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Biz Marketing 63 Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

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Wise Biz 63's Marketing Video Tour! This tour helps you understand how the Web works, so you could learn how to benefit while using it.

Biz Marketing 63 - Preamble

The Wise Biz Marketing 63 Newsletter is a content newsletter and it offers in demand good information to acquire more knowledge about something and achieve your personal success. You'll actually do that when you focus on the most things that interest you and decide on what to take to achieve that success.

In the main columns of the Wise Biz Newsletter we write about some topics of interest. So, the Biz Marketing 63 talks to you about how to dig deep inside yourself to discover that treasure mine and be organized to read about things that interest you and write, if you wish, about what you already know to improve your life.

In addition, the Wise Biz Newsletter introduces good and honest sources to people to get some of their daily important needs from them. However, no subscription requests should be made at the WBM main page or on any page on this site. You could read all of the editions from this page just at the bottom of Biz Marketing 63.

We have some sticky columns in the Ezine Acts Newsletters. You can treat them as reminders and read them, or skip them to the main columns, where you find the new content of the newsletters focused on one topic at a time.

In This Issue of Biz Marketing 63

  • Special Invitation.
  • Top Wednesday Thought: Education!
  • Intro / Publisher Main Spot: The Burning Flame of Love is Coming Soon to Warm Your Thoughts!
  • Guest Coolest Corner: How to Make a Living with Personal Sport Scorecards?
  • Search Engines: Some Dots on Searching for More Information about Personal Sport Scorecards!
  • The Web Market Place: Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), save money and improve your life!
  • Resources: Search engines and other HITS Quarters.

Biz Marketing 63 - Special invitation

This week edition of the political newsletter, HOA Political Scene 16 is at this link, in case you were interested in politics. Why not subscribe to it?

Are you journalist, or had you ever been?

Then join the Journalists Internet Café here at HOA Political Scene. It's more than a Journalists' Internet Café. You can be a reporter from the area. To be a reporter, or a freelancer get the journalistic insights at the Ezine Acts Freelance Photography.

It's an International Gathering also, where you can develop your profession, career and passion, get new ideas, keep in touch with new people from the same profession, exchange experiences, make new friendship, develop new thoughts and innovation about the International Peace and make the Globe intact.

Are you in any town or city in the United States, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, or in any beautiful city in the world? Read or write about it at Any Beautiful City and take some "I Love You Gifts" of friendship from the second page.

Biz Marketing 63 - Top Wednesday Thought: Education!

"Education is the ability to listen to anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."

Robert Frost, was an American poet. He lived in the period between 26 March 1874 and 29 January 1963. He was born in San Francisco, California and his father William Prescott Frost Jr. was an American journalist.

If you knew more information about him, his works and his father you can publish it through any form on the political website linked above. If you were from California, read about it, or write about it at the linked any beautiful city above.

If you knew something about the Big Sur or California you can publish it at the same link. Thanks.

* Would you like to get everyday thoughts free with your café au lait, tea, soft drink or breakfast?

Read the Biz Marketing 63 and visit those intellectuals online from the linked pages to get the insights of your life everyday, so you could improve it.

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Biz Marketing 63 - Introduction

Publisher Main Spot

The Burning Flame of Love is Coming Soon to Warm Your Thoughts!

Announcement: The Burning Flame of Love

Watch out for the next issue of the Biz Marketing 64 and the following editions. I will add the Love Column to it to appear for the time being twice a month, until I get some loyal readers to write about their emotional personal experiences in a way that helps others avoid short cuts.

I started that column about love since 2004. Check the archives for references. In theory, the old Love Column analyzed love in two lines only summing it up philosophically.

However, you may read in the new Love Column about some love problems and share your thoughts to solve these problems and help others who need your help.

Personal Sport Scorecards

Here is important information in the Guest Coolest Corner on Biz Marketing 63 for people who want to enjoy their time, get new ideas about starting a good work at home, or do additional job to get more money in hard economical situations.

The article is about using personal sport scorecards to get businesses on this kind of sport advertise on your cards. It is about personalized bowling or golf scorecards.

However, you can use the information in the article for any other sports, aerobics classes, or games in your area. See the end of the article for more insights to implement this.

