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Simply, use the form on submit ezine articles to submit articles to the business ezine on the Ezine Act. To submit articles for other pages in the website, use the form at this link, instead.

Articles submitted to the EZINE would appear at the "Guest Coolest Corner" in the "Wise Biz" ezine and articles submitted for other pages would be published on the pages you used the form to submit those articles.

You can also request articles from the Ezine Act Articles Index to make you content and monetize that content on your own website or blog. This is the second option, as we can see many people, even those who have never heard about a website content are eager to make money online.

Best of all, you could get good articles by subjects to enjoy reading and improve your knowledge from this network.

You have two "sweetie" options on Submit Ezine Articles to make or maximize profits on the Internet.

Why you may consider taking advantages of one or both of those "sweetie" options on this page?

Articles make content. Content drives FREE traffic. Traffic makes your money making mechanisms work. These are two parallel although they are impartibly facts that make good websites and drive them to work.

Submit Ezine Articles: The Publisher, Khalid Osman.

There are not any other means to making any profits from the Internet rather than those two options if you do not have any services or products to sell online. This is a good reason to publish "submit ezine articles".

Every online marketer is quite sure that articles drive more websites traffic, since most of the web surfers are looking for full information, just about subject.

49% of those who are using the net are interested in chatting and using the social media. 38% of those who are using the Internet to search are just looking for some information, but nothing more.

However, the percentage I calculated above is rising. Only 3,5% of the rest are looking for ways to enhance their livings, or develop some kinds of skills.

Only 0,98% of them are looking for money making opportunities. The rest of them are looking for gambling, or playing, hearing music and enjoying TV shows and some other movies, or looking for news.

Well, this information is very valuable. I have not collected it from any statistics online, but it is my own assessment through observation.

I have come to this information using only Google for quite a time until now, and then comparing results with Yahoo, Bing, Yandex search engine, Baidu and Ask.

I conducted many searches, subscribed to Google's alerts did other kinds of keywords activities online for the last 26 months to enlighten myself and get some thoughts while looking for such information.

Considering this information on "submit ezine articles", articles prove to be very important to any other Internet oriented businesses that have nothing to sell rather than information about something, or based on some experiences, writings, reviews etc... That is quite true.

This proves that the information about something is important to consider to write articles by subjects to cover the demand of surfers for information.

But, how to define this information, or that one?

How to evaluate it to choose the best of it, so you could write about it?

Well, you are in the mode to benefit from "submit ezine articles" now.

Take it by keyword search for the information of your interest, or the information that makes the core of your hobbies, passion, or experiences.

Collect the data and classify it. Study it carefully. Look for supplies for that information. Read their minds. Study what they offer and choose your approach to that information differently.

The best value of these advices on "submit ezine articles" is that you will be able to discover your voice through the evaluation process of the data.

Well, there is more to it on "submit ezine articles". There are some few very good sources to help you do the hard work while collecting and studying the information data.

I appreciate and feel grateful to the Action Guide, because it defines that data and helps doing the business math right. I am also grateful to MYCPS, because of the fact that I have reached these results because MYCPS told me in a very simple language about something very interesting.

It is very interesting because it is about those talented people who have nothing more than their knowledge to use. So, it showed me how to look inside any business on the Internet to evaluate the information.

In addition, it motivated me to look even inside myself to find my values, write them content and monetize that content.

How MYCPS could do this? I mean, since it did this for me while enjoying it, how could it do it for you?

Well, it comes after hard work and through long years of observation to analyze the net and businesses on the net. It defines the content as important factor that makes the network to favor only narrow niches based on the right information people are looking for.

It then goes in depth to simplify the way you could build the right content for your hobbies, passion, or experiences without having to sell anything directly.

This is why it depends on "pre-selling", which means that your content sell itself well.

But, how to get it sell well without having to sell anything?

Subscribe to Wise Biz ezine and get it from the second page, when you confirm your subscription to the newsletter.

Tips to Use While Looking to Submit Ezine Articles to Articles Directories:

Searching the Web always gives best results if you are sure about your searching terms. For example if I intended to search for something in particular for children, I would enter the name of that "thing" and then put it before the word "children" or after it. Example: Children's books.

If I want to submit ezine articles to this website, I would use the form below.

But, if I wanted to submit ezine articles to other article directories, then I should enter the term "articles submit" or "submit articles", or "submit Ezine articles" on the search box at the right column and then the result page will show the directories that accept articles submission on this web site, or any other websites.

It is useful to limit your search and enter it into a descriptive search term. Two words are always good although you can enter three words (Example, submit article directory), but never four.

However, you can do a search term for more than four keywords when you are looking for answers to some questions (Example, how to be productive?). Take also one example like this one - How to build content website?

If you would be glad to add an expert writer to your blog, you are welcome to publish any Ezine Act's article in its entirety. However, while using this process avoid publishing Ezine articles where prohibited according to our rules for articles exchange! You can review those rules at the articles index linked to from the site maps.

In addition to "submit ezine articles", you may also be interested in the Ezine Act's site maps below:

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