The Ezine Acts Business Publicity Has It All at the Cutting Edge!

The Ezine Acts Business Publicity highlights the publicity methods you need to promote your business, because publicity is a corner stone in any business. So the Ezine Act's Business Publicity (site map 19) covers it from A to Z.

The business publicity may be the first question that hangs into your mind. You might have asked yourself how to get your business the publicity it requires! The Ezine Act's business index for publicity gets you thoroughly to the answers.

Yes, there is no one answer. So, this why the index of the Ezine Acts Business Publicity includes some pages to get you the complete answers to the publicity question.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Business Publicity is High. Because it is A Big Chicken Company. Small Businesses are Still Lacking Publicity Because They Don't Have A German SBI Machines Geared in One Place.

So, While Looking for Accurate Business Publicity, You Gotta Know…

Publicity is NOT just advertising. It is on the features and the qualities of your product, or service. It is important cornerstone in every business, whether it is online business, or offline business, and whether it is a small business you build out of narrow niches, or a large scale business.

It is like the lifeblood of your business to get the exposure it deserves and, so you could get good income from it.

To make your business go live publicly, you will need a mindset of a professional businessman. You need tools too and the tools should teach you step by step to execute each of the publicity methods right. You need also read more publicity articles and even books on publicity for your business to be known everywhere.

If you didn't know already, you should go through every publicity literature that comes into your way. In fact, you should always be looking for such literature, even if you did already know to enrich your offline business, or your home based business knowledge. Luckily, there is rich literature on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity Index.

If you didn't know already, you should go through every publicity literature that comes into your way. In fact, you should always be looking for such literature, even if you did already know to enrich your offline business, or your work at home business knowledge.

And, yes indeed... publicity has a literature.

So, here on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity, site map 19, you'll find great amount of publicity literature indexed in the business publicity index on the Ezine Act's Network below.

The Publicity Literature at the Ezine Act!

Should I say the literature of publicity?

Well, the literature of publicity on articles and Amazon books we read is rich and it goes you through to implement it right to make a breakthrough in publicity, so you get your business the required exposure using well studied and proven methods.

But, you can also study some business publicity methods already taken by others on your local bulletin boards, classified ads, communities marketing, discount cards, freebie ad magazines, press releases, radio advertising and yellow pages.

Read the ads carefully. Know the literature of writing ads. Sometimes, you can see ads that you read without feeling that they are ads. This is a writing technique, some businesses use to make the ads appear as "not ads" at all, but messages that reveal something that you and other people want.

You could read this kind of ads written with the mentioned writing techniques like this: With a new screen scrolling and finger touch flexibility, the new version of the "atom tablets" enables you to free more space on your tablet.

This is reversal to the version that says, "Get the new atom tablet for 6 months and pay only for 2 months". You see the difference now. The second ad is selling the product, while the first ad is informationally featuring the product.

There are ads that make you click away directly, while there are ads that take you directly to buy especially those featuring the usability of a product, or the values of services, because they don't appear as ads at all and all they reveal is the value of the product in question.

When you read ads, spot the weakness and focus on the strength of the ad. Think of other language expressions you could use for such ad to convert it from a sales pitch on ad to be just excerpt of values your business has for the customers.


There are many pages on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity index about how to write informational texts for a product, or a service and even how to write a sale letter and craft it to appear as not a sale letter at all.

The Ezine Acts Business Publicity Index!

  • AccessoryAds - The article is old, so it is archived on this page. However, you could get access to it through the link. The first thing you want tod do is to know how Referral Services work through referrals.

This kind of advertising has just launched on the announcement in the mentioned date and then disappeared.

Meanwhile, the advertising network has seen the presence of well established advertising companies. That means, it doesn't necessary for ads to appear as ads.

The technology of the business publicity today has taken textual context to perform better than ads. You could see examples of this technology on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity Index.