Your Opinion Counts

As Biz Marketing 63 intends to bring you new ideas to improve your life, or the way you look to many things in your life; I am looking for you to tell me what the most things that interest you to include them in the coming editions of the newsletters in my network. Use the form on the political site to do so. Thanks for your opinion.

You will help your Biz Marketing 63 and the other newsletters when you interact with this network and share your opinions and business articles if you wrote some yourself. I am looking specially for fresh business articles that help folks live happy.

Have fun and pleasure while reading this edition of the Biz Marketing 63.

Biz Marketing 63 - Guest Coolest Corner

How to Make a Living with Personal Sport Scorecards?

Here's a good idea that's sure to put a lot of cash in your pockets! It's an idea that definitely fulfils a need, and has tremendous market potential virtually any where in the whole world.

As you probably already know, our ever-improving standard of living is giving everyone more and more leisure time - time to play, and enjoy doing the things that bring them happiness.

Bowling and golf are two sports that have experienced a tremendous growth surge within just the past 5 years. There's something about both of these sports that challenges a person against himself - Spurs his inner determination to become perfect in his ability to play the game.

You can capitalize on the abundance of leisure time, the challenge of the game, and man's determination to do better the next time out than last time, with Personalized Bowling or Golf Scorecards.

The only investment needed will be a little bit of your time, and then your idea should just about perpetuate itself. Here's how to get organized and started.

Continue at

***** Business Highlights on How to Benefit from the Information on this Article!

Haven’t I told you about how to use bowling and golf to build a web business you work at home?

Well, in fact you can use any other hobbies and free time sports and games you enjoy to build small businesses, called also narrow niches.

I know many people who make a living from some computer games they enjoy playing and they of course know great deal of information about these PC games.

They know also the best strategies and tactics to play these games online or offline and use them to improve their lives.

In addition to the informational included links here, see some examples at the Ezine Acts Play, war games and Wolf3D games to give more ideas on how to use your passion and gaming experiences to build a successful home business.

Focus on the insights you learn from Biz Marketing 63. Search for information about your favorite game. Study the information and think of some methods you could use to build that passion.

Get your favorite sport, or game on 3, 5 terms and enter them asking open questions at the Choose It tool to get the values of each. Then do more searches on the selected theme of games, or sports and research it thoroughly to get the data you need to craft that theme well.

You'll need the CTPM tool, though to build that theme and even learn it exclusively to build it better.

Biz Marketing 63 - Search Engines Corner

Some Dots on Searching for Information about Personal Sport Scorecards!

The following tips could be helpful while searching using the terms "Personal Sport Scorecards" to explore more information about the topics.

There is no much to say about searching for Personal Sport Scorecards. You should enter the full term here to get about 1,790,000 results on Google.

Yahoo and Bing has almost the same number at Yahoo and Bing. Use the getting strong Baidu search engine and Yandex search engine. See the right column and read the following page to know why you should Use Yandex and Baidu Searches.

Most of the results on the first page are about this business and some websites publish the same article you read here.

Some of the websites used the article to make a small home based business out of it. If this term new to you, it means that people now could use the internet to work from home and make additional income.

However, most of the people do it wrong on the internet because most of them lack the knowledge about the differences between a business offline and a business online.

They think that by blogging or publishing only a website, they could make money from personal sport scorecards or any other topic, while making money is just more than blogging and building a website.

Some people build websites that stay off the result pages of most of the search engines, while building a real business means to catch the net and bring the search engines to your website. The way to bringing traffic to your website never depends on search engines optimizers (SEOers). It depends on CTPM here.

The best results of your search for Personal Sport Scorecards will be at the top of the first result pages and at the right of the first 3, 4 pages.

The Wise Biz Marketing 63 - Web Market Place

Where to go shopping (From needles to rockets;-), save money and improve your life!

Search engines and other HITS Quarters

You will absolutely find the complete Search Engines Secrets and hit quarters to attract more free website traffic to your business website and monetize that traffic on this column of the Biz Marketing 63.

If you have a website, or you know of great websites, compare them with this and get the results well explained. In addition, you can read many useful articles about search engines and websites traffic at the following pages:

How to Improve Your Website Presence?| Improve Your Website PresenceOptimizing a WebsiteSearch Engines Marketing| Search Engines Top Placement| Search Tutorial|

Well, here we are now at the closure of our Biz Marketing 63. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity

Sincerely Khalid Osman

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