What the Ezine Acts Newsletters…

Have in Common… for You?

Well, the direct answer is that the Ezine Acts Newsletters, site map (15 E) have insights to publish offline newsletters, or online e-newsletters, called also electronic newsletters and ezines. With the insights, there are also leads to succeed with your publications of such types of newsletters.

All the insights and leads you need to start your publication business are included on the indexed editions of the Ezine Act's newsletter and the Biz Marketing Newsletter below, with its extensions.

While many editions of the business marketing newsletter remain on the Ezine Act's Network, some editions of the Ezine Act have moved to the political website at HOA Political Scene Newsletter and that is actually because this newsletter has started at the political voice of this website.

Before the shift of the Ezine Act newsletter from the Ezine Act's Network to the HOA PoliticalScene Network, the editions of the newsletter until the issue 63 were on the Ezine Act's website.

However, the index of the Ezine Acts Newsletters has only 14 issues indexed here, with a sequence of articles about publishing newsletters, targeting your market, distributing, capturing leads and getting advertisers to advertise on your publications.

As a site map, the Ezine Acts Newsletters have two parts. The first part continues the preamble above to highlight this topic and the second part is about the editions of the Ezine Act and the editions of Wise Biz Newsletter.

The other indexes of the e-publictions of the Ezine Act's Network are at the Ezine Acts Biz Marketing (15 A), Wise Biz Newsletter, site map (15 B), Wise Biz Marketing, site map (15 C) and WBM, site map (15 D).

The entire site maps of the Ezine Acts Newsletters are well integrated to index some of the editions of the website Wise Biz ezines with the articles published on the entire editions to highlight everything you need to start your publication business, whether it is offline business, or online business.

What You Get from the Ezine Acts Newsletters?

Newsletters are important "contact formula" to keep in touch with your visitors if you publish them on websites, or to provide even customer services to your clients, if they are offline newsletters.

But, the process of publishing news-letters is not simple, if you do not have a system to build you a fast double opt-in list to build good business relations with your clients and visitors.

After that the selling process would be easy, because people tend to buy from those people whom they know and because you would be recommending your services, or providing some news and technical help for your products.

Online, you need a strong system. When you get that strong system within your website building tools, you will then know that publishing newsletters from your websites is very simple and very useful. You learn also through your website building tools the following:

  • Why should you publish newsletters?
  • When should you start your newsletters?
  • How often should you publish newsletters?
  • What topics should you write on your newsletters?
  • How to diversify the topics of your newsletters?
  • How to manage the frequency of your newsletters?
  • When should you send your newsletters?
  • How to check open rates and handle bounces?
  • What to do to ensure minimum bounces?

All of this is the essential part of the management of the newsletters, well highlighted on the Ezine Acts Newsletters Index. Therefore, it is very necessary to go through it to achieve success while connecting with your audience through mailing lists.

One primary step web-masters do is to take care of their visitors. This means that they do not want to lose visitors, as visitors come and go. And because of this fact, they need to keep them coming to their businesses, whether they are stores offline, or websites.

So, this is why they try to capture their email addresses by different methods, including free stuff, free offers, gifts, discount cards, price decrease, tickets to travel, or to attend a show and many other enticing offers.

They actually offer incentives to encourage those visitors to subscribe to their mailing lists. Others buy complete mailing lists or subscriptions to others' mailing lists to send their business offers to. So, this explains why newsletters are important to complete the mission of a website, or a store offline.

I have been speaking about the Seven Shadow Strategies to building a successful mailing list here. I assume that you have arrived here from that page to this one and you have also read Shadow Strategies. If you did not, please get back to the two articles to read those strategies.

Be always in the mode to make sense of the light difference between newsletters and ezines (electronic newsletters), which include the technical issue of publishing the news about your business.

You'll not be able to publish your business news until you focus on the business you run. To focus on the business you run, you should choose it from angles of things that interest you in a specific business that relates to some other factors, all of which you'll learn from the Ezine Acts Newsletters.

To understand how the publishing process goes offline and online search it carefully and then read the best publishing information at the first 5 pages on the search results. The Ezine Acts Publishing provides more insights on this process.

Ezine Acts Newsletters Index 1!

* How to Publish a Newsletter? - home-biz-trends.com/how-to-publish-a-newsletter.html: To write and publish a newsletter, you should first know your target market in-out. That is to say it is necessary to check the topics you write about and look for the suitable market for the topics of your newsletter.

The best methods to go through to identify your market is to create that market from your theme. Do a self motivating search for Apple, for example to see how Apple always create its market announcing the release of a new product even by only adding few features to a products they produced before (i.e. iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6)

Study how they create a desire and not only just a desire, but with eagerness.

It is only that when you focus on your theme and make it narrow, you could identify your target market. Your target market consists of the interested people in your theme, whether it is about the best ways to read fast and understand what you read, or about finding the best house, or your dream home to relocate in another city.

Then while going through the writing and editing and publishing process, you should know how to avoid writing direct sales letters, or any kind of sales pitches and concentrate on writing about the features of your products, or services and how they could help others by a way or another to improve their lives, or to facilitate using the required products, or services.

However, consider writing sales letters in occasions when you have great product, or service you offer discount cards on them on a given season, or occasion. The sales letter could also be supported by features and other values your service, or product has.

