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Important Notice: Biz Marketing 51 is March 2009 edition of the Wise Biz Newsletter. This edition unfolds the pros and cons of businesses online and connects them to the methods of the e-college successful people have, with every business center subscription

The business newsletter has been off for almost 5 months, because I had been very busy with that e-college and it is now back with this edition. Thanks for many of you who asked to resume sending the WBM newsletter.

I apologize for that and I hope the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter would continue as before, although the job is really tour and hard. I know I should meet the challenges. I will do, although it is hard to promise.

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Biz Marketing 51, Sunday, First March, 2009

"Capturing Shadow Strategies Online for Any Home Business Success"

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Dear valued reader,

Greetings to all of you, and we hope that you're enjoying good times in the first quarter of this year 2009.

It has been a time since we have sent out our last "Wise Biz Marketing" and "Ezine Act" issues.

However, continuous development in some businesses requires that we publish monthly. You will find some new information in this edition and some useful ways to improve your life.

Please let us know what you think and how to improve this newsletter to bring you what you want? Use the form on this page for this purpose.

Thanks to some of you who shared their good comments to improve "Wise Biz Marketing" Newsletters by emails or by phones. As you knew beside the Wise Biz newsletter we had the "Ezine Act" as a sister newsletter on this website.

Since the Ezine Act covered the political part of this huge concept website, we moved it to its own political website and renamed it HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter.

It is time now for your Biz Marketing 51 Newsletter in its new orientation.


Khalid Osman

Senior Editor

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 51:

  • Special Invitation
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Fruit of Timidity!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: SitesSell's e-Learning College Launched!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: Why SBI! eLearning is So Important!
  • The Wise Biz Marketing Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) or to make money!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.
  • Archives: Our Publications.

Biz Marketing 51 - Special invitation:


Are you a journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet café at the HOA Political Scene Blog. When you locate the main pages for journalists, you will find that it is more than a Journalists' Internet Café. See the Horn of Africa's Journalists network.

You can be a reporter from the area. It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about The International Peace and make the Globe intact.

Not a journalist, but want to read, or share anything concerning the Horn of Africa?

The literary and cultural pages are many too, both in Arabic and English, where you can read, or write about the cultural and literary life in the Horn of Africa. See HOAs Cultural Project.

Biz Marketing 51 - Top Wednesday ThoughtFruit of Timidity!


"The fruit of timidity is neither gain nor loss."

Arabic proverb

* Would you like to get everyday thoughts free with your café au lait, tea, soft drink or breakfast?

Visit those intellectuals online and get the insight of your life everyday. Keep with it until you get it right. You will then discover your hidden power. After that you'll not let anything to chances. You'll work it out to improve yourself and make your life better.

Thank you "presents" for being Biz Marketing 51 Ezine's reader:

** Could we send you some invaluable FREE ebooks to learn how to improve yourself, offline and online?

Subscribe to the business newsletter, if you were not a subscriber and then recommend Biz Marketing 51 to your friends and let them subscribe to it. Just Forward Wise Biz and insert your recommendation with the URL of this page in the big box in the form.

You'll get your gift of love, when you confirm your subscription, or when you forward the newsletter from the second page.

Biz Marketing 51 - IntroPublisher Main Spot:


SitesSell's e-Learning College Launched!

Please pay attention to the first comment on SitesSell's e-Learning College Launched at the second section of the page, or at SBI eLearning, as this program has been integrated with SBI, after a couple of months from the publishing date of the Biz Marketing 51.

You will also learn more about SBI and know why it is necessary for you, if you had some business ideas and you were interested to convert your passion, hobby, or personal experiences into a small business of your own online.

Some people are interested in knowing more about the Internet while using it. Some other people who use the Internet are not interested. They only use it looking for information.

Those people even do not have the appetite to know how they could benefit and make their lives better, even when this medium looking for anything.

Other users know, as they absolutely have come through many kinds of business opportunities, all of which speak about how to use the Internet to make money from home and they might have been confused, distracted, or overwhelmed.

If we rationally look into this matter from two different angles, we will see that it makes no sense to consider every call to profit from the Internet as fraud. But, it is certainly that "get rich quickly" is a scam".

