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"Submit Articles" has two parts. The first part is about which articles to submit to the Ezine Act's Network and how to submit the articles. The second part is an index to some articles in the site map 9 D with links to other sub-site maps in this network.

The articles you may submit should be about topics that go alongside the topic in this website to support the content of the Ezine Act and they should not link to bad websites that include pornography and gambling, or other sites that promote hatred and illegal behaviors.

Use the form at the bottom of this page for consideration to be published in our "Articles' Directory" and attract those spiders smoothly to your blogs or websites.

This is a totally free website promotion and traffic services to our valued visitors. It helps you in many ways getting your website well-ranked through links pointing to it from other websites and brings you free traffic.

Submit Articles to be Listed in Khalid Osman's Articles Section of the Ezine Act.

Submit Articles - Part One!

Why You Should Submit Articles Here?

Well, you will not believe it. The articles submission service has full and comprehensive automation at all levels. You have got many of your interests here. Things interest you, that you might have not even thought of... just like the following:

If approved, your article will appear at the Blog. The Blog automates the process and notifies search engines. It also delivers notes about your article to the most important RSS platforms.

When you submit, the form sends you notifications about your submission. It sends you also notifications about visitors who commented on your articles.

If you uploaded pictures with your articles, your pictures count with their tags to give a weight to your article, so the page you have built could appear well-indexed.

When visitors arrive to read your articles, you get the click through to your websites. This is another (terminology) to add weight to your websites, through direct clicks coming to them from another website.

Accept the "terminology" I quoted above, as a new term I invented to express what happens during this traffic operation.

To make the best while "articulating your articles" and linking strategies, and to make those link building strategies work better for your website, you need to download and read two ebooks here.

The first ebook helps you write better for the net and the second provides you by proven strategies to make your links better. You can get them when you subscribe to the newsletter through the form you see at the top of the left column. You will get in fact, more useful ebooks from the second page.

In addition, you can easily get free website's content and "request articles". Just visit this page at and fill the form completely to request your articles.

When you get to the second page take what you need from the ebooks and e-courses on that page to make your website work better and monetize it well.

Please read the terms concerning these free website services on our "Submit Articles" page prior to complete the form at the bottom of this page. Submitting articles through this form implies that you have read the terms and agreed to submit articles.

Please do not skim/skimp but read this entire "Submit Articles" page and support us before submitting your articles. Use the small buttons on the page to like, tweet, share with your other services, or pin the pictures. At least this could help a little as we have built "Submit Articles" page to help you. Therefore, mutual benefits are matters of appreciation.



You acknowledge that the Ezine Act has no liability on articles published on this website. You are the only liable person of your article. Authors should not hold the Ezine Act responsible of what they are claiming in their articles.

In addition to this term, readers should not raise any claims of liability against the Ezine Act. Readers who want to take actions and respond to those offers should investigate and make sure of those offers before they take any action.

By submitting my articles to "Submit Articles" page, I refrain and comply to waive any financial claims for my articles.

Not withstanding the first term above, I certify hereby that these articles are my own original and copyright work, I retain all and the full copyright associated with them.

These articles or any other materials I've submitted using this form on "submit articles" page, may be republished and distributed. I authorize the author of "submit articles" page to do all those activities in connection with the exposure of this system to publish my articles in any other medium.

Our Obligations

We're obliged to use these articles in their full original copies to bring you free traffic.

* We'll not sell your brain.

* We'll publish your articles on our blogs and/or newsletters as a free websites content to give your business more exposure, and attract more free traffic to your site, providing the Internet surfers by well focused content to help them find what they're looking for.

* We'll not be liable in any copyright dispute arising from your articles.

Submit Articles - Part Two!

As I mentioned "Submit Articles" is the site map 9 E. See the other site maps in the entire Ezine Act's site maps below. The sub-site map indexes some of the articles in the articles category of this website.

Information Publishing - is where you get more knowledge about the information industry, or to get the information you were looking for. To locate the information by keywords, see the site maps, or use the search tool at the right column to find your subject.

Information Publishing Articles - There are many articles about "information", just in any subject linked to from within the submit articles page. Example - information marketing.

In addition, the articles provides you with the subject you need and shows you how to use the information you know, or you find here to research it and write and publish informative articles.

Inspirational Articles - This part of the site map 7 A, Inspirations and Motivations. Link to it from the entire Ezine Act's site maps at the second section of the submit articles page.

