Special Event Videos!

The special event videos show you how to do this job in a classical mode using your camera, microphone and other equipments. But, you can get the business ideas to videotape special events using only one camera, enjoy your time with the people you shoot and make additional income.

Videotaping special events comes in a series of articles about how to use your digital camera, or your camcorder to shoot pictures, or to shoot videos of many special events and from many different locations. See the links included from within the text and the links at the end of this article to get the complete picture.

Special Event Videos: A camera shot from Fever Pitch

Videotaping Special Event: A camera shot from Fever Pitch, starring Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, Neil Pearson, Mark Strong.

Videos of special events are much simpler and a lot less worry than videotaping weddings ceremonies. In many cases in the old days, freelance photographers only need one camera, one microphone, and little or no editing to carry on with their freelance photography. They charge less, of course, but their profit margin started to be higher.

Nowadays, you don't need all of the equipments mentioned above. You will only need a good camcorder to videotape special events and make your special event videotaping service successful.

You can provide your special event videotaping service to any professional person or group of attorneys, salespeople, financial advisors, professional speakers and anyone who must give a talk, presentation or lecture before a group of people.

Workshops, meetings, conferences and reunions are all potential business opportunities for your special event videos.

As with videotaping weddings, meet beforehand with the person or persons you will be videotaping, both to get their permission to tape them, if necessary, and to get a feel for what they specifically want on tape.

If all they want is a tape of their speech, then all you'll need is one camera, or two if you want a spare in case of problems, one microphone and a tripod if you want to do classical screen shooting. Set your equipments up well ahead of time, to allow for testing.

Be sure to have the subject of the tape. Do a test of part of their speech, so you can be sure the microphone is set right. It's important to have clear sound for event taping.

Special Event Videos: Mexican girls pressing grape in A Walk in the Clouds.

Special Event Videos: Mexican girls pressing grape in A Walk in the Clouds, starring Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Anthony Quinn, Giancarlo Giannini, Angélica Aragón.

For panel discussions, meetings and other group events, you'll want to have a camera pointed at every person, or possibly at every two people, as well as one at the whole group. Make sure every person can be picked up by your microphones.

When you edit the tapes together, try to have the speaking person on screen as they speak, unless that would mean too many rapid changes, which can be disorienting to the viewer.

Sometimes, you may want to consider when you are videotaping an interview, the subject of the interview is more important than the interviewer.

But, while it's good to cut in a reaction shot of the interviewer from time to time, keep the focus of your tape on the person being interviewed.

Unless you need to use multiple cameras and heavy editing, you should charge less for the special event videos than you would for wedding taping. There are a few reasons for this.

  • First, you will spend far less time on an event tape. 
  • Second, you have a higher potential for return business. If you do a good job, you have a good chance of being called in again for the next meeting or conference to shoot more special event videos.
  • Finally, there is always the possibility of selling copies of the special event tapes to targeted customers. 

This can either be done for the subject of each special event videotape, with you getting a cut, or the subject can pay you a license fee for each special event video that sells.

An up-and-coming event to tape is the high school or college class reunion. Offer your special event videos services to tape the reunion as a keepsake for those who attended, or those who couldn't attend.

If you price your special event videos service right, you may be able to work a deal where each attendee would get a copy of the tape as part of their registration fee, with a cut going to you.

Special Event Videos: Mexican celebrating grape harvest in A Walk in the Clouds.

Videotaping Special Event: Mexican celebrating grape harvest in A Walk in the Clouds, starring Keanu Reeves, Angélica Aragón, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Anthony Quinn, Giancarlo Giannini.

You'll make less for each tape, but you'll make up on quantity. You should be able to make $10 to $15 per tape just for copying the master onto a blank.

Set up your VCRs (you don't need this currently with camcorders, but only your computer to upload and produce), start the copying, and grab a good book. Sounds like easy money to me!

If you run the videos of the special events to tape a reunion, try to get a class list, so you can send a personalized letter and brochure to those who didn't attend. They are a good market for copies of the tape.

You will need to work out details with the planning committee of the reunion, as they will probably want a cut of the profits, which is fair. But, you are entitled to the lion's share, since you did the work.

When you are using your special event videos service to tape a reunion, make sure to get a good group shot of the attendees, possibly panning across the group for clear face shots.

Be sure to tape any and all speeches, important class members like the valedictorian, class leaders, sports figures, and any class member(s) who have become local or national celebrities. Be sure to get plenty of candid material, too, which can be edited in.

You'll want also to make sure your skills are good when holding the camera for an event like this.

Other events you may want to consider for your special event videos would be family events, like birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, holiday get-togethers, as well as business and school parties, award ceremonies, etc…

You'll get these jobs primarily from referrals, which means your marketing expenses for these occasional events will be little or none.

Scan your newspaper periodically for local publicity events like hot air balloon races, boat races or shows, trade shows, scouting events, or other events that appeal to a specialized crowd.

Get permission to begin your special events videos to tape these events, then work out one of these deals:

  • Sell the tape to the sponsor of the event;
  • Keep the rights to the tape and give the sponsor a royalty; 
  • Fee for each tape sold.

You could also tape a group of similar events and edit them together into a compilation tape that could be sold to targeted customers. There are many potential profit areas in special event taping, if you keep your eyes open!

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Special Event Videos: A Wedding ceremony in Picture Perfect.

Videotaping Special Event: A Wedding ceremony in Picture Perfect, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jay Mohr, Kevin Bacon, Olympia Dukakis, Illeana Douglas.

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Special Event Videos: Baseball Love in Fever Pitch.

Videotaping Special Event: Baseball Love in Fever Pitch, starring Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, Neil Pearson, Mark Strong.

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The best thing indeed is to take videotaping special events online too, so you could triple your income. Discover how to do that through the online business manual here.

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