How Does "Site Build It" Work?

Site Build It, or in appreciation SBI is the only website building and optimizing tools in the world combined in one place to help talented people like yourself convert their experiences, boobies, knowledge and passion into a successful businesses to improve their lives.

You, or they would actually go through a ten day textual guidelines that come in good details supported by expanded video presentations to explain the mainstream process to building successful businesses online.

There is nothing left to chances in the ten day lessons, whether they are in textual content, or video presentation.

The process starts with Choose It, to make a choice between one or more values in your personal experience, hobby, knowledge, or passion. You choose it according to statistical and mathematical facts and then research it, study it, invent its ingredients, compose it and then build it.

You build it a step by a step at a time, in your favorite text editor, but not "Microsoft Word", following the textual guidelines, or the video presentation. The building process goes through the CTPM process, which is abbreviated in the four letters to summarize "Content", "Traffic", "Pre-sell", "Monetize".

Each of the four ingredients of the CTPM has scientific methods, although you don't need to be a scientist, or a mathematician to fulfill this process. All you need is your theme, based on your favorite filed of experience, hobby, knowledge, or passion.

Well, the learning curve is available through the linked process pages on the site map 22, Site Build It to get the green light to acquire such knowledge.

The site map 22 is necessary to get through to the lessons, so you could improve your life following the business ideas, the step by step process, the business math, the experimental method of the machine that drives this process and the business planning.

You may already know many web hosts working to sell web hosting spaces for interested people to build websites. But, building web pages, or complete websites is not so difficult. Kids nowadays could build websites. So, the question here is, do those websites work!

The numbers of websites now are uncountable. You'll need to look on the internet. Enter any searchh term in your mind on the search engines boxes. Use Yandex and Baidu searches engine, Yahoo, Bing, or Google. You'll find trillion of websites on the result pages.

Just imagine, how could you be found among these numbers of websites. Well, the process at Solo Build It explains that in details, so when you build a website you would actually build automated content and you could find that website jumping at the top of the first 10 result pages.

That is what makes your website works steadily to bring good volume of free traffic, so you could simply monetize that free website traffic effectively using the best monetizing modules explained throughout the textual and video lessons.

But, how to monetize it?

The process goes through lessons learned from different practices on the Web, to know exactly how it works, how search engines work, what secrets search engines have, what people are looking for, how they behave to find what they want, how to make them reach your website and how to convert that traffic into sales.

As said, there is nothing left to chances in Solo Build It.

So, you should be focused on the specific values of your experience, hobby, knowledge, or passion. Find the values among things that interest you and other people who are in fact looking for them right now using the search engines.

The first lesson here, though, is to know exactly how to write information about that experience, hobby, knowledge, or passion. The information publishing is very essential here.

Each of those values you have in any of the mentioned fields needs to be written in details. So, the articles would have many headlines and sub-headlines, bullets and anecdotes.

The writing process begins here at the end day of researching, collecting data, analyzing that data, getting the best of it and reorganizing it in sequential manner.

Then the editing and publishing process would be easier. All of this should have step by step executional process, which is found on the Solo Build It's tools to make the publishing process convenient.

When all of this is well done, it would become content of some pages, which in turns would attract so many content visitors would contribute through your own comment C2 entries machine.

You should build this content on one of the narrow niches you would come to know about them through the process. So, that would surely make you decide on a narrow niche to build a small business from it. 

The estimation of pages for a narrow niche, like "green food diets" for example, would be more than 300 pages. Each of these pages would make money providing substantial income, if correctly built following the simple process.

They would all make the website a money generator for you.

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