the rest of the article…

Home Business: Business Financing, Business Center, Germany, Berlin.

First, the term "home business" refers to businesses you work from the comfort of your home. However, it is also relevant to any local business your run in your area (home), whether you run it at home, or on some locations in your area.

Should your business entail selling your products or services across state lines, in another state, you're not required to collect taxes except in those where you have offices or stores.

You may find also that your particular home business requires the collection of Federal Excise Taxes. For information along these lines, check in with your local office of the Internal Revenue Service.

Some states also require certain businesses to hold state licenses, such as those required in many states for TV Repairmen. These are known as "occupational permits" and are most often required of barbers, hair stylists, real estate people and a number of other consumer oriented businesses. If you have any doubts, check with your state offices for a list of those occupations that require licensing.

Any home business doing business in any type of interstate commerce is subject to federal regulations, usually through the Federal Trade Commission. This means that any business that shops, sells or advertises in more than one state is subject to such regulation, and this includes even the smallest of mail order  operations.

Normally, very few home business people ever have any contact with the federal regulatory agencies. The only exceptions being when there is a question of operating your HOME BUSINESS unethically or illegally.

Any business that sells or distributes food in any manner almost always requires a county health department permit. If your business falls into this category, simply call the county health department and invite them out to your place of business for an inspection.

The fees generally range from about $25, depending on the size of your business when they first inspect it for permit approval.

There are also a number of businesses that require inspection by a fire marshal, and fire department approval. Generally, these are those that handle flammable materials or attract large numbers of people, such as a theater. Overall, the local fire department has to be allowed to inspect your premises whenever they desire to do so.

You may also run into a requirement for an air and/or water pollution control permit. These specifically apply to any business that burns anything, discharges any thing into the sewers or waterways, or use any gas-producing product, such as a paint sprayer.

Basic Requirements for Your Home Business!

Without a doubt, you'll need to check on local regulations relating to advertising display signs. Each city or township makes its own rules and then enforces those rules according to its own thinking. Check before you contract to have a sign made for your business.

The design and placement of your sign is very important to your business, specifically to retail establishments. But, let me remind you that your business sign is usually the first thing a potential customer sees and as such, it should catch his eye and leave an impression that lasts.

It would be a good idea to ride around your town and take a look at the signs that catch your eye, and try to determine the impression of the business that sign leaves on you. This is a basic learning formula for determining the design, size and placement of your home business sign.

Some of the other things to consider before opening for business:

If you intend to employ one or more employees, you'll be required to deduct Federal Income Taxes, and Social Security payments from their checks. This will involve your filing for a Federal Tax Number and necessitates contact with your local IRS Office.

Most states have "unemployment taxes" which will have to be deducted from the pay checks of any employees you hire. And there are a number of states that have income taxes, disability insurance and any number of other taxes.

Again, the best thing to do is check with your local office of the IRS. And above all else, don't forget to ask for the rules of the minimum wage law, and comply.

When your home business grows to the point of needing additional help, don't be afraid to look for and hire the help you need. When you are ready to hire someone, simply run an ad in your local paper and/or register your needs with the local office of your state's employment service.

Businesses either grow or die, and those that grow eventually need more people in order to continue growing. When that time comes, hire the additional people you need, and your business will continue growing.

If you don't, for whatever reason, you'll find yourself married to your business and your business growth stymied.

Regardless of how small your business is when you begin, never walk in with the thought in mind that it's something to keep you busy. Anyone with an attitude of that kind is a fool. You begin and make a home business successful in order to realize financial freedom.

Establish your home business. Put it on its feet, and then hire other people to do the work for you. And those businesses that require an operations manager, or someone to run a phase of the business you're too busy to handle, hire the person needed or the business will surely suffer.

To protect the investment of your business, you need business insurance. If you've never had any experience with business insurance, simply look under the heading of "business insurance" in your phone directory. Ask for bids from several different companies or agents.

More Home Business Insights!

Primarily, you should have a policy that gives you general liability, fire, workmen's compensation, business interruption, and vehicle coverage. You may also want coverage against possible losses related to burglary, robbery, Life & Accident, Key Man, and Fidelity Bonds.

