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The Ezine Acts Political Section is the site map (8) in the Ezine Act's Network. It highlight politics, from different perspectives. The insights come warm from a mentality well engaged with politics in different continents for more than 37 years and therefore it sees things differently.

The Political Section of the Ezine Act's goes sometimes tough, because I have a feeling that my PEN has the pleasure to enjoy journalism writing, as journalism is the "fourth power" that has strengthened my back. It does that for almost half a century of political struggle.

In the most severe years of confrontation, the "fourth power" has maintained my political opinions and supplied me by the power while I was fighting the dictators we know nowadays internationally, some of whom have fallen to the garbage pin of history and some of whom are still mimicking la vache qui rit.

One of them is still ruling in what has been known before as Sudan and his people call him la vache qui rit. He was created and brought to power by one of the most devil party in the devastated country called the Islamic National Front (NIF) with his first vice-president that time who was the second man in power in the Islamic party.

The party planned the coup successfully and dissolved into two parties to control the political scene by one party in the power and the second party in the so-called opposition to "donkeyize" the people in the devastated country and remain in power as long as it takes.

While the African dictatorship continues in some other states in Africa, we find it at the Ezine Acts Political Section a tragicomedy that they still use the same military powers to crash their people and maintain good diplomatic relations with the European states, which had been colonizing their African states once.

Unfortunately, the same picturesque African dictatorship is the practice in some European states, despite the presumed democracy, which is not more than a cliché. The movement of the liberal parties with their capital dictates that those who have the wealth and the economical power are those who could control the political scene in Europe and guide the political events to defeat the socialist parties.

Another point is that, with the shift of international ideologies to fundamentalism to confront fake Islamic groups claiming Islamic agendas; which are not real, the population of modern countries have been deceived by the propagandist international media to support hard liners in semi nazi parties to come to power in some European countries.

We believe at the Ezine Acts Political Section that rational politics is not found in any country, since the majority of the people who are almost poor and who coup very hard to survive despite the claimed European prosperity are the most vulnerable people to such capitalist policies. Practices confirm that they are crushed every day by such policies.

Nothing positive would happen until the socialist parties be capable to increase their membership bases by providing new practical plans instead of hopes because hopes alone don't feed the majority of the poor people, but practical plans do. They will not achieve this and be able to lead the political periods without transparancy and credibility.

Like what has happened lately in Denmark, the socialist party wanted to take the power although the party has won the elections with a marginal votes over the Liberal party; and despite that they wanted to take the government only for the sake of having the leader of the socialist party to be the first woman prime minister in the country. So, what?

The party has a chance to revert to transparency and credibility to tell its supporters that the party could not help them and keep up with the promises the party made to get votes with the marginal votes they won and the process to keep up with obligations to their voters would be hard with the Liberal party and the DF holding the majority in the opposition.

If they read the political scene correct and predict the future they could say no, we don't want to take the government at this moment. This could have been the first political incident in the history of the country.

But, it will give the former liberal government another 5-term in the government and meanwhile the social parties could continue their struggle in the opposition and continue to grow their membership base andy engage the people with their socialism until they get a good majority that could enable them to keep up with their obligations.

Maybe they don't have good political advisors to advise them and to plan for the party to expand. We could find the same examples in France and elsewhere in Europe.

So, the political views on the Ezine Acts Political Section here are subtle, because they are results of collective political experiences I have had in some continents and I am still getting through them to read the political scene correct and understand what is described by some folk as dirty game, referring to politics and am trying to maintain a positive point of view.

I know rational politics is not a dirty game. However, some political parties in our globe tend to make it seem like that by their bad political conducts. I couldn't see a difference between the dictatorial parties we have for example in Africa and the Middle East and many parties in Europe and America, especially the parties in the liberalism sphere of politics.

They make liberalism in fact such kind of neo-facism and neo-imperialism. Hasn't the recent history told us that, yet?

Some political leaders of some of these parties think they are sent by God to do what they do. They clearly become religious and they forget that the concept of politics is as secular as the state. They wage wars against other religions and create political procedures against other people from other religions in their societies and then they claim that the other people they fight against them are religious.

It just seems tragicomedy.

But, the fact is that religions have nothing to do with politics, or the state, as both of them are secular concepts. If they tend to continue this religious thing then the other people they fight would become more religious and all of that would destroy this world.

They create complicated political situation all over the world and we could see at the Ezine Acts Political Section that this policy has started after the collapse of socialism to shift the ideologies from social-capital competition to religious wars, which is indeed not good at all.

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As we see from the policies of the liberal parties, we could assure ourselves that rational politics always belongs to socialism, whereby the poor people in the society whom they make the majority get to have strong impact on the decision making to revive the social goals of their socialist parties, improve their politics and secure the safety of the entire society.

Meanwhile, the capitalist parties use their economical power to win the elections and continue the oppression of poor people. The poor people are not only the people with the same cultural backgrounds of the same societies, but they are also people from other cultural backgrounds.

But, the cultural backgrounds shouldn't be the cause of differentiation between people at the base of the decision making. So, the social justice is the outcome of such rational politics. The practice and theory of influencing other people in our globe has the goals of equality, freedom, gender justice, prosperity, similarity, simplicity, and social justice.

The equity of the state is the principle and this is why it is unique and focused. But, unfortunately, with the economical growth of the capital the capitalist parties hold they always have a say in perplexing the policies of the social parties and posing power threats to them while conducting the elections. Well, enough for this political talk. Let's start the index of the Ezine Acts Political Section of the Ezine Act's Network.

