Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network!

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network supports some human affairs including environmental activities, children and women's securities, political migrants and multi-cultural democracies in the political systems of states of diversified cultural values.

The Humanitarian Network is established by Khalid Osman to include some of hi humanitarian efforts in the fields and human rights and the environment. Some of the humanitarian projects have started earlier in the last century and continued to establish the National Eritrean Environment Organization from public activism and meetings organized by him with the trade unions.

So, prepare to read about good achievements to take lessons on how to be focused and organized to execute such humanitarian projects and how to develop your personality and charisma while doing this to create personal happiness for you and the others.

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network is the site map (4) on the Ezine Act's Network, but it extends to other networks at the HOA Political Scene.

The site map (4) helps you navigate all those pages on humanitarian causes and humanitarian projects easily and even provides you by some ideas to establish any humanitarian network. It works as a site map here because the website is getting huge.

The Ezine Act website has begun to evolve including humanitarian sections since the establishment of this network.

However, Khalid Osman has started those humanitarian efforts earlier while he was journalist, before the Sudanese coup d'etat - of what was called the National Islamic Front "NIF", which has brought the recent military dictators to power in Sudan on 1989.

Khalid Osman had his first contacts with Amnesty International during the time he worked as journalist in Al-Watan Newspaper in Kuwait in the early 1980s. At that time, with the sponsorship of the Arab Journalists Union, in which he was a member, they sent him invitation with traveling tickets to Paris and hotel reservation to attend the Human Rights conference focused on the Human Rights in Sudan that time.

You'll read all the pages on the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network through this site map. However, some relevant pages has moved from the site-map four to the Horn of Africa to publish at the HOA's Humanitarian Network, the Environment Protection and the Environment at the political website.

So, this section is clearly intended to carry on with some humanitarian networks Khalid Osman has build and shared and to support those fundamental human rights, until he moves it to its own network online, which will stand, on its own website.

Until he becomes able to fulfill this move the Humanitarian Network Section here at the Ezine Act will continue its support to protect the environment, children, women's securities, political refugees and some multi-cultural projects he is running through the Ezine Acts Multicultural Project.

It is necessary to mention here that securities includes at top priorities resettlement, food security, personal security, educational security, industrial security and health care.

The needs for all kind of securities remain coherent and urgent whenever any person finds herself, or himself exposed to dangers because of natural crises or human made crises (i.e. wars, coup d'etat, conflicts, and crises of nature).

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network at the Ezine Act includes some pages, which fall in this humanitarian area of concerns. It supports some charities like Save Our Souls (SOS), Green Peace and Care; and fundamental human rights organizations like Amnesty International.

Some pages are off-site pages that Khalid Osman has built through different networks to support this humanitarian network. Those pages give you the opportunity to support human affairs and help us maintain strong presence online. They give you also some highlights to maintain any human network you think to build.

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network highlights some combined and related issues to children, kids and parents in the Third World. It provides information about people who are living in special circumstances, and describes the way they cope to settle their problems.

It aims through this enlightenment to provide lessons in addressing some problems, even before they exist by pre-reading the parameters of the political shifts in many areas in the third world, as reading the indications very well could prevent some crises to ocuure.

Then the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network suggests how to contact, keep in touch with those concerned bodies to provide any support needed for children, women, refugees and human rights.

Some charities in this Network will go directly to the linked international organizations. Any penny that you or anyone donates to them will count to demonstrate a high level of honesty while reaching its targeted direction.

However, if you wanted to support the Ezine Acts Multicultural project through its storefront, get through to the store to fund prizes for the Squadron of Poets, as well as the publishing costs to some publications in different languages. See the Ezine Acts Language Translation.

The Index of the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network!

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network - Political Refugees Section:

The Humanitarian Network begins with the following:

  • Political Refugees 1 - home-biz-trends.com/political-refugees.html: Those hot time refugees emerge whenever there's crisis on Earth. So, what should we do for them especially when they come to live between us?

How could we understand them, their educational and cultural backgrounds, and all those strange circumstances evolve them?

How could we set a security alert through prepared studies and learning qualifications to eliminate any crises in the future in their new resettlements?

  • Refugees 2 - home-biz-trends.com/refugees.html: This is the story of one of the Sudanese political refugees, who committed a suicide in Denmark to send a clear message to the international community and the authorities in Denmark about the failure of the new "Integration Program".

Since 2001, with the Liberal Party coming to the political power with other two egoistic parties, the political situation of the UN political refugees deteriorate continuously and remarkably. This is a call to establish the Refugees Alert Network (RANW).

