The Ezine Acts Website Maps!

The Ezine Acts Website Maps index gets you through to read business pages and discover through the tips and techniques the best ways to improve your life doing only the things that you really love to do without wasting great efforts.

However, the Ezine Act's Website Maps also index love pages and political pages. It is the mother of all site maps in the Ezine Act's Network.

There are 26 web site maps I built to categorize the website, because it is getting bigger and beyond my control.

The site maps indexing also helps you get faster to the business page you want to read with the business tips and techniques included, or to the love page with emotional motivations you may need to make your life warmer, or to the political page, when you are about good political readings.

The index of the Ezine Acts Website Maps work as the website organizer tool. It could also help you get organized, so you could be more organized reader while reading following the thread of relevant topics that fall in your business interest, love interest, or political interest.

I hope you like the organization and enjoy the Ezine Act's Website Maps.

The Ezine Act's Website Maps Index!

* Collective Consulting Services in Politics, Business and Love -

This is the most motivating part of the combined "politics, business and love" concept just right here on this section of the Ezine Act's Website Maps. it is the (website map 2 A), with its extension into Online Free Consulting Services and Small Business Consultancy.

It takes three functions through three different mechanisms in three different areas of concerns to deliver the best consulting services in business, politics and love, through my own lifetime personal experiences in the three fields of expertise.

However, regarding the online Small Business Consultancy, (site map 2 B) I sometimes offer these collective consulting services through my partners in success program to help you and other people get the business planning right, when you and they are about to start small businesses, or solve political problems and love problems too.

The first thing you want to do before starting any online business is to ask a collective business consultant. The consultant should help you identify the best business for you to run based on three values you have. He should help you pick the right one of the values you have.

* Email Marketing Media -

Here is where the Ezine Acts Website Maps with section (3) come to help you to implement friendly reading methods in your email marketing through newsletters, as explained at the Ezine Acts Newsletters. This media has also methods with the techniques included to study it carefully and get the insights you need to work better in this field.

The email marketing articles walk you through and show you exactly how to do that. Your business needs a perfect leads generating system. To generate leads, you should build mailing lists. To build mailing lists you need tools.

To acquire the best methods of mailing lists, know exactly how to publish them and how to get leads and how to deal with them. When you study through the articles in this subject, you'll realize the importance of publishing mailing lists in form of newsletters. See the Ezine Acts Publishing for more insights.

You should know how to publish a newsletter, though. The step by step plan is provided through the linked pages. You have to think wisely on the best tools to publish newsletters and know exactly from the tools how to make money publishing newsletters.

To study the layout and the topics of newsletter you should do the following steps:

  • Know your website design tools and how to integrate the same website design into the newsletter,
  • Take care of writing attractive headlines and sub-headlines and organize your writing in short paragraphs and columns,
  • Perform the writing, editing and publishing process smoothly; check your mistakes and polish the articles.

Article writing is important. But, it is also important to know the interests of your lists before hand to cover them in your issues. This media is simply about how to attract prospect leads, build lists and market through email.

See the Ezine Act's editions and the Wise Biz Newsletter editions as examples. You need to take the experiments here to do the best you can while building your email marketing media.

There is more information about politics, business and love on those newsletters you and other visitors can benefit from them. However, I changed the Ezine Act newsletter to deliver HOA's Political Scene Newsletter and moved some columns in the Wise Biz Newsletter to the Beautiful Scene Newsletter and offered the second website to my daughter.

* Ezine Acts Articles -

While published articles are sources for fame and profits, they drive targeted traffic to websites. Monetizing your published articles is very simple, just after finishing the writing and publishing project!

The published Ezine Acts Articles Section (site map 9 B) is the ninth  section of the Ezine Acts website map, but it has some useful information to acquire and start implementing to gain exposure and profits. You can even use our articles on your website, provided that you link back.

However, you must adhere to the publishing guidelines. This section teaches also explains how to market through articles, as explained at the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles. It has other other sections at the Ezine Act Articles Index (site map 9 C), the Ezine Articles, (site map 9 D), Submit Articles (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles (site map 9 F).

