The Ezine Acts African Art is Pure Africanism!

The Ezine Acts African Art Preamble: The African art has emerged through million of years of black African existence in the black continent and elsewhere, where the black were the first humans in the world. Folkloric tales even say that Adam was black.

Ezine Acts African Art: African Musical Group Playing African Choral Music.Ezine Acts African Art: African Musical Group Playing African Choral Music.

Eve was black too, as she was created from one of his lost ribbons to be part of himself in a feminine human creature. This is a culture to a group of people from different origins.

So this why it inspired me write my long poetry, "The Second Birth of the Tree"… And as you see the tree is not just a simple tree. It is one of the first Apple trees in haven, and has many elements of symbolism in my poetry. See a couplet of it skinned on image.

Ezine Acts African Art: Love Song for an Eritrean Woman Fighter in the Eritrean Liberation Front of the EPLF, by Poet and Journalist Khalid Osman.

Ezine Acts African Art: A Couplet from "The Tree of Glory", Which Accompanied the Environment Project Khalid Osman has Achieved in Eritrea, with Love Song for an Eritrean Woman Fighter in the Eritrean Liberation Front of the EPLF, by Poet and Journalist Khalid Osman.

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The art and the literature, as you see through the Ezine Acts African Art has always that combination of creativity to impose the strong connection and sometimes the impacts between these two kinds of human activities, which have become sciences and trades in the modern history.

They became sciences, industries and trades after the discovery of printing in China before 220 A.D., the development of printing by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, the discovery of colors in the Chinese woodcuts in the 13th century, the beginning of the musical nota in Sumer, Iraq in 2000 BC, and the industry of musical instruments.

  • I cannot see any difference between art and culture according to this combination in the African Arabian thesis. If you could see it, please bring my attention to it at the to enrich this dialogue.

It was not surprising that after million of years, a black American writer wrote "The Boy Who Painted Christ Black", as one of the interesting Black American piece of art/literature. It is African art too.

Disagree on this conceptual understanding on the Ezine Acts African Art?

Read on here to agree, or sound off at the HOAs Cultural Project.

Recent researches we conduct at the Ezine Acts Africa Art say that the art in Africa has existed through million of years of black African creative endeavors. Well, let us sound off here. Continue reading the Ezine Acts African Art below the image.

Going Deeper in the Ezine Acts African Art!

Since the movement of the people has been started from the beginning of life and humans searched for different means to live, they have discovered all the instruments they need to support them, even during the time that they began to cut weapons from stones to hunt their food.

The art has preceded the language, as the language has started as a (body language) and sign language, or silent language in pantomime with some murmurs, during the silent ages.

The stone age has many proofs that indicate the first in demand-made weapons were in fact pieces of sculptures. Yes, they did not thought of it this way that time. They only needed weapons to help them hunt the animals in their surroundings to feed themselves.

When they started to cut the trees to cover themselves, they also did another kind of Africa art, in the way they wore dresses and masks made of plants and wood and in the way they made drums from trees and animals skins and in the way they made their shields.

Well, the Ezine Acts African Art has come to a point.

There are just many examples of many kinds of African arts they enjoyed making in Africa without knowing any thing that defines them as arts.

From this point, I could well understand that the "necessity is the mother of invention". But, when the invention-made includes shapes, figures and signs that results of shaping, figuration and signing, it becomes art.

They made many objects for their own use that include many kinds of arts to be classified in the Ezine Acts African art's category, from the earliest period in the first millennium passing through the iron age to the earliest days in the Gregorian calendar after the birth of Christ.

During ages of historical migrations many black have moved from their original settlements and settled in the African continent with other natives.

The historical migrations could possibly indicate that some neighboring continents adjacent to Africa at the northwest and at the northeast have been connected to it by land.

Yes of course, that has happened before we know the six continents in the world by the names given to them later on. Just remember, the Suisse Canal has been dug later during 1859-1869.

There are thousands of diversified african arts scattering nowadays in many countries in Africa, divided between the north African art, the south Saharan art, the central African art, the western African art, the African Swahili art and the south African art.

You can also find other sub-devisions in each of the named divisions above, such as the art of the jungle, the art of the Sahara, the art of the river (including the Nile, the Congo, the Niger and the Zambezi) and the art of the nomads.

There are also divisions by African clans and tribes, such as the Hausa, the Nuba, the BaKota, the Acholi, the Fang, the Shawiga, the Rashaida, the Bantu, the Dinka and the BaTeke, all of which have diversified African crafts, African music and dances, African cultures, African literatures and African customs.

However, when you look at them combined, you see that they present some degrees of unity in diversity.

Continue the Ezine Acts African Art at the Ezine Acts Art Essence and the Ezine Acts African Literature, when you finish reading the resources below.

Ezine Acts African Arts and African Music, with Vocal Instruments. Get posters to make your site beautiful and earn additional income at the same time

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