As the sole proprietor of a business, you won't be paid as an employee, so there will be no income tax deducted from whatever you withdraw from the company's earnings.

What you'll have to do is again check with the IRS Office for a Tax Guide For Small Businesses Handbook, and probably end up filing an estimated tax return on a quarterly basis.

The minute you open your doors for business, you'll have to spend some time engaged in the work of book-keeping. Exactly how, and using what forms, you keep books, should be on the recommendations of a good tax counselor...

The same holds true for your overall business and/or payroll accounting system. Look for an experienced CPA that knows the accounting problems to your particular kind of business, and solicit his advise/counseling.

If your home business is going to involve the possible purchase or lease of operating equipment, again seek the help of your tax counselor for the most advantageous method of obtaining the needed equipment.

Basically, arranging for your suppliers to give you materials on credit will depend upon your honesty and personal financial statement. The best way is usually a personal visit to the person with the power to approve or disapprove of credit at the company where you want to set up a credit account.

Show him your financial statement, and explain your prospects for success. Then assure him that you've always honored all of your obligations, and that if ever there's a question or problem, you'd like for him to call you at home. And of course, give him your home phone number.

We won't go into the exigencies of advertising your products, services or business here, but there is something along these lines you should always keep in mind. The best kind of advertising your business can receive is that that you don't really pay for your home business publicity. See the Ezine Acts Business Publicity, the Ezine Acts Advertising and Free Publicity.

When something unusual happens to you, your home business, or your employees; that's news, so be sure you tell the news media in your area about it.

In closing the business reports, let me say that the most important ingredient of your eventual success will be the soundness of the planning you did before you started your business. Any number of bad things can really throw your home business into a tailspin.

But, if you've done your homework well, really set up a detailed business plan, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business Plan, before starting, your losses or setbacks will be minimal. Success takes business planning, and within this report, you've got a basic checklist...

The rest is up to you... Good luck, and may your life overflow with success in all that you undertake from this moment forward.

About Your Home Business Office!

As mentioned on the home business article above and the first part of it, your home business office is important. In this case, this wouldn't be a home based business you run at your home, just from anywhere.

But, conceptually, it could be still a home business in relevancy with the location of your local business. Anyhow, the following tips are good to start you a mini office.

Mini Office: Home For Start-Ups 

The primary reason businesses start at home, as small home based businesses, or with a meager P.O. Box is because, renting an office can be very expensive.

On top of your basic rental, you will have to worry about buying and setting up tables and chairs, and bother yourself with a lot of moving-in blues when you should actually be concentrating on one thing:  Making Money.

Therefore, for many start-ups, the kitchen table offers a "ready-to-go" alternative which is also rent-free. But what if there's an office "Cube" with a desk, a phone, access to a copy machine and a fax machine?

What if it has a common secretary receptionist who can type your letter and charge you only based on the amount of work done? What if this office were to rent out at $200 a month? Would you take it?


Thinking of incubator, as place at low rent available for small businesses could be perfect.

Many profitable businesses are born and raised in incubator situations. A mini office is just that a slightly bigger mailbox where you can physically show up and do your work.

It's an ideal breeding ground for start-ups with limited capital, yet need legitimate workspace that neither the kitchen or a mailbox can offer. This is where you come in.

Think of the Layout 

Picture this mini office in a middle range commercial location. The ideal space for you to rent would be around 1,800 square feet. You can build wall-to-wall cubicles that are about 5 x 5 each. Including common areas and a small corner for your secretary, fax and copy machines, you can have 30 Cubes that can each rent out for $200 a month.

If all your cubes are rented out, this will give $6,000 in gross rental revenues. If you can lease your space for around $0.75 per square foot, your 1,800 sqft space will cost you $1,350 a month.

Add to this the salary of the secretary, and your margin can still be at around 50% of your gross rental revenue, or roughly $3000. In addition to your rental revenues, you will also make money on copies, faxes and secretarial functions.

The Office Cube

The "office cube" concept can be applied to nearly any combination of size and location and the extent of service you want to offer your tenants. In this age of entrepreneurship, the one-person business is very common, so it will not be difficult to find start-ups looking for an office situation like yours.

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