The other good business ideas are about that when you plan your newsletter, consider to get non-competing advertisers to reserve advertising spots in your newsletter, as explained at the Ezine Acts Advertising. But, don't do it extensively, though. Study this potential income generator and know exactly how to make money publishing newsletters.

As everything you want to do in life involves planning, it is very necessary to get into the process of business planning right. You learn from the planning insights many useful steps to do while planning your business, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business Plan.

Know the process online. The first thing to do to publish a newsletter online is to get it a website. The newsletter would be the voice of your website. But, that website should be a niche website, so the newsletter takes the name of that niche to focus only in one topic, which is the focused topic of your website.

The focused topic targets a specific market. This is called your target market, as you could understand from the Ezine Acts Newsletters.

Study some narrow niches relevant to the topics you think to cover on your newsletter. Then after that, all you need to do is to research those niches to pick up the most exciting and profitable niche from them. Then focus once more on that niche to choose it right and build it a theme focused website using the CTPM Process. 

In addition, the following articles included on the index of the Ezine Acts Newsletters and the Wise Biz Newsletter below highlight newsletters from different angles. If you found the entire page useful, please do tweet it to Twitter, or like it using the small buttons on the page. Thanks.

Ezine Acts Newsletters Index 2!

In addition, here are some of the editions of the website newsletter from 70 to 74 on the Ezine Acts Newsletters Index 2:

* Wise Biz 70 - home-biz-trends.com/wise-biz-70.html: There are many economical topics in this edition of the e-zine with some good answers provided to the following questions:

What to do, if you faced economical shortages?

How to help people your know in your area to avoid being self-centered?

The edition is also an example in layout and design to show you how to do such things with your electronic newsletter.

* Wise Biz 71 - home-biz-trends.com/wise-biz-71.html: The central article in this edition is about how to use your hobbies, choose the best of them to build a small business according to their demands and profitability and use some strategies to be different from your competitors.

Building a business as small as you could give it the strength. This would also reflect on the newsletter you publish for that business.

* Wise Biz 72 - home-biz-trends.com/wise-biz-72.html: This edition of the newsletter is about how to identify the values of the special moment in your professional, literary, gaming, social, economical, athletic and political life. Moreover, it offers good insights to manage your time in the "Guest Coolest Corner".

Identifying the values mentioned above helps you focus to improve your life in this field, or that as well as (hopefully) opens your mind to focus on a small business you could build from such values, and integrate that with a niche newsletter.

* Wise Biz 73 - home-biz-trends.com/wise-biz-73.html: Since so many people are going Apple this age, so this edition is about how to prepare your MacBook for good launch. It also has insights to maintain a successful small business at home.

It is all about the subject matter of your home business and how to manage it through the actions you take during the building process. The infrastructure of your business is so important as the Action Guide at BIZ teaches.

* Wise Biz 74 - home-biz-trends.com/wise-biz-74.html: There are some advices about how to protect your PC while using some social media networks, gaming websites, movie websites and chatting rooms. In addition, the "Guest Coolest Corner" teaches you how to use bulk SMS software wisely and avoid some mistakes.

The Ezine Acts Newsletters Index 3!

The Ezine Acts Newsletter editions from the issue 50 to 55:

* Ezine Act 50 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-50.html: In addition to the fact that this edition of the newsletter could be an example of political e-newsletter, the edition published with an introduction to the new website and the shift of the newsletter has interesting columns.

The editorial section of the Ezine Acts Newsletter was political, because the Ezine Act newsletter was the political voice of the website at that time.

* Ezine Act 51 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-51.html: This edition of the Ezine Acts Newsletter takes you through politics, business and love to be updated about all of these issues and to learn how to develop a career or even a simple experience in business, love and politics and build it a theme focused-content website about only one well-searched and selected topic.

* Ezine Act 52 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-52.html: The editorial features the political crimes committed by some dictators, while the section of love includes a warm emotional thoughts explaining what love is and the business section offers some great deals.

* Ezine Act 53 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-53.html: The editorial of this edition of the Ezine Acts Newsletter explains why the crimes committed by the dictators are not ethnical, but political.

It suggests what the international community is required to do to bring the dictators to the international justice. The insights of love get it into that atmosphere of emotional influence to "wet" your love ground and make it greener.

* Ezine Act 54 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-54.html: The editorial highlights the differences between tragedy and tragicomedy and explains why the dictators tend to create tragicomedy to maintain their positions in power and makes it all the time the sarcasm they get through to dominate.

* Ezine Act 55 - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-act-55.html: The editorial includes the security incidents in Darfur and the camps of the Fur refugees in Chad along with the UNHCR briefs on the humanitarian situations in Darfur region and the camps.

In addition to the Ezine Acts Newsletters, you may also be interested in the business articles on the Ezine Acts Articles (site map 9 A), with its extension into sub-site-maps at the Ezine Acts Articles Section (site map 9 B), Ezine Act Articles Index (site map 9 C), Ezine Articles (site map 9 D), Submit Articles (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles (site map 9 F):

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I hope that you have learned a lot from the Ezine Acts Newsletters. If so, please do share the Ezine Acts Newsletters with your social media, or the other services you see on the small buttons on the page.

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