The Ezines Site Maps!

The Ezines Site Maps 10 B is an extension to the Ezine Act's Website Maps 10 A. Just in addition to helping you navigate business, love and political pages easily to get the combined values of three fields of expertise to improve your life, you'll have fun while learning in depth the values you are about to get to make your life more better.

The first site map indexes the site maps on the Ezine Act's network from 1 to 9 and this site map indexes the rest of the site maps from number 10 to 26, with links to top pages in this network. So, let's get direct to the values of business, love and politics through the Ezine's Site Map Index.

The Ezines Site Maps Index!

* Blogging for Pleasure -

The Blogging for Pleasure, site map (23) in the Ezines Site Maps is not intuitionally blogging for the pleasure, but is about the potential blogging pleasure when you do blogging itself the right way it is, as explained at the Ezine Acts Blog

If you are a kinda (blogaholic), hey forget about your addiction. Simply don't blog it, but build it to share blogs after that effectively, especially when they are interested to other people.

And… only then let the system blogs what you have build for you. Pay close attention to this, as it is the best fruit in the Ezines Site Maps.

You should first build what you know about, or what you love to do in a theme focused website. Then your website's system should do the blogging for you, every time you build web pages.

That means your website's system should build automated content for you and thus blog it for you at the blog of your website. This is because the blogging operation works with XML, as you learn at the Ezine Acts Feeds and the Ezine Acts RSS.

You don't have to blog by yourself at all. If you don't have such system, you are missing a lot online. You have to get it from me to build your passion and automate blogging it for ever.

The interesting methods to blogging as explained on the RSS Blogging Ezine is that, you need only to know how the blogging process works. And the all-in-one-place tools available all of that would be easy. Lean the lessons from the entire Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center.

This way you'll never need to ping and RSS by yourself. The only requirement is to have the tools including the ping and RSS it process to facilitate blogging for you.

* Business Strategies Cat. -

The Business Strategies Category, site map (25) in the Ezines Site Maps is a real cat to spot the best strategies for your offline business and online business. It includes among other offline business strategies, the best internet marketing strategy.

If you are about business strategies, you have to setup your mind and read a lot in this category. Reading is the only way that makes your knowledge of the subject matter strong. Reading makes perfection.

And just beyond the methods to learn some strategies, there are always interests in businesses you build narrowing your passion, or your hobby down to boil on the values that hobby, of passion has, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business and the Ezine Acts Home Business.

But, you'll surely need to know the best business strategies. I called them shadow strategies including the the Seven Shadow Strategies, as you could see through the Ezines Site Maps.

All you need to do here after you have focused on your passion, or hobby to narrow it down and choose it right, you'll need also to track the relevant strategy to that passion, or that hobby.

* Digital and Video Products -

The Digital and Video Products, site map (17) in the Ezines Site Maps has many articles to show you how to make audio products, or video products using free video production tools in your computer, such as Windows Movie Maker, or free trial, such as the NTI Home Video and iMovie in your Apple machine.

However, to learn about other video and relevant photography businesses you could run, you should first have a passion to do the digital and video business you want. You want also to focus on the type of the digital production you want as explained at the Ezine Acts Video Games and the Ezine Acts Video Shows.

These are two kinds of different production and they have somewhat different applications to use while building and producing your videos, as explained at the Ezine Acts Video.

Photography works fine in such production and in fact you could make photographs of part of your content and design some images to use on your video production, with some audio embedded in the production.

Pictures, as you see through the Ezines Site Maps don't only make your website beautiful, but they have the power you need for monetizing them and skinning them to produce some digitals including apps, or to work out some businesses using your camera, as explained at the Ezine Acts Freelance Photography and the Ezine Acts Photography.

You should first get through experiments using your camera, or camcorder, before, for example stepping in the freelance photography business, or the weddings photography service. Read the manuals of your cameras and know the functionality of your digital camera.

Read the tips and techniques to know how to use any video converter software, as explained at the Ezine Acts Video Converter, if you are about to convert videos while working on your computer. The included videotaping ideas show you also how to produce special event videos and how to move forward to videotaping weddings.

You should know of course everything about videos before starting any videotaping service. If you intended to open a videotape rental store, study its potentiality in your area. Get to know some videotape rental stores, so you could learn how they work and get the potential expenses and profitability of such business.

All of the insights are good to start your passion either offline, or on the internet. While doing so, the best way to acquire more knowledge about anything you want to do is to get to know your passion in-out.

Luckily, there are tools combined in one place to help you choose the right niche at the right time, as explained on the Ezines Site Maps.