If you were after beginning any online business, or enhancing any online business, the first thing to do is the read about these topics, so you could acquire the required knowledge about it all in depth.

Then after that, you should move forward to implement the tips and techniques and the other guidelines you have got from reading and conducting researches and studies.

But, what if it was offline business?

Before starting such business get to know every information about that business and link to the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses at section (21 A) of the Ezine Acts Website Maps, with its extension into the Ezine Act's (Website Map 21 B) at the Online Free Consulting.

* Ezine Acts Home Business -

This is the business environment in the Ezine Acts Network. It is all at the Ezine Act's (Website Map 1 A) and it could help you see more coins in any business, whether you are already engaged in it, or you are looking for some business ideas to conduct the business math right and do your business planning better.

The small Home Based Business (site map 1 B) is an extension to the first site map in the Ezine Act's Network and it gets you the information about why such work at home business starts from simple concepts and why anyone with good brain and motivation (BAM) could make it happen following a ten-day work plan to perform searches for narrower niches.

It is the "Bee" part of the combined concept of "politics, business and love" to color that online business-rainbow, so you can see where it is rainy and where it is not. However, you may notice that the concept of this website is very wide and it does not belong to any small niche.

Despite this, though, the business maps included in the Ezine Act's Website Maps show you how to perform the searches for the narrow niches of your interest, even if you inter to launch a local business.

You'll come with the best business practices to focus on one and choose it right. But, how to choose it right? That is what the tools included on the Ezine Acts Website maps teach you to do.

The lesson learned from the wide concept of this website is that it  was my first mistake, when I built this website in a hurry. I admit it. There were some circumstances that made it happen this way.

But, since then I started to track the outcome of this mistake and learned many lessons, through which I knew the ins-and-outs of any work at home business. So, to avoid failures, learn from my mistake.

This is a long story. Ignore it and avoid wide concepts. The articles on the business section of the Ezine Act's Website Maps tell you how to do that to focus on a small business you could build step by step from your hobby, knowledge, passion, professional experiences, or one of the most things that interest you.

* Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

This is the humanitarian network section of the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love. It is the Humanitarian Ezine Acts (Website Map 4) and it supports environment protection, children and women's securities, political refugees at home and overseas and it includes the Ezine Acts Multicultural Project.

If you are running any business and your business makes you profits, so why not donate portion of their profits to humanitarian affairs! If that is your concern, the first step to do is to learn from simple experiences in this regard.

This section of the Ezine Acts Website Maps is one of the projects in Khalid Osmans Network through which I engage in some actions to support some humanitarian affairs and you can see from them ways to go through to work your humanitarian efforts better.

In addition, if you are in need of humanitarian help, you could find the help you need on one of the indexed pages in the Ezine Acts Website Maps on the human affairs section.

* Ezine Acts Political Section -

The Political Ezine Act's Website Map 8 contains my lifetime political struggle in different countries from Africa to Middle East to Europe. However, there are some opinions about the political news from around the globe and political analyses to this news too.

If politics is your concern, you may need to read more different views to enrich your political knowledge. This is what this section of the Ezine Act's Website Maps does.

It just happens to be a result of collective political experiences in the Horn of Africa. However, I moved those pages about the Horn of Africa to the HOA's Political Scene Home. Now the Political section of the Ezine Act highlights some international politics.

* Free Website Traffic -

How do you attract Free Website Traffic?

Well, the Ezine Acts Website Map 5 helps you on that through a hard core of niche written articles for you to answer this question and learn more form the tips and techniques on this section.

There is no better answer to help you get websites traffic than to build keywords focused content website, acquire a sense of analyzing your content, and building seeds of keywords focused tires.

However, the process goes also through inbound and outbound link building strategies, as explained at the Ezine Acts Link Building Strategies. Site map five provides more insights and it works as a completion to the website map one about the internet home based business.

This website map is about how to choose, publish, develop and optimize any internet business. It has different articles about how to build free traffic, through different technical methods, explaining how the search engines work.

In addition, it defines some useful steps to start the optimization process of your website and monetize the traffic you get, all from their real profitable sources of income online. Read more insights about optimization at the Ezine Acts Optimization.