This message says the socialist Danish parties together with the first complete generations of those who already became new Danish should work together to create a revolutionary integration program, improve it and revise all those new related regulations implemented by the new capitalist government during 2001-2011.

  • Political Refugees' Lens 3 - This is a lens I built for the political refugees to develop more channels for awareness and to share charities with other network. There is a similar network at this space to help people help others when they build lenses to feature their humanitarian networks.

All the tools needed to build such lenses are available through the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network at best tools for network. So, those who want to build networks can learn through the tools how to launch their networks.

  • Nadiana's Humanitarian Network Stores! 4 - In conjunction with the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network, all those who are concerned of building charities and maintaining their networks and supporting people in need can design some products with slogans of their causes and offer them from free stores on products that the mother company sells to help them earn money for their humanitarian causes.

Anybody can use those free stores to design some ready-made products and sell them for charities. Use the first Nadiana Cafepress store to support this network and use the Cafepress link here to start your own Cafepress free.

Your pictures and design could fit products you gather at your store, the company takes care of processing, shipping and returned products, if any, for you and you receive the profit margin you assigned when you setup the prizes.

  • Eritrean Refugees 4 - This indexed page on the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network is at the political site. Behind the lines of misery at the Sudanese eastern borders:

International Aids Agencies are seeking to help 90,000 Eritrean and Ethiopian Refugees in eastern Sudan out of hunger. Who MAKES IT? Of course, that is not the humanitarian organizations' job to seek the cause! Oh, my...

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network - Children's Section:

  • Awassa children's Village in Ethiopia is one of the SOS Children's Villages in Eastern Africa. It is a good example of a children's network in the Horn of Africa. Call to open and help children's villages in the other states in the Horn of Africa.

The Ezine Act and the HOA Political Scene supports some fundamental charities, some humanitarian organizations and environmental network, all of which you can access from this web page.

  • Awassa Children's Village lies in Ethiopia, deep on the southern landscape of the country. It's built and funded by Save Our Souls International Organization. The Children's Village has some Godfathers who support those Ethiopian children in the area.

Taken only by the faith of somebody like you, those children are smiling to life! Those are Messages from Awassa Children's Villages in Ethiopia, to read and connect to this world, its challenges and hopes; and to spread your hands to clear a child's misery.

Ethiopia Children's Villages have some great challenges to save, rehabilitate and bring up good Ethiopian children. Here are some stories to highlight those challenges. Those stories follow children from the first day they arrive to those villages to the day that they get married.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Abuse - home-biz-trends.com/child-abuse.html: Child Abuse is an extracted concept or definition to describe the outcome of a situation where a child faces bad physical, emotional or sexual behaviours.

In normal cases of neglect inside the families, it is difficult sometimes to notice if a child has faced this child abuse or not. But the signs and symptoms of this abuse could appear later in some kind of behaviours from the child itself, i.e. refusing to eat, drink, or say a word about something he has been asked.

In other kinds of abuses, the signs and symptoms vary. They could show physically immediately, or after some careful questioning. How to do if you have discovered that one of your children has faced a child abuse?

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Care - home-biz-trends.com/child-care.html: Child Care has the best news to address this issue. It goes through family care to institutional daily childcare.

It involves primary care services provided for children of various age groups, and additional daily care for children to help their parents carry on their tasks to improve their families' living standard. It takes place in either foster family homes or institutional work places.

In specific cases when this childcare involves disabilities, the institutional efforts are sought to address this matter scientifically. In this institutional care lot of programs, services and facilities are organized to achieve high quality childcare.

According to every family specific case, childcare should be handled as significant as possible to fulfil the urgent needs. This page shows you how to address this matter.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Labor - home-biz-trends.com/child-labor.html: Child Labour is one of its kind of child abuse. It happens daily and actually in some societies there where poverty takes the lion share of the family daily life.

In The Third World, where this issue is not a matter at all, children are facing the unfold abuse. They don't feel it, but it exists without taking a definition to bring fundamental humanitarian network on the ground.

It's lately, that some organizations began to address some child labour issues in those under developed countries. Anyway it occurs, anyway those organizations address it, you could make a difference when you read and take action.

  • Child Love - home-biz-trends.com/child-love.html: is mainly about how to raise children with care and love to grow healthy and well minded and focused children to achieve success and live happy.

The articles has psychological tips to read the thoughts of children and then harmonize that with some ethical guidances when children show unacceptable behaviors during some occurrences and circumstances. 