In fact, they do ore than that. They turn your life into successful profession you do without having to get exhausted running after mirage. See the Ezine Acts Traffic Converter.

* Ezine Acts Art Links -

This is the (site map 11 A) in the Ezine Act's Network. Enjoyable arts and cultures in the index of the Ezines Site Map (10 B) get you through to enjoy art.

In addition, if any genre of art, or type of culture is your passion, you'll enjoy many useful articles on this site map. You have to learn the basics to do this business online, which are included in this section of the Ezines Site Maps.

Well, you could go further from just reading, if you are a kinda "readaholic" to see opportunities to use your knowledge of any culture, or art to improve your life.

There's an example to think about here. If your passion is related to art and culture, as explained at the Ezine Acts Art and Culture (site map 11 B), think of doing something with it. Something that you could work at home to nurture and build a Home Based Business (site map 1 B) from it. If you wanted to do this, you need methods you could use to build a small business online.

The tips and techniques included in the Ezines Site Maps (10 B) get you through to study your art passion, or cultural hobbies, or literary experiences to check out the values each of them have and then focus on one to choose it and then focus again of what you have chosen to build it on its own niche website.

To get the values of narrow niches and then focus to accomplish this job, you need the best business ideas about your art, cultural and literary market. Think locally too and use your local language, as explained on the Ezine Arabic Articles.

Every time you get an idea out of your readings, write it on your notebook. Search it and study it. This would result in wonderful outcome to add to that notebook.

The Art Links site map extends into Ezine Acts Art and Culture, )site map 11 B - linked above), Ezine Acts Fine Arts, (site map 11 C), French Paintings, (site map 11 D), Ezine Acts Literature, (site map (11 E) and Ezine Acts Photo Gallery, (site map 11 F).

Arts make life enjoyable and as there are many genres of arts, you may probably enjoy one of them. Today, almost every thing involves arts. Even when you speak, there is an art way of speaking. There is an art way of eating also, as there is an art way of clothing, or even walking.

Haven't you ever heard of one who says describing the way somebody walks, "He walks just like a star"?, or perhaps, "She walks like dancing".

So, art is stylish and there is many ways to use it, as you see through the Ezines Site Maps to improve your life. One point at the time, take it from the angle, or the point you (like, do every day, or know about it). That is a theme.

The second step is to examine that theme to know more values about it. The third step is to go to the Choose It tool mentioned also below to choose one of it. The fourth step is to execute it through the CTPM Process.

There is nothing ever to execute online without having this process installed on your website building and optimization system, as explained at the Ezine Acts Optimization and Optimizing A Website.

If it is something for you, you would be working in an interesting art theme you invent from your own art passion, whether it is about caricatures, or other types of cartoons, or any kind of paintings and make your creativity work in an art way of creation.

See the insights of the Ezine Acts Caricatures, the Ezine Acts Cartoons and the Ezine Acts Paintings.

However, to know exactly how to sell paintings online, you need to study the best website's tools and know big art companies in this art marketing business to succeed in this field. See the Ezine Acts Sell Paintings Online.

At this point, you might have considered the values of the Ezines Site Maps, with this massive information to motivate you to do something useful and improve your life. But, there are indeed other gems.

* Ezine Acts Associate Programs -

The Associate Programs, site map (26) in the Ezines Site Maps provides you with the affiliate marketing lessons learned from this media, so you could avoid failure. It tells you more about some useful partnership ideas to study and additional useful steps to take before getting involved in any affiliate marketing efforts.

See more insights to study some affiliate programs at the Ezine Acts Affiliate Marketing and the Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs.

The site map has good relevancy with the site map (20), Internet Marketing at the marketing concept.

* Ezine Acts Biz Marketing -

What's "biz"?

It is simply a term for business. So, if you are concerned about any business, you should know what this term means. This is the (site map 15 A) in the Ezines Site Maps.

It indexes most of the editions of the Ezine Acts Newsletters (site map 15 E) including the WBM Newsletter (site map 15 D), Wise Biz Marketing (site map 15 C) and the Wise Biz Newsletter (site map 15 D).

So, the articles included provide so many business articles, at (site map 9 A), Ezine Acts Articles, with business insights to help you do any business better, and the articles site map extended into Ezine Acts Articles Section, (site map 9 B), Ezine Act Articles Index, (site map 9 C), Ezine Articles, (site map 9 D), Submit Articles, (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles, (site map 9 F).

