The Ezine Arabic Articles Help You…

If You Are Struggling With Arabic Encoding and More!

The Ezine Arabic Articles are collective Arabic articles I have written and published after I built web pages in Arabic and web pages in bilingual websites using web building and optimizing tools that don't support Arabic scripting and condign so much.

So, the Arabic Articles of the Ezine Act's highlight how to use Arabic in keywords, titles, descriptions and image alts to make the overall HTML of your website work with integrated design and help with search engines.

Through my own experiment with such tools, I have come to control the tools I am using to do with Arabic pages what I want to do. The process is still difficult, but I am experimenting with a workaround techniques to do the job on many Arabic pages, as you could see through the Ezine Arabic Articles.

Practically, I came through good experiments to help you and show you through the Arabic and bilingual websites how to use Arabic in file names, page titles, keywords, descriptions, headlines, sub-headlines and image alts to make the overall HTML of your website work in harmony with integrated design and most of all help your website acquire a good position in search engines.

I am not an HTML expert, though. All the experiments proved that I and you could learn more by practicing and by reading about other successful practices like the ones you'll read through the Ezine Arabic Articles.

First of all, not all the website building tools accept Arabic characters, especially when we come to insert the file names for pages and then the titles of pages, the keywords for pages and the descriptions of the pages.

Not only that, but I have never heard of such website tools that include the Ezine Acts optimization and the monetization of websites in one place with the building tools integrated in one place, except at Site Build It. This is definitely exceptional and it would be for a long time.

The four fields are vital and so important fields to provide accurate excerpted information about each of the pages on your website to satisfy first your visitor and second the search engines. However, the visitor would only read the title and the description fields of the page.

Deeper In the Ezine Arabic Articles!

You want to satisfy your visitor, because your visitor is so important to you and because this is where you get your leads generating system to generate leads and get clients for your business, whatever it is.

It is also because of that s/he wants to read more information about the things that interest you and him at the first place and you have already excerpted in the title and the description fields of the page. This is additional value the Ezine Arabic Articles have in common.

To get your keyword terms work better for the visitor to get the idea whether the page, or pages cover what s/he is looking for, use the term as is in the description and summarize the values of the relevant information for the end user.

For example, if one of the pages is about how to play, say, "game 1", as explained at the Ezine Acts Play, the description should include the strategies and tactics summarized and the values in such game to the end user. S/he would probably use the keyword "game 1" which could be a specific game by a name, to look for it through the search engines.

You should put the same term in the keyword field of the page. The visitor wouldn't see this. The title is the first element in the fields the visitor sees, when s/he finds your page in the search engines index.

You should make that title so compelling, by providing the values in different language and very summarized sentence that you explain father at the description field, which the visitor reads next to the title.

Ezine Arabic Articles: PC Control Means How to Use It to Improve Your Life!

When s/he arrives to your page, the flow of the content of the page should be natural and well constructed with supportive images, aligned left, right, or center to provide the rest of the information about that game.

But, the opening of the article, as you could learn from the Ezine Arabic Articles, should be compelling farther to continue reading.

After the headline with the opening of the article the rest of the article should flow with more engaging parts to keep the visitor reading.

Through this you could increase the value of time spent on the page for the search engines to consider that and thus know the high value of the page to the end user.

The images don't only make the page beautiful, but they support the content by some ingredients of the search term used on page and add more values to the search engines to consider the page of more values with well-integrated imagery content and videos relevant to the theme of the page.

I have chosen the term "game 1", as an example, because great numbers of Arabic young play computer games and other playstation and X-box games for hours and hours.

They do that, without having a clue that they could use their game passion to do more with their life and improve it, when they only start learning from free resources and then use the best business tools in the world to convert that hobby into a home based business to improve their lives.

The Arabic pages, as you could see through the Ezine Arabic Articles should follow the same primary term of the website with relevant keywords and seeds of keywords to provide the relevant information for that herm.

This makes the website more focused on its theme and make you stand out of the crowed with your own authoritative backgrounds on your topic, as you see through the examples on the Ezine Arabic Articles.

This in turn brings you more credibility and trust. So, your visitors would value this, do business with you, recommend your lovely theme to their friends, share it with their social media and get you free publicity without even having to lift a finger.

The term is important on images, as you see through the Ezine Arabic Articles and when you read the textual content below the images and hover your mouse to read the terms of the "alts" and other parts of the image. It is impotent, because all that I have mentioned adds to the "on page criteria" heavy weights.

The thing that you don't know is that you could design images like the ones you see here, or use images from some affiliates you may get through the Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs to earn additional income from images you use on your "game 1" website… any website, by the way.

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An Ezine Arabic Articles HTML Example to Start With!

If you are a "DIY" HTML - do it yourself HTML builder, you want to use the Arabic terms, for example for hair loss, as you read through the following HTML: This is the first step in the process of optimizing a website.

For  English readers, the Arabic words for the HTML part of the Ezine Arabic Articles above are about the best natural cure for baldness, or hair loss. So, the description goes like this:

The best natural remedy for hair loss. You can get samples for experimentation free and you can get free instructions for best use for best results to remove baldness totally.

You can adjust it to your needs, if have a website about hair loss, or natural remedies for such similar topics. But, when you did, please be honest to refer in live and "dofollow" link to the Ezine Arabic Articles page at

Such "free samples" could generate leads for such topics. But, you may lose sales for the natural product.

If you feel that you'll lose sales for the natural product, don't stop. Look for options to get your leads to do other things for you like subscripting to your newsletter, sharing with social media, forwarding to get more leads, and other strategies, as you read on the Ezine Acts Business Strategies Cat to convert them into customers for other products, or services you have.

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