However, great numbers of people who are interested in using this medium to profit from it do not know really how to do that or whom they should trust, as there are many programs that promise people to get rich quickly.

Well, the last point makes sense for the Biz Marketing Newsletter to publish in this field to inform readers and let them know the whole truth and nothing, but the truth in this regard.

One of the goals of this newsletter is to investigate many Internet businesses to furnish the room for anyone who wants to start a business on the Internet on solid bases with somebody or by using some Web development tools to build successful websites.

There is not get rich quickly schemes in this matter. But, there is only passion, brain and motivation (BAM) and then persistence on a niche of your own creative nature.

Luckily, while great numbers of interested people do not know what business to start, how to start this business and when, a fresh e-Learning System has launched to educate some interested people on what business to start, how to start this business and when to start it.

This is great news and it comes from one of the best educational instructors in the world, in what we call SitesSell's e-Learning College.

It is not like any other college in the world. The sessions or the courses are taught online through different methods and through those methods the e-learning students get in touch with their mentors.

However, this kind of e-learning is not for everyone. It intends for those who need help to do their businesses online right and succeed.

It is also for students who are recently carrying their education in some colleges to help them convert what they are studying into something that could prosper in the line of their studies, when they graduate.

Many people have gone already through many home-based businesses schemes and they are still stuck and do not know how to do it right. So, this e-learning is for those people. It is for you too, if you were stuck there.

I hope behind the news article is interesting and helpful. If so get to the form to leave me a comment on the Biz Marketing 51. You can tweet this page to Twitter and like it using the small buttons at the right column, if you found it interesting. Thanks.

Biz Marketing 51 - Guest Coolest Corner:


Why SBI e-Learning is So Important?

The answer to this question is more important to many people for different reasons.

SBI has 25 colleges that have already begun teaching SBI methods to students to open opportunities to start successful work at home businesses. This happens when the economical situations are getting tight and tough. Yes, even during the recession. And the numbers of colleges that started teaching the SBI methods continue to grow.

In today's economy, people are recognizing that RETRAINING opportunities like SBI eLearning are the BEST way to guarantee solid future income.

SBI eLearning is a perfect fit for those people who want to:

  • supplement their existing income or the current family income (a common stay-at-home mom desire)
  • build valuable skills for career advancement through proven solid methods that are all integrated in one set of business tools.
  • grow a business that surpasses what they earn at their current jobs and make their lives even better.
  • supplement their educational methods in the business and economical colleges by getting more insights about economies.
  • help them discover the best values in many things they are interesting in and evaluating these values to choose the one that works better.

What does this mean to you?

Being in the Internet home business in difficult economical times is vital. People are still and will continue to use the Internet to shop online or to look for information, services, entertainment programs and online pc games.

Your interests could be in one of these fields I mentioned here and you could have some knowledge, experience, or just hobbies doing any one of them.

Therefore, building a web business to be found on the first search results' pages is important to make you profits even if you do not have anything to sell.

Tell us something that we could find it interesting and relevant to what we seek when we use the internet to look for it and we will find you only if you did it right.

Ah, boy… at this point the methods of the SBI learning college are the only methods you need to make it easier for us to find you. Got it?

The bottom line is: the higher your site ranks in organic search results, the better.

How can you improve your Web site's ranking?

SBI e-Learning answers this question through ten days condensed learning and lets you know what to do from the step that you begin to focus on the things that interest you, get the most valuable one, choose it right and then CTPM it.

Continue reading to start the First Day of the Rest of Your Life right. It is so that vital.

Biz Marketing 51 - Search Engines - Understanding the Pros and Cons:


Is There Any Secret to Acquire Search Engines Top Placement?

By - Khalid Osman

Google says there's no one ever who can guarantee your web site * TOP PLACEMENT * in Google.

However, some traffic industrial sources are still doing their search engines top placement campaigns! One of them says that it has uncovered the key to successful search engine optimization and marketing.

It suggests that with an individualized approach to web site marketing, it has generated millions of web site hits for its clients and continued to be a leader in search engines top placement.

In another call, this source claimed to bring guaranteed 1,000,000 hits to your website.

Well, Google is still saying no one will ever predict a first placement and even within those 10 level search engines top placement.