This site map with its extensions has good relevancy to the site map (2 A), Ezine Acts Home Business, with its extension into the (site map 2 B) Home Based Business, as it has the same relevancy with the site map (21 A) Ezine Acts Offline Businesses, with its extension into the (site map 21 B) Online Free Consulting.

* Ezine Acts Business Financing -

The Business Financing, (site map 16) in the Ezines Site Maps, indexes some articles about loans and mortgages to find money just for anything you want, whether you want to buy your dream home, or to fund some projects you have, or to buy anything else.

The guest writers who wrote the financial articles know this market. But, if you are concerned and wanted to know how to get money fast, you shouldn't have to be in a hurry to get instant cash.

Instead, take care and investigate the companies that lend money. And if you are a student, make sure that there are no restrictions or profits for students loans.

According to your experiences, while investigating, or reading financial articles, you could come with the best ideas to make money step by step only from things that interest you. You own your money making mechanisms through your own passion.

* Ezine Acts Business Forums -

The Modern Business Forums, (site map 14 A) in the Ezines Site Map Index extends to some other forums and includes the Ezine Acts Discussion Board (14 B), the Ezine Acts Forums (14 C) and the SBI Discussion Board (14 D).

These forums, as indicated are not traditional forums, because they work through the Ezine Act's Comments, (site map 18 A), the Ezine Act's Comment C2 Entries at the (site map 18 B), the Zines Commentaries at the (site map 18 C), Comments at the (site map 14 D) and the Second Section of the Comments at the (site map 14 E).

However, even the commentary modern forums have started from the first commentary pages on the Ezine Act's Network at marketing  strategies comment, which is extended into marketing strategies comments; and that was just before the development of the Web 2 with the C2 tool included for commentaries.

* Ezine Acts Business Publicity -

The Business Publicity, (site map 19) in the Ezines Site Maps includes the best methods to use to attract targeted visitors to your website including the free advertising you learn from the Ezine Acts Advertising and the link building strategies you learn from the Ezine Acts Link Building Strategies.

But, the indexed page gets you other online techniques and offline methods to improve the publicity of your business.

The site map has strong relevancy with the (site map 5), Free Website Traffic and it provides publicity insights and websites traffic techniques. If you thought of advertising your business, then many articles about this topic explain how to get free publicity to your business.

It has relevancy also with the (site map 3), Email Marketing Media at the angle where you build mailing lists and then go through the leads generating methods and get your leads to work with you to get you more publicity.

* Ezine Act's Comments -

The Comments on (site map 18 A) in the Ezines Site Maps helps you acquire more experiences in the filed of your expertise. It shows you how to use any commentary (of course if it was relevant to your knowledge) to learn from it more about the things you know about. 

With its extension into the Ezine Act's Comment C2 Entries, (site map 18 B) it gets you covered and equipped by the required knowledge to drive any online business, or offline business.

Its extension into the Zines Commentaries, (site map 18 C) helps you solve love problems. The entries are posted by people like you, but they are (or were) in love troubles, they submitted love consulting requests and received some love problem solutions.

The sentimental problems are international, as many folks in many areas in the world have read the (site map 6 A) Love, and its extension into Love Consulting Services (site map 6 B), with the emotional inspiration it has and used the Online Love Consulting Services to request help.

So, the Ezine Acts Love Commentaries (site map 6 C) have built more Ezines Site Maps at Ezine Acts Love Entries (site map 6 D), Ezine Acts Love Stories (site map 6 E) and Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories (site map 6 F). 

This could possibly let you learn more about problems management and thus teach you how to respond and solve love problems, or other business and political problems. The business part of it lets you learn more from the marketing strategies comments.

This Ezines Site Map has strong relevancy  with the Collective Consulting Services, site map (2 A) with its extension into the site map (2 B) Small Business Consultancy and the site map (2 C) Online Free Consulting Services.

The Business Forums (site map 14 A) and many of the site maps are indexed in the Ezines Site Map Index to get covered by important insights to improve your life.

* Ezine Acts Game Site -

The Games Sitemap (13) in the Ezines Site Map Index covers classical computer games and other PC games, including shooting and war games, such as the classical Wolfenstein 3D.

That makes it somewhat enjoyable with the articles it has. But, it has more values than this, as playing games has psychological impacts on players.

The positive effects are to relief you from pressures by playing games, the way you hear music to relief yourself from that pressure, as explained at the Ezine Acts Games and the Ezine Acts Play.

So, the idea of the topics in this site map has been developed into products, from this simple conceptual relevancy between shooting in wars and shooting your depression in shooting games.

Another value in this section of the Ezines Site Maps is humanitarian, as you could see through some of the products on the linked pages.