The articles in these site maps are inspirational and motivational. I guarantee that you will find yourself inspired by the information on these site maps to move forward and achieve your goals. 

Internet Marketing Articles - Internet marketing is quite fierce. Direct INTERNET marketing could only be good for big enterprises. But, as an individual you will learn from the articles in this category how to do it indirectly on the Internet.

The articles show you how to simply use your hobbies, or experiences to research them together and then decide on the best of them and choose it wisely to improve your life. Heck, you will discover your own internet marketing strategy.

IP Address - This articles is part of the Security section of the Ezine Act. It highlights how to lock IP addresses. The pages show many annoying IP to take care of them.

They step you in the right direction to beware of add-ons and avoid malware and protect your privacy while surfing the net. 

Liking Starts Here - If you thought that any of the collection of articles in the submit articles page, or in the entire Ezine Act are helpful, so why like them using FaceBook, or best tweet them, pin the pictures to pinterest, or share them with your social media services.

Love and Sex - tells you that if you thought love is different from sex, then you may need to express yourself through the comments form.

Seriously, the article is about the connection and the differences between love and sex. It seems that there is a convention between them.

Marketing Articles - In addition to the information marketing at the site map 1,  Home Business this article is about marketing articles, how to sell them, how to publish them, how to use them as a freelancer and so on. The article has two angles, however to approach articles marketing.

Marketing Strategies Comments - show you how to use comments as marketing strategies. The page includes also comments on marketing strategies. It could be part of the site map 14, Business Forums and the site map 18, Comment C2 Entries.

Monetize - shows you how to use the best of your hobbies, passion, or lifetime experiences to choose from them things that interest you, build them narrow niches composed only of informative articles about that niche and then use the best monetizing methods to make money online.

Motivational Articles - include some ideas to get motivated following most of the beautiful things that interest you to study your topic of choice in college and even use it while you are student to build your career around it like some other students do here and at success stories.

Optimization - The page is part of the site map 5, Free Website Traffic, since the optimization is one vehicle among others to drive fee traffic to your website.

You will learn from the series of articles in this category how to do the business math right and how to improve your website presence using the best link building strategies, social media, value exchange media to get search engines top placement

Play Games - The article is associated with other articles, such as Wolfenstein 3 D games, in the Games Sitemap 13 A to help you choose the best and safe computer games (modern or classical) to enjoy your time playing games.

In addition, if it was your passion, the pages show you exactly how to select the best games, choose them right and make them online profession.

Plurk's Timeline Friends - This is about one of its kind of the social media networks online. It is very different from FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to use media marketing wisely without even having to market anything at all.

In addition to Submit Articles, you may also be interested in the other site maps below:

The Ezine Act's Site Maps:

Ezine Act's Site Map One - Home Business with its extension into Home Based Business.

Ezine Act's Site Map Two - Collective Consulting Services with its extension into Small Business Consultancy.

Ezine Act's Site Map Three - Email Marketing Media.

Ezine Act's Site Map Four - Humanitarian Network.

Ezine Act's Site Map Five - Free Website Traffic.

Ezine Act's Site Map Six - Love.

Ezine Act's Site Map Seven - Inspirations and Motivations with its extension into Inspirational Articles, Motivational Articles and Motivational Sites.

Ezine Act's Site Map Eight - Political Section.

Ezine Act's Site Map Nine - Articles with its extension into Articles Section, Ezine Act Articles Index, Ezine Articles and Submit Articles.

Ezine Act's Site Map Ten - Website Maps.

Ezine Act's Site Map Eleven - Art Links with its extension into Art and Culture, Fine Arts and French Paintings.

Ezine Act's Site Map Twelve - Khalid Osmans Network.

Ezine Act's Site Map Thirteen - Games Sitemap.

Ezine Act's Site Map Fourteen - Business Forums with its extension into Discussion Board, Ezine Acts Forums and Solo Build It Discussion Board.

Ezine Act's Site Map Fifteen - Biz Marketing with its extension into Wise Biz Newsletter, Wise Biz Marketing, WBM and Newsletters.

Ezine Act's Site Map Sixteen - Business Financing.

Ezine Act's Site Map Seventeen - Digital and Video Products.

Ezine Act's Site Map Eighteen - Comment C2 Entries with its extension into Comments.

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