  • AdSense - The first information you want to know is about Google AdSense and its connection to the AdWords; and then the bilingual Adwords including Arabic AdWords and Bad Arabic Ads.

The Google AdSense article starts the series of information that goes from the introduction to the usage of colored ad plates at AdSense Colours and it continues to explore the AdSense Revenue. so you could make more AdSense Revenues.

  • Bulletin Boards - It is important to know how to use those boards to advertise your business. This is the first advice on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity. There are many people using them to get the business publicity they want.

So, as media to buy and sell, people use them anyway to find their interests. Some boards have small monthly fees. Everything necessary to be achieved here depends on your reading and understanding how those boards work.

  • Communities Marketing - Did you know anything about using this medium to advertise your business and get the business publicity you want?

The first step highlighted on the indexed article on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity is to explore some communities and know the best communities, whether they are online, or offline. Then, think of the best ways to use them to get business publicity.

  • Discount Cards - are not about advertising, directly. But, they work it perfectly, though. This is the continuation of the Discount Cards article on the "Guest Coolest Corner" on the Biz Marketing 47.

It is necessary, of course to use those cards to get the sale. But, how to use them to get business publicity? The steps needed to achieve this is well explained in this long article.

  • Ezine Acts Advertising - The series of the Ezine Acts Business Publicity articles gets you through different kinds of advertising explaining the differences and how to use each kind to monetize your offline businesses, as explained on the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses, or to monetize your online narrow niches.

There are different methods and among them are proven methods you'll know, so you can do it right. The interesting part in this is that the collection of articles gets you thoroughly to perfection.

Free Publicity is very important to your business. Think about the differences between the advertising methods online and offline. Know how to use Classified Ads, Freebie Ad Magazines and Free Radio Advertising.

The values of writing, publishing and distributing Free Press Releases are that they get you the business publicity, even without having to advertise anything.

You simply write excerpts featuring your business and what it is about and what it has for others to benefit from. But, you should take care of the Editing and Publishing process.

To do it effectively, know how to avoid Funny Advertising, when it is necessary and how to use it, though, when it is necessary. Use your creativity to write funny advertising that appears not advertising at all.

As, you see the methods are different. Each article in the Ezine Acts Business Publicity series has insights to fragment its title, or headlines into details in between the lines of the article, so you won't miss a single drop of information about this topic.

While going through these methods to get business publicity, you'll learn more about how and where you could get Free Advertising offline. Take also the important steps to know where and how to get Free Online Business Advertisement.

With all that said and if your were thinking about How to Get Money Fast, make sure that you'll not get, or make money fast, or Instant Cash from your advertising.

You may get it from your product, or service, if it is of daily interest to others. And even here, there are bells and whistles to avoid.


Because the product, or the service has some money making mechanisms to go through.

  • Marketing Ideas - The indexed marketing ideas on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity, as the same as the business ideas explain in depth how to get through your business planning to study advertising from different angles.

As it is necessary to contact business owners to show them how to expand their market with your help, it is also necessary to know how to use the same method to get the business publicity you want.

This would get you through to work continuously to get partners in success. The indexed article on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity along with the articles at the site map 26, Ezine Acts Associate Programs explain how to venture with some partners to get business publicity.

  • Write Compelling Advertisement - The ads have techniques you embed during the writing process. See the examples of the two ads mentioned on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity above. The effective ads are ads you write without even having to advertise anything.

Does this seem confusing?

Check the example given on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity above. In addition, the examples of bad Arabic ads and the other linked pages explain that in more details. The linked article above highlights step by step the necessary methods you need to write advertisement that compels and makes people respond quickly to your offers.

In addition to what you have already read on the Ezine Acts Business Publicity above, the business publicity is also important through TV channels. To get this, focus on the types of TV advertising in your area. See how they present the products, or the services.

Make sure to study the images with the designs and techniques used on moving pictures. Notice also the techniques they use while producing imagery and audio ads through computers.

You may need to read IWATCHBESTV.COM.

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