Video Talk to Share Videos with Friends!

Well, people are going increasingly to chat through Video Talk - TV Shows, social networks, etc... to enjoy life fully. Some people do not care.

However, I should ask, what about you! Are you left behind in this Web-industry?

The following TV Show tells you what you are missing before you read the rest of these tips and Vid-Talk's tutorials. Well, it shows you how to do all that, chat and profit. So cute!

How to Make Real, Live, and Hot Video Talk or TV Show?

This is yet to be considered a "Video-Talk". It is going to be and that maybe in the near future, as I can see. However, it's somehow a "Video Talk" in the present running functionality, since you'll be able to talk, send messages and transfer files and videos to every body you know.

It is not a messenger although it seems to be like a messenger and although it does what messengers do. However, you are not going to see any pop-up windows or advertising when using it.

You may encounter some kinds of small problems while getting experienced using it, but those problems are nothing to worry about. Google Messenger guides you to know how to use it and chat online securely.

The first time I used it I tested my way through it carefully and learned that this machine, which does this kind of "Video Talk", is smart enough to work smart with smart people. It does not need a rush and you should never be in a hurry while using it or learning how it works.

Therefore, when you install Google Talk, it starts automatically, the next time when you turn your computer on. Upon signing in, Google Talk displays the people you have invited to your talk, sorted by availability status and alphabetically arranged.

You can set your availability status from a drop-down menu under your name or nick-name, as you can choose "Custom message", "Show current music track" you're listening to, and "Sign out".

When you customize your message it appears when others hover their (mouses) over your name in their Google Video Talk window.

You can share the music you're listening to it with your friends through one of the supported players.

If you want to call a friend click the "Call" button on the open chat window, or click on the phone icon next to your friend's name. At this window, you can have multiple calls at the same time, although one call can be served or active at a time. 

You can transfer files when you click on "Send Files" button. If you want to leave your contact a message if s/he is around, you need only to select "Send Voicemail" from the drop-down menu, and register your message after the tune.

You should be prompted to do this at this level, so leave your message and end it. Your friend will get an email to hear your message. S/he will be prompted of course to download this "Video Talk".

All of those friends who will respond to your messages can install the "Video Talk" software, accept your invitation and send you back an invitation in what it seems a double opt-in process between you and your friends. It works here just as a conventional agreement between both of you regarded by the coming "Video Talk" operator.

Using Google Video Talk to Send Files and Videos!

You can send files and videos directly and see them transferred in the chat window through the frequency line, until they reach the destination in your computer, whereas the software creates a folder for those transferred files.

To do this login to your "what's going to be" "Video Talk" account and select your friend, call him or her and on the same chat window click on the small arrow at the top right to send the file.

You'll process your files to where you have saved the videos, pics or other files to select the one you want to upload through this field in the form.

Your friend can accept the file to download it to his computer or decline it. I see at this level that some files will be sent to the email address of the recipient.

You can use the same window to view past chat, and block contact too.

You can add contacts whenever you wanted to do using a button at the bottom of your Google Talk.

Your "Settings" also has many features to consider experimenting with them, especially if you want to hide your contacts' address book from others.

You can use the same window to login to your Google account for other Google services, but absolutely not for your AdSense account.

Well, this is the end of "Video Talk" tutorials, tips and tricks. You can view other services offered by Google on this page.

I am helping people make money on the Net through Google Talk. What could be better?! Hey boy, your mother hasn't told you about this yet. She absolutely would if she could. But, where on earth and how she could do just that if she doesn't heard, or know about Solo Build It-moms.

Well, when you get through this "would be Video Talk", call me for a chat to show you all the way around this global business map.

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