The NTI Home Video Maker is the Best!

Why the NTI Home Video Maker is the best?

Oh, boy... you gotta use it to believe it. This compared by none home video maker called NTI is just amazing and best of all risk free, free home video maker. OK, until that moment I used it. It comes now with a free trial.

It has complete features to upload videos to design, reproduce and add many features to them, or upload images like those you see on the page to do the same video production process. Watch the videos below, so you will see many features I have used to enhance the performance of the videos.

Eva LaRue, Detective Natalia Boa Vista, CBS Series CSI Miami

Eva LaRue, Detective Natalia Boa Vista, CBS Series CSI Miami at NTI Home Video Maker. Get posters to make your site beautiful

The article below the main introductory sets you for a good go. If you installed it, used it and thought you have been blown away by its features, please come here and use the form on this page to write about your experiences with it.

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The full article is below this introduction.

Disneyland, Paris, France at NTI Home Video Maker

Disneyland, Paris, France at NTI Home Video Maker. Get posters to make your site beautiful

How to Use NTI Home Video Maker?

The NTI Home Video Maker or the Showbiz Video Production shows you how to improve making videos, resizing them and saving them in good qualities to use in your Google Video, Youtube, Yahoo Video, Facebook, Vimo, Stumble Upon, and many other video platforms.

It helps you further to work smart, make TV shows, extract TV and make lot of fun with your videos. One of the amazing utilities is the font styles, shadows and other effects.

It has also audio capability to produce songs, poetry, or add phonetic presentations and narrations.

How to use Showbiz / NTI Home Video Maker?

The available functions of the software help make video projects, re-produce videos, skin videos, design videos and compress big size videos.

You may need another compressor to compress your videos, or do that using the Windows Movie Maker, when you finish the steps to produce your videos.

Nevertheless, I stress on using the NTI Home-Video Maker, because it has all in one system utilities that enable you to do as much as you want with your video project to get the best video production and quality you want.

The Showbiz / NTI Home Video Maker has been included in some of the Acer computers. I got it when I purchased one developed Acer about 6-7 years ago. Unfortunately, that computer has crashed.

However, when I got another Acer laptop lately, I did not find it included in it.

If you do not have an Acer, see if you could download it from the Showbiz / NTI Home Video Maker main website. Use the search box at the right column and enter the term "NTI Home Video" to look for it. It will appear at the top of the first result page.

Run the Showbiz / NTI Home Video Maker and go to Start --> All Programs --> NTI HomeVideo Maker --> HomeVideo-Maker and click on it.

The program will open into a window with a welcoming message that says, "Welcome to NTI HomeVideo-Maker, asking you what would you like to do. There are 4 icons that have answers to this question.

You may want to do one of the following:

  • Record from a video tape directly to DVD,
  • Capture, create or edit,
  • Create or edit a DVD disc,
  • Create a VCD disc.

Click on "capture, create or edit". The work sheet of the program will open with an additional small window inside it asking you, "How would you like to acquire your media, with 3 buttons of available utilities like the following:

  • Capture from a device explained by "capture directly from my DV camcorder, video camera, or other device.
  • Get from album explained by " select files from my custom HomeVideo-Maker media albums.
  • Get from file explained by "select files directly from my computer.

While using the Showbiz Video Production, you can elect to (deselect) show this small window by checking the box that says, "Do Not Show Again".

Click on the last button that says, "Get files directly from my computer". Select your video from the new window and click open.

Your video will appear in both, small window for displaying and the Story Board where you edit, design, skin, make any effects and transitions and work with different text designs.

Click on every button on the entire network to learn how to work with that function and get acquainted with the usage of the work sheet. You can also capture, create and export with this work sheet and choose the format of your video.

Take your time to learn about all items you would use with the Showbiz NTI Home Video to produce good quality videos or enhance your videos.

You will amazingly find the Showbiz / NTI Home Video Maker easy and smart. It will surprise you by the smooth infrastructural techniques it has combined in this excellent video production software.

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Here are two examples of those videos I produced using the NTI Home Video Converter.

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