New Views: The Adventures of Tintin!

Did you like the adventures of Tintin? Do you read Tintin's Adventures in anime cartoons magazines and volumes? Do you watch the animated cartoons of Tintin's Adventures (مغامرات تم تم) on your TV, video or other devices? Are Tintin's Adventures only for kids? How Tintin's Adventures developed the cultural life of kids in the Middle East?

When the Belgian cartoonist, George Remi who lived during the period of 1907-1983 created TINTIN Adventures, the Egyptians took the glove after a couple of years to translate the Adventures of Tintin into Arabic from French.

This page is primarily to enjoy reading about the backgrounds of the translations of Tintin's Adventures from French to Arabic. If you wanted to read about the Animated Film, link to it through this link.

Besides, how it has great impact on the generations in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, from Morocco to Eritrea and sometimes to Ethiopia, east of the borders of Gondar.

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Les Aventures de Tintin was not only the most popular European cartoons comics in the 20th century but also one of the most interesting children's adventures, which occurs sometimes in mysterious places and sometimes in the skies with brilliant cartoons business ideas to develop both photography and home video shows.

The series of the children's adventures appeared first on 10 January 1929 in French in "Le Petit Vingtierne", the children supplement of the Belgian newspaper "Le XXe Siecle".

Some serialized strips of the Adventures of Tintin had been published in the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir" and then converted to appear in "Tintin Magazine" - "مجلة تم تم".

They illustrate fantasy, mysteries, swashbuckling adventures sometimes political thrillers and science fiction humor.

The main fictional characters in the series are the young Belgian reporter, Tintin, his dog Snowy or (Milou), Captain Archibald Haddock, professor Calculus and the twins detectives Thomson (Dupont) and Thompson (Dupond).

The development engaged the author and creator, so he established "Studios Herge" to produce the canonical series of 24 Tintin albums for radio, television, theatre and film.

The success the Adventures of Tintin received was parallel by none that time, so the series were translated into more than 50 languages and sold more than 300 million copies.

In 1992 and 1993, the BBC produced two of the Adventures of Tintin as radio series. Richard Pearce played the role of Tintin. Leo McKern played the role of Captain Haddock and Andrew Sachs the role of Snowy.

Egypt issued very successful two children's magazines called "Samir" and "Mickey" for Arabs children to enjoy both, the adventures of Tintin by the Belgian cartoonist and the Adventures of Mickey Mouse by the brilliant creator, Walt Disney.

Names such as mama Nadia, the first editor-in-chief and then mama Lubna (Natiela Rashid), mama Gamila (Gamila Kamil) became very intimate and second mothers for Egyptian and Arabic children, almost in the entire Middle East and North West Africa.

Natella Rashid (Mama Lubna) and other moms who worked that time as editors in chief for those children's magazines built emotional ties through weekly love letters, they wrote in the editorial using great deal of bright letters and polite touches oriented towards the Egyptian child.

Samir Magazine was published in 1956 by Dar Al-Hilal in Cairo, while Mickey Magazine was licensed from Walt Disney and published by Dar Nahdat Misr in 1956 and then Dar Al-Hilal company in 1959 until 2003.

Then Dar Nahdat Misr acquired it again to continue publishing it since 2004. However, in addition to Mickey, the magazine published the adventures of Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy.

I think Goofy was called (Bundug بندق in Arabic) because it was doodle (which means fool (احمق) (ابله), the first meaning of this word when it was first appeared in the 17th century) and stupid (غبي) sometimes.

The slogan on those children's magazines, which read as "good read for all ages from 8 to 88" was very successful and inspiring, so the two magazines sold millions of copies.

As a child that time, and while the city bookshop was the first shop beside my father boutique, I had the pleasure to take some of my mates to the post office, just at the second block to bring those magazines, open the packages, stuff them at the board and get the first copies with the free stuff included.

The Belgian cartoonist, George Remi started his project to write the Adventures of Tintin in series of cartoons comic albums using the pen name Hergé.

When young people read it that time and I was among them we thought simply the Adventures of Tintin were French, because Egypt translated them from French. Later on, we knew the other countries that speak French, whether in Europe, or in the Francophone zone in Africa.

I enjoyed reading the Adventures of Tintin and Mickey Mouse since earlier childhood and even before I started school. I was in a kindergarten that taught only Qur'an that time. I absorbed almost most of it and I could read it from my heart that time and even weep while doing so.

The education was very tough, though. The Sheikh used to punch us hard on our foot and he has a tough face that I disliked. I wasn't afraid of him because I didn't make any mistake.

But, I just couldn't bear watching other children screaming. However, I became afraid of many other things during childhood, just like other children at my age.

The Adventures of Tintin helped me to find some ways and I had just played some tricks with my mates. Most importantly, I found courage to decide what kind of education I wanted for myself, when a young girl in my town met me one day while I was on my way home.

She called me by the nickname of my family, my father has acquired when he established the first boutique of its kind (and the famous for many years in the beauty industry) in the city and gave it that name. She told me that she will open a kindergarten in her family's house to teach children.

She asked me to tell my mates about it and come to her house after only two days to register for her kindergarten. I asked her about the education fees to see how much that would cost me and the others. She replied saying only 10 Piasters a month.

That was much better than what we gave to our ugly Sheik. Another difference is that she was a female, pretty and most importantly, she has the feeling of a mother.

So, I told her I will come with some of my mates, even before thinking well of this decision I made, as the first decision in my life to choose the education I needed for myself as a citizen. I haven't even thought of it this way during that time.

Maybe that was the early development of my IQ when I was so young. Read about this at formal measures of intelligence.

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This is what makes you the expert in the field of arts, knowledge, or literature you have picked up from your own activities.

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