The suggested search engines top placement leader is not only guaranteeing the top placement on Google, but on Yahoo, Bing and Domoz, as well.

Running this search engines marketing campaign, the suggested search engines top placement leader promises advertisers to:

  • get personalized and detailed website analysis report, and find out what keywords their websites are optimized for; and what search engines are looking for.
  • use unique keyword selection with each web page through evaluation to form selected keywords based on the content of the page.
  • breakdown optimized web design finding problematic web design used methods and reflect the best solution to this affection.
  • enhance friendly crawling with convenience compliance to search engines guidelines.
  • help web page coding properly to ensure the highest potential search engine positioning.
  • develop your services to increase the success rate of your search engines marketing campaign.
  • monitor your search engine ranking on a daily basis. Reporting this movement will be done weekly.
  • consult you about your search engine ranking, and best placement through a certified search engines marketing expert by mail and phone.

Continue the article at

Copyright© 2009 Khalid Osman

Khalid Osman is teacher, journalist, human rights activist and webmaster at, and

You can use this article in your ezine or website. When you consider to do that, please add this signature file, keep it intact and keep the links to our sources clickable and doffolow.

Biz Marketing 51 - The Web Market Place:


* Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-) or to make money!

Other items in the Web market place, may be scattered elsewhere on the page.

So, if you were looking for accommodations, cheap travel tickets and hotels in any city, or body care, hair styling, seasonal fashions, men and women's hats and shows, fragrance, lotion, beverages, pizzerias have Italian, or Chinese food, cosmetics, iPhones, tablet computers, Nikon, or Cannon cameras, Ford, or Toyota Corolla automobiles, Honda motorcycles, you may find that through the search box at the right column. 

The Web market place has some products intended for website building and they provide the easiest steps to build web pages, using your unique writing methods, build automated content, make it outstanding, so many people could tweet, like and share it with the social media and provide beautiful pictures for your website throughout this content to make your website beautiful.

Even pictures make your content rich and bring it considerable volume of free websites traffic.

Content 2.0

Web mastering that works proves to be nonsense without having the right tools all in one place and all integrated in that place to provide confidence.

The right tools should include all the materials needed to make the environment of your website friendly and know the steps you want to take and make the process clear.

When the process is clear, you could use it easily to build it step by step, check proof it, observe it while building and publishing and track all of its outcome.

That is to say by other words, all-in-one place tools to do everything you need to succeed, without having to pay separately for other tools to achieve that success you desire.

Biz Marketing 51 - Resources:


Search Engines and Other HITS Quarters:

The search engines world is changing. Those spiders become tough. So, getting your business, or hobby website dropped is something serious to consider and check the methods you are using, whether inside the website building tools you are using, or in your content.

To write content that search engines love and thus rank it high and bring you free website traffic, all of that need a good frame of mind to understand many aspects about search engines top placement.

It is not enough to know the best ways to feature your business, the link building strategies and the search engines secrets combined.

You should maintain all of that by using business forums, communities marketing online, Free Online Business Advertisement, whether on this website, or elsewhere, free press releases on trusted press platforms, and good link exchange platforms.

Most importantly, pay attention to your content and the way you present it. Writing, editing and publishing have methods. But, you can discover your own through the Net Writing Courses integrated in the e-learning college I introduced to you at the "Publisher Main Spot" and the "Guest Coolest Corner" of the Biz Marketing 51.

* If you were not ready for the education of the e-college yet, you can use some of the courses I provide with the subscription of the Biz Marketing newsletter. Just fill the form at the top left and confirm your subscription to receive the courses.

Search Engines Search Tutorials and Other Articles:

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Biz Marketing 51 - Archives:


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The Ezine Act was the sister newsletter of the business newsletter in this website. But, since it is about politics in the Horn of Africa, I changed its name to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter to be the voice the political website at the links at the top of Biz Marketing 51. However, there are still some editions in the archives on this website.

The Ezine Act Archives:

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* I recommend also the other publications at my daughter's website, as she has the Beautiful Scene Newsletter at her website. in addition, the collection of books I publishes are at Lulu here.

Well, here we are now at the close of Biz Marketing 51. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman

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