The first thing you should do before you build web pages is to learn the simple techniques of getting visitors to your website. You need to concentrate on your topics while you are involving in the editing and publishing process. These are of course the best lessons to take form the Ezine Acts Website Maps.

Make sure while engaging in the article writing process to cover your topics, that you focus each article on only one topic, then make the flow of other topics, that belong to the same theme natural and also naturally linked to other pages to strengthen the inbound links functionality.

To make even better, you need to automate it by publishing the blog of your website. So, every time you build a new page, your website tools take over to build automated content at the same time and the new pages appear as diaries at the top of your website blog. That what make blogging for pleasure rally fun.

* Inspirations and Motivations -

The Inspirational Ezine Acts Website Maps 7 A publishes many Ezine Acts Inspirational Articles (site Map 7 D) to motivate and influence you and thus help you discover your hidden abilities or develop your passion to improve your life. Get inspirational and other motivational concepts and some useful downloads from the Ezine Acts Motivational Articles, (site map 7 B).

Many harsh circumstances may occur and so make you feel down. To rise above, you need some motivational insights, which are all at the Ezine Acts Motivational Sites (site map 7 C). The first thing to do though, is to take a deep breath and remember the good times you have. Then follow the intuition on the articles I have written for you.

The second thing to do, is to think while reading on, so you could know how to use even the ideas you get from such collection of articles on the Ezine Acts Inspirational Sites (site map 7 E) to develop your career and improve your life.

The influence of such articles on the Ezine Acts Website Maps answers the question "how to positively influence yourself and the other?" and all of the articles are well focused as motivation for reason to get you motivated more to achieve your goals. Get more insights at Motivation for Reasons.

Love, as the Best Passion Emotionally -

This is the Ezine Acts (Website Map 6 A). This website map is the hottest, because it is about love. In addition, as you know it, of course, when we say love then the mind jumps to that word which starts with "S". No, love is not sex.

Nevertheless, I am not shooting to it here. The "lovely" Ezine Acts site map is only about the third ingredient of the combined concept of "politics, business and love", which is love and sex.

This website map is building good relevancy with the Ezine Act's (Website Map 2 A), Collective Consulting Services through love consulting services (site map 6 B) and with the Ezine Acts website map (7 A), Inspirations and Motivations.

It has already received more than 500 comments through the modern forums at the Ezine Acts Website Map 14 A at the Ezine Acts Business Forums, with its extension into Ezine Acts Discussion Board (site map 14 B), Ezine Acts Forums (site map 14 C) and SBI Discussion Board (site map 14 D).

However most of the forums entries including love problems have been submitted through the Ezine Acts Website Map (18 A), Ezine Acts Comments, with its extension into the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries, (site map 18 B), the Zines Commentaries, (site map 18 C), Comments (site map 18 D) and Second Section of the Comments (site map 18 E). So, it also has good relevancy with that site map.

So, from the great numbers of entries the (site map 6 A), Love has been gradually developed to include the Ezine Acts Love Commentaries (site map 6 C), Ezine Acts Love Entries (site map 6 D), Ezine Acts Love Stories (site map 6 E) and Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories (site map 6 F).

This introduction is necessary because you could learn from it how to build relevant pages and connect them together according to the relevancy they have.

While doing this, you'll strengthen your website and even make the flow of the pages natural to serve the values of the on page criteria.

So, in addition to helping you get the best love insights you want and solve emotional problems to improve your emotional life, the Ezine Act's Website Maps help you learn more about how to make that a business to improve your economical life. So, love makes money too.

And now you are here. Thanks for reading until this line.

* Ezine Acts Website Maps -

You are here already at the Ezine Acts Website Maps 10. As you have already read, the Ezine Act's Website Maps include all the sitemaps mentioned above and some other pages under the hood, just below your eyes.

You can use the search tool at the right column to perform any search for website mapping, outsourcing, articles, website building and website optimizing on the Ezine Act's Network.

Anything important to you regarding online business, or offline business, or love, or politics is at your reach through the organizational of the Ezine Acts Site Maps.

To continue reading through the sections of the Ezine Acts Website Maps link to them at the second section of the Ezine Act's Website Maps at Ezines Site Maps.

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