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Safety - home-biz-trends.com/child-safety.html: The indexed page on the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network about Child Safety, takes you to read about some measures you should take to secure your child safety while he uses your computer at home.

Not far away from the same concept, it opens a new area of concerns, when all the family gets involved in what this child does when s/he uses the computer.

Though it's not only when this child travels on this hyperspace, we speak about child safety, but child safety is a definition to all that child could encounter inside her/his home, in the surroundings, or in the society.

So, there're measures concerning the accident prevention at home, school and on the way. There're also measures to child safety at home according to every child age group. Reading this page does mean something good. However, I do not know where this page is. Really!

Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Soldiers - home-biz-trends.com/child-soldiers.html: Child Soldiers are defined as under age of 18 children who directly or indirectly participate in an armed conflict as a part of an armed group. In a worldwide combat, the numbers of child soldiers estimated there are ranging around 300.000 children.

Recruited and military trained children in Africa and other different places in this world take arms, wage wars and support other rebels' activities. It is seemingly that the high numbers of children who fall in this definition are living in Africa.

However, Asia is taking a share of high numbers of child soldiers too. A deep look in the European society will actually highlights some great numbers of child soldiers in this world.

More than half of the European states authorise children under 18 years old to be recruited in their armed forces. And even in England there're over 128.000 cadets in the age group 10-16 in training schools around the UK.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Child Trafficking home-biz-trends.com/child-trafficking.html: Child Trafficking is combined to women trafficking as a purpose of forced labour and commercial sexual activities. It is one of the most growing crimes, which bring a wide concern of international criminal engagement.

While it happens in a big organized network, child trafficking is considered the third largest source of organized crimes after drugs and arms.

Many children are trafficked to be used in prostitution worldwide from the poorest countries in the world. Some poor families accept fraction of black money to sell their children to foreigners in this trafficking network.

As the first sex trade, some international organizations are tacking steps to implement the international laws and provide measures and emergencies to address this dangerous crime.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Children Refugees - home-biz-trends.com/children-refugees.html: Children Refugees or Refugee Child - This is where children came to be refugees in marginal areas in their homelands or abroad. According to the UNHCR, there are tens of millions of refugee children.

UNHCR says, "In recent decades literally tens of millions of children have been given a new chance to grow and prosper through better medical care, schooling or, in the case of refugees, through the protection of UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations.

But despite these accomplishments, life has never been so desperate for many of the world's youngest citizens, including the estimated 25 million children currently uprooted from their homes."

  • Displaced - home-biz-trends.com/displaced.html: The report about the displaced people on the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network was published by the United Nations General Assembly.

The report includes figures of the internally displaced people in Africa. Children and women are the most vulnerable displaced people and they make the majority out of 13 million displaced in the content.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network -

  • Street Children - home-biz-trends.com/street-children.html: This is a humanitarian topic that exists even in the first world, even in America and in New York, when living underground attracts homeless and among them children fleeing their families.

But, in the third world and especially in Africa and Asia it is so alarming and it is always focused on the media, even in those first world countries that suffer from such humanitarian issue.  

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network - Environmental Section:

  • Environment Protection - I am calling to follow the rainbow. Get involved to protect your earth and create your green peaceful world. Green Peace runs this environment project.

It is your space to create in your area and help every body becomes a green peacemaker. However, I wrote the story on this page and executed the complete environmental activities in Eritrea.

In Copenhagen, I participated in the Green Peace activities, the first day and my daughter has published many pages about the events such as Copenhagen Climate Change, Climate Demonstration and Climate March on the website above.

Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network - Green PeaceGreen Peace calls to follow the rainbow, save the rainforests, protect the whales and other species, and make the world green. In its organizational efforts, Green Peace offers peace of mind, to do any of these activities in your area, and participate in your own green peace network.

You are the organizer and developer, if you are active enough to make your world greener.

I took it as a priority while I was in Eritrea to create a Green Peace of my own, which involves all the society, children, women and men to plant over 5 million trees and create the National Environment Organization. Everything in this network has happened through my personal motivation through the media and the public activities I ran.

The Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network is all about sharing a common sense and working for others in your private time.


I am just right here beyond those lines, too close to you to close you in this circle of success, if you want to do any activities like those I am doing right here. Just use the form to ask a question here about how to do this job on a website of your own.

Well the Formal Measures of Intelligence has many things to do with being active. Through these formal measures of Khalid Osman's intelligence (no assumption, or narcissisms intended here, but I love to joke on myself sometimes) I call you, to support those humanitarian organizations and to support me too.

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