Ebook Publishing Articles!

The Ebook Publishing Articles cover some necessary steps to take, so you could convert text documents, or books, or pictures books into ebooks. There are some options to take, if...

  • if you don't know how the publishing process goes, or...
  • if you don't know how to do this business online, or...
  • if you don't have time to do it.

Here is one of the articles to read and see how you could publish your ebook, whether using texts, texts supported by pictures, or pictures described by some texts to explain what they are about.

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Pictures Ebook Publishing Articles, JJ in CBS Crime Drama, Criminal Minds.

Did You Thing of Publishing Ebooks Using Images?

If you thought this picture of A.J. Cook, Jennifer Jareau (JJ) I have taken from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior is not relevant to the "Ebook Publishing Articles", think again.

This is a mix-it all theory to do one of the Seven Shadow Strategies to write and publish your photo ebooks on TV series, video shows, video games and other Internet oriented products, such as other digital and video products.

The Ezine Acts Video Games and the Ezine Acts Video Shows walk you around.

You can even use pictures to publish pictures ebooks depending on favorite games pictures, as explained at the Ezine Acts Game Site. Just think of new business ideas, while reading the ideas on the Ezine Acts Pictures at the Ezine Acts Galleries, the EEzine Acts Photo Gallery and Pictures for Your Website... Get posters to make your site beautiful.

Many people I know think that they can write books and get them published, as they wish. They have no problems, because they know the publishing resources and how the publishing process goes.

Others I know too think that they cannot write and publish books as they wish. They have problems like funding and finding the right publisher, the printing broker, or the printing house. So, the publishing process becomes difficult.

When writing and publishing are about e-books, many people I know hesitate to take steps. I found that writing is not a problem, as they could do that easily.

But, writing and then converting when it comes to e-books are real problems. We will take only one problem here. However, the page absolutely gives you more ideas about other relevant publishing themes to digitalize your knowledge.

Here is one of those ebook publishing articles.

Books and Ebooks Publishing Articles, Genre Books

First, the most necessary thing if you wanted to publish a book is to format it into a digital book, called also e-book or electronic book. This process needs some tools.

At the same time, a book could also be converted into a digital book, such as an audio book. But, here also you should have some tools to do this or that job.

So, what tools you need to publish your ebook?

Ebook publishing articles are about this topic. You can find many of these articles on this website. But through this article, you will get some help to convert your text document into ebook.

You convert your text document or your book into ebook using first the text editor you prefer to use, whether it is the TextEdit on Mac computers or any kind of new Microsoft Words in your Windows.

I prefer a text blockeditor or notepad to do the first writing of my documents. All I need after completing the documents, is to copy and paste each of them into Microsoft Words 2003.

Yes, this is the old version, as Microsoft has come with Words 2007, Words 2010, Words 2013 and Words for Mac. But, I found the old version better for me and it is not complicated as the new versions.

I may also choose to prepare Microsoft Words with the layout I need before I paste each text document into Microsoft Words. This way, as you could see through the Ebook Publishing Articles, I get the text documents placed on the sizes I already made the layout for them.

However, I may do more formatting using Microsoft Words, or even Textedit in Mac, which is more flexible and it has special characters integrated in the Edit tab to add some emoticons.

This shows you, before converting, how to take the necessary steps you need to do the best editing and layout of your book, choosing the best fonts and font size and preparing the header and footer and the margins of the text document in sizes that are suitable for printing books.

This kind of work requires passion and most of all time and good efforts. It also needs some knowledge of how those tools you use to convert your text document into ebooks work. You have most of the text editing tools in your computer.

But, certainly, you do not have the right tools to convert your text documents into ebooks in your computer. You can of course read ebooks, as most computers have a reader version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

More Insights in the Ezine Act's Ebook Publishing Articles!

This is something you should think about to look for some tools that do the work for you. You can find these tools included in links within the ebook publishing articles, or do some searches for them from the right column.

When entering search terms on search engines, try "convert documents into PDF", "free pdf converter", "free text to PDF converter", "free Microsoft Words to PDF converter", etc… Use the search box at the right column.

Besides, the tools you need to convert your text documents into ebooks or your books into electronic audio books are not cheap. So, in addition to the time and efforts, the converting process needs good cash too, and that is something you probably could not afford.

However, the audio products could give you more insights to execute such job and audio digitalize your book, or any work you think could be digitalized.

Digital books could be used in computers, kindles, androids in smart phones and tablet computers, as many people started to enjoy these modern digital products in kindles and other iPhones and iPads.

The late smart phones that Apple as produced to take the net by storm has some devices that read digital texts and images. Some of them starting with the androids are developed when Google led the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) which includes Dell, HTC, Sony, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Wind River Systems, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, Qualcomm and T-Mobile.

These days, kids find their pleasure when they enjoy Linux operating system for mobile devices in their smartphones and the other new digital processors. They even enjoy using them to draw and paint images.

Even university students find university's assignments, tutorials, lectures and other materials in digital formats, these days. So, digitalizing your knowledge is very important to keep up with the new life tempo.

A Tip: The cheapest Amazon kindle costs 79 dollars, but the best one costs 379 dollars. However, I could get you one free. Just ask, when you use the Contact Us form here. You can use it to read free books on Amazon and Apple App Store too.

You read ebooks online and off-line too, where you enjoy reading... whether in your home or at your favorite place outdoors. The kindle is the best to do this job.

Those mentioned tools on the Ebook Publishing Articles are in fact reader devices, many people enjoy while they are relaxing in some places or traveling to beautiful places in the world. So, ebooks are required and enjoyable to read on those mentioned digitals.

I assume that you have written your book in A4 papers or used text applications in your computer to write your book.

After that you want to edit it, add designs and convert your book into ebook. If you don't know how to do all of this work, you can send your subject to me to edit and convert it into e-book and send it back to you for FREE.

If you wanted to design your book, this will take more efforts and time and it would cost you small amount of money. Professional people actually do the design job and charge high prices for it. But, I am doing it this way for too reasons.

The first reason concerning the free service is that I want to have you as a friend. The second reason regarding the small amount of money in the paid service is that I want to have you as a valued returned customer. Use the Contact Us link above.

There are some technical requirements here to make a digital file that could be suitable to the printed book. As printed books are expensive, the digital books are cheaper.

However, the tools you should have to make the format of your book into ebook, or to convert text documents to e-books are even more expensive.

You could find some free digital services to use to convert your book into e-book. But, you should ask yourself some questions here.

Did you know them?

Did you trust them?

Are you sure that they will not use this free digital service they provided to you to get a copy of your book and publish it as a printed book?

Check my published books and ebooks at the right column of the Ebook Publishing Articles. You will get an idea about this expertise, to make you sure. You can also see them at Lulu.com/spotlight/osman9.

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