Jean Honore Fragonard!

Jean Honore Fragonard was a pre-impressionist French painter and printmaker, as he lived during the years 1732-1806. He was born in Grasse commune, on the Alpes Maritime department in the French Riviera to the glover, Francois Fragonard and Francoise Petit.

The French town is known as the world's capital of perfume, as it produces the world class perfume. His father was a perfume make in the town and the lifestyle of the family contributed to the making of this great French painter, as his father has entrusted him to the painter Francois Boucher to educate him.

Is it the family lifestyle that drives folk to build careers based on the family interests they have?

Jean Honore Fragonard: Arts Raise Your Stimuli and Make You a Better Person.

Jean Honore Fragonard followed the Rococo art movement called also "Late Baroque" which was distinguished by hedonism, a semi-philosophical school that pretends pleasure to be primary and most significant in terms of other experiences of life.

He was active in the last decades of the Ancien Regime, which was aristocratic, socially and politically. He painted more than 500 paintings and as must numbers of drawings and etchings, or engravings.

He found himself bind to Paris notary by the terms of the contracts, when his father lost ventures in the stocks, or property. The circumstances of his family's bankruptcy became strained through unsuccessful speculations.

He started at the age of eighteen to take his talent and inclination for art further. So, Francois Boucher sent him to Chardin's atelier where he studied for six months and returned to Boucher and the late entrusted him with the execution of replicas of his paintings.

In 1752, Fragonard gained the Prix de Rome, which was a French scholarship for arts students established in 1663 during the area of Louis XIV of France. His painting "Jeroboam Sacrificing to the Golden Calf" entitled him for the scholarship.

Before getting to Rome, Jean Honore Fragonard studied for three years under Charles-Andre van Loo, who was a French subject painter lived during (15 February 1705 - 15 July 1765). He attended the French Academy in Rome in 1756.

He toured Italy in 1760 with his fellow painter Hubert Robert, a noted painter for his landscape paintings and picturesque depiction of ruins who lived during ( 22 May 1733 - 15 April 1808) and painted many sketches of local places.

Jean Honore Fragonard left Rococo to experiment with Neoclassicism, which was an art movement in decorative and visual arts prospered during (1750-1830). He married the painter Marie-Anne Gerard (1745-1823) on 17 June 1769. His daughter Rosalie Fragonard was born in the same year and became one of his models.

His son Alexander-Evariste Fragonard was born in 26 October1780 and lived until 10 November 1850 and he was influenced by his dad to become a famous painter and sculptor.

The French Revolution deprived Jean Honore Fragonard from his property and he left Paris in 1790 to a shelter in his cousin, Maubert's house in Grasse. He decorated the house with his famous decorations and died there.

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