The Ezine Acts Political Section Index!

The Ezine Acts Political Section includes the following political pages, which make the site map (8) in the Ezine Act's Network. However, I moved some pages on this website to the political theme-focused website. So, there are apparently many indexed pages from the political website on the Ezine Acts Political Section.

I am sectioning the Ezine Act website because it is getting huge, so reorganizing the website helps visitors navigate it easily. It has now more than 1000 pages.

Art of Prime Ministering - home-biz-trends.com/art-of-prime-ministering.html: The first indexed page on the Ezine Acts Political Section is about developing the art of prime ministering, or that sensible vision, colleges haven't taught yet. It criticizes one of the former leaders of the government in Denmark, because he missed that vision.

This is something sensible to read and understand, to overcome the crises and the bad feelings! Developing the art of Prime Ministering, or that sensible vision colleges have not taught yet is important!

It is as simple as that. In addition, there is always a way to fine tune the problem when it is hot other than the way the Danish PM has approached. Lacking such mechanism destroys the creativity of the decision makers.

He might have been influenced by the Danish Folk Party (DF) the main supporters of the liberal party to become absentee and perform badly during his term.

DF - home-biz-trends.com/df.html: When Denmark responds positively to the dogmatic Danish People's party (DF), the chaos would be inevitable and the bright picture of Denmark would be dim internationally and locally. Erase the role of the fundamental egoism.

Dogmatism - home-biz-trends.com/dogmatism.html: The fundamental egoism has signs of dogmatism in the political system, as the indexed page on the Ezine Acts Political Section highlights. At this term, some abuses to human rights occur.

It has not happened before in Denmark that the well known democracy becomes a majority mechanical dictatorship under the liberal governing party and its allies from the Danish fundamentalists for ten years and it still has impacts on the policies of the government of the socialist parties.

* Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network - home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-humanitarian-network.html: The Ezine Act's Humanitarian Network (site map 4) has also many political pages relevant to the Ezine Acts Political Section. Some humanitarian cases feature the human crisis in Africa as the outcome of bad political experiments in Africa.

We find the same bad experiments in Europe too regarding the policies made against foreigners, by treating all foreigners alike, although the term "foreigner" includes the UN convention political refugees, whom they should not be treated as foreigners in the European societies.

Some human crises actually arise every time and then when the authorities neglect the economical and human resources of interest, or invest on refugees wrong to affect the development of these resources.

Human deterioration happens when the political authorities concentrate on claiming the political power, or when they insist on holding it for a long time. Political systems built of the one party system create dictatorship and escalate the human deterioration in so many countries.

However, I moved some pages concerning these issues in the Horn of Africa from the Ezine Acts Political Section to the political website linked within the second part of the Ezine Acts Political Section.

Hiroshima Nagasaki - home-biz-trends.com/hiroshima-nagasaki.html: Every year, this would be the sings to criticize historical imperial policies. In The Memorials of Hiroshima-Nagasaki Victims, history might give us hopes for better future. Political revision to policies towards other states is important to revive the international peace.

Jyllands Postens Cartoon - home-biz-trends.com/Jyllands-Postens-cartoons.html: Arts are not made for cultural discrimination. This is an example of missing a global vision we highlight through the indexed page on the Ezine Acts Political Section to get you well-covered!

The Fundamental Law of Denmark strengthens the values of cultural diversity and the respect of different cultural backgrounds in addition to the freedom of speech. Therefore, the freedom of speech should not destroy what the "fundamental law" has maintained. Rationality is missing here.

Liberalism - home-biz-trends.com/liberalism.html: What should poor people do when liberalism gets hard or perhaps changes into a kind of "mechanical majority dictatorship"? How moderate discussions of such political concepts could improve human situations in some countries in this world? How could some folk still see liberalism as a solution?

Political News - home-biz-trends.com/political-news.html: The indexed political news on the Ezine Acts Political Section here comes to dynamically minimize the political borders between humans. Some figures in some authorities do not see the results of their decisions concerning social issues in their societies.

It is not because they do not have eyes, but because they live in luxury. So, how could they see the pain of the others. This is a very bad example of liberalism.

Now here are some of the political pages that I moved from the Ezine Acts Political Section to the second political website, included in briefs within the political section. You can visit every page from the Ezine Acts Political Section easily.

The Ezine Acts Political Section - Useful Resources!

The HOA's Political Section highlights and analyses political events ranging from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda to some other countries in the African continent, such as Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo, although those pages are now at the political website.

It is only for the relevancy with the Ezine Acts Political Section and to provide good political resources, we included two pages on the Ezine Acts Political Section.

Political Inspiration - hoa-politicalscene.com/political-inspiration.html: Wise readings in politics, business and love in some countries in Africa takes you to maintain good understanding to this continent and the ruling elites after its independence.

The indexed page on the Ezine Acts Political Section inspires readers to be creative and motivated, acquire more knowledge about the political topics and even think positively to achieve their personal political success.

Political Scene - hoa-politicalscene.com/political-scene.html: Some leaders are just making it worse in the Horn of Africa and this proves that the nationals are not benefited yet from their national independence!

The independence proves to be false! You have the proofs in the news. Therefore, if you're a journalist and want to publish any articles on these issues in the Horn of Africa, you can do just that right there at the political site. Don't write anything relevant to Africa on the Ezine Acts Political Section.

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In addition to the Ezine Acts Political Section, you may also be interested in the following journalistic and personal development articles included on the Entire Ezine Act's Site Maps:

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