So, what all of this mean to you?

It shows you how to work simple ideas out and create products from them, even without knowing that they are business ideas. It shows you also how to plan such ideas. Again it shows you how to convert them into products. You know the rest.

And you asked about what they mean to you?

I am sorry, I asked.

* Ezine Acts Internet Marketing -

The Internet Marketing, (site map 20) in the Ezines Site Maps is about how to use the internet to market your business, or service. Even if you don't have anything to market, you can still do it by only focusing on your experience, hobby, knowledge, or passion.

The insights included tell you about how to write about it, how to build web pages, how to automate those pages and then how to get relevant services, or products to your theme to monetize your website.

The site map has relevancy with the (site map 1 A) Ezine Acts Home Business, the (site map 3) Email Marketing Media and the (site map 26) Ezine Acts Associate Programs, at the angle where you use some affiliate programs in what's called partners in success to get the services, or the products to your website. It has more tips and techniques to use to make your internet marketing strategy successful.

* Ezine Acts Offline Businesses -

The Offline Businesses, (site map 21 A) in the Ezines Site Maps explains in good details everything about the businesses of your choice you can do offline and even support them by an online business presence.

The first thing to do while thinking of the best offline business for you, is to just look at your area and search it to know whether the business you have chosen could be established there or not.

The simple business that you could do is just a business you could collect its items from your own house to sell on your garage, or house yard. You have to put it in your local bulletin boards, clubs, supermarkets and at any place the people gather in.

The extension of this site map at Online Free Consulting, (site map 21 B) gets you more offline businesses you could do at home.

* Ezine Acts Web Security -

The Web Security, (site map 24) in the Ezines Site Maps doesn't intensionally make you cautious. However, it tells you about some measures you have to do to be safe online. This section in the Ezines Site Maps exposes many threats on the internet not only in malware and viruses, but identity hackers.

* Khalid Osman's Network -

The Site Map (12) in the Ezines Site Map Index is not about me personally as the name suggests. But, it is about some experiences and lessons I have learned through more than 35 years, so you could learn from them.

Personal experiences are always useful to learn from. We all learn from each other and that is the value of sharing these experiences, whether they are in the fields of business, love, or politics.

We need to get the insights in the field that makes the core of our activities to learn even from personal experiences in this field. The Ezine Acts Political Section (site map 8) covers most of the political experiences, although I moved many political pages to the HOA Political Scene.

They all come in a way to learn from, how to positively influence yourself and the others, how to avoid looking to life as an adventure and how to creating personal happiness only by doing the things you always love to do as you want and getting that influence (you own) to work it better than you could believe it does.

This site map is a section in the Inspirations and Motivations, (site map 7 A) and my network extends to HOA PoliticalScene and the other website I contribute to it at I WATCH BEST TV. it is also relevant to the (site map 4), Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network.

The Inspirational and Motivational articles extend into Ezine Acts Motivational Articles (site map 7 B), Ezine Acts Motivational Sites (site map 7 C), Ezine Acts Inspirational Articles (site map 7 D) and Ezine Acts Inspirational Sites (site map 7 E).

* Site Build It -

The Site Build It (site map 22) in the Ezines Site Maps is about how to use the best online building and optimization tools to make your online business successful.

In fact, you don't have to know anything upfront, but only your personal or professional experience, your hobby, your passion, or your knowledge about something.

Then, the website's system alone would get you there to know everything step by step at a time (when you own it). It teaches you what you need to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

All you'll need here is the values you have in your personal or professional experience, your hobby, your passion, or your knowledge.

And the best, yet not found anywhere else is the e-learning college included with massive information to start learning from free resources online. However, because of the miss-use of this college, it is now included in the product of "site build it" itself.

Despite that you could get the glimpse of it, when you subscribe to the BLOG.

To learn about Site Build It, the first thing to do is to link to the comprehensive information about it in the linked pages in the Ezines Site Maps, what I wrote About Me and especially About SBI.

So, this is the relevancy and connectivity between the Ezine Acts site maps in the Ezines Site Map Index. Could all of that tell you something to consider using this method to organize anything you write about?

You could even organize your reading.

If you have learned from the Ezines Site Map Index, then you have an action to perform...

Share the Ezines Site Map with your social media including Twitter and other services you see on the small buttons on the page. Pin the Ezine Acts Pictures on this page, or at the Ezine Acts Galleries and Pictures for Your Website. Thanks.

The strong website building tools are all combined in one place to build, automate, optimize and monetize websites. They empower the Ezines Site Maps and the entire Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love and update it at the Ezine Act Blog.

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