Ezine Acts Video Production in Simple Tutorials!

The Ezine Acts Video Production shows you how to record audio, produce videos and do any videotaping business, as explained on collectively and combined videotaping pages on the Ezine Act's Video Production, which is part of the Ezine Acts Digital and Video Products.

Take this Advice from the Ezine Acts Video Page:

You need to use some software to produce videos. One of these software might be included in your computer system. If you found it limited to produce and skin your videos, you may want to use other software to do that. Few of them are included on the Ezine Acts Video Production page.

Let's start by the first experiences to produce videos I started with about more than ten years ago and step forward following the learned lessons and the guidelines on the page.

How Did I Record a Video and Upload It to Youtube, or Any Platform?

Thus you may ask of video production… But, first let's take a look and read this preamble.

The video production online has not started with Youtube, although this company was the first biggest individual company to operate online before Google acquired it on 2006. Is that date correct?

The invention of Youtube as a platform for moving pictures began earlier in 1997 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, who were former employees of PayPal and then YouTube became the first short-shot-film sharing platform online on 2005.

I just didn't want to repeat the word, which make the content of this page about again and again, in only few lines, for the sake of search engines methods when crawling and indexing webpages.

Since then, the production of videos online has increased and become popular. Big movie companies and other entertainment companies began producing vids, before that time in 1951, when Ampex Corporation produced the first videotape recorder the (VTR).

Then the Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus built the high speed multi track machine in 1952 after a research done by Charles Ginsburg and the BBC began the trail.

This is one point on the Ezine Acts Video Production to say that the production has not started with Youtube. The second is that the computer and the internet have not been known before this date, as computers started in 1953 by the IBM, when it made its first computer, the 701.

The production of camera has started in 1533, however, using cameras in movie production has not started earlier in 1885, when George Eastman, the founder of Kodak company manufactured the photographic film. Then Apple made the first digital camera in 1994 and Casio and Kodak started this production in 1995.

Although the production of camera has started in 1533, but using cameras in the movie production has not started until 1885, when George Eastman manufactured the photographic film. Then Apple made the first digital camera in 1994 and Casio and Kodak started this production in 1995.

Don't Use Old Mobile Cameras to Shoot Videos!

People learn from other people's experiences to avoid mistakes, explore things better and do them well. So, this is why I published the Ezine Acts Video Production.

The first experiences I had with the snob is certainly very bad, but I learned from such experiences good lessons. So, there are many things to avoid here to make your production good.

The following tutorials on the Ezine Acts Video Production show you how I used Nokia mobile camera to shoot my first videos and uploaded them to Google. At that time Youtube was not part of Google.

I also used HP camera, but I found the Nokia 5140i and the HP are very bad and they don't have the capability to produce high quality moving pictures.

I used Nokia 5140i to shoot some vids the first time I tried it, because the HP camera I bought long time ago has limited functions. I shot bad quality vids using the HP camera.

Therefore, I bought a high quality Hitachi camcorder. You will see the movies I shot using this good camcorder on the Ezine Acts Video Production page, to compare qualities and decide which camera you should use to make good vids.

I waste money on different purchases because I have not read any tutorials in this regard at that time to save money on my purchases. I hope this article gives you good reasons to evaluate and decide which camcorder you need to buy and use to produce good moving pictures.

I used the HP camera to take pictures only. However, even the pictures are not in good qualities. This is actually happens because the model of the camera is not good.

How Did I Record and Upload The Videos?

HP has some different qualities. Therefore, it is important to go through the entire catalogue to choose the right quality camera you want if you like HP. But, Hitachi is good and Cannon is the best.

I shot this bad quality video using my Nokia 5140i at the celebration of the last day of the language school, just after the language exam, which was coincidence to the Christmas. However, the audio appears to be good. The video is not available now because it was in Google videos.

I uploaded it to my computer from my Nokia mobile. To upload it, I purchased the Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable, and installed it.

However, I discovered that I should have the PC suite guidelines from Nokia website, so I downloaded the suite-file from there. The suite-file guided me through to connect my suite to the computer and upload my videos.

I did this online of course and found that some moving pictures were not showing as I expected them to appear, and some shots appeared damaged.

I read those types of videos Google accepts. There are no guidelines to upload videoss from Nokia mobile. Therefore, I changed the type of the video Nokia has generated to a Media Player's type, saved it as mp3 file and then uploaded it to Google.

I tested it and found that it was not working properly although the upload was successful. However, after this experience and after having the Hitachi camcorder, all my videos are playing pretty on Youtube. Here are some shots on the Ezine Acts Video Production page.

You will also see a link to it at your "Video Status" page where you will be able to see more details about your presentation, edit info, change, delete, view, and add captions and subtitles. In addition, there is a link to share your vids at the same page.

You can take the title you have given to it as a search term to search for it and locate where it's shown on Google or on other websites. Use the search tool at the right column.

How Do you Upload Videos to Google's Youtube?

If you want to upload them to Google's Youtube, then you should register a free Google account. If you have an account there already, you will follow simple steps to upload it.

There are two ways to do this:

To upload your product under 100MB, use the web-based uploader. To upload over 100MB or multiple presentations together, install client software from Google to guide you through heavy or mass upload.

There are some instructions to download and use this program at the site.

Once you create your Google account, go to Youtube, click on "upload and show your video", and fill the processing form there. You will then proceed to the upload file from your computer.

Give it a title and a description on the other two fields. Determine its genre and language from the drop-down menu. Elect what you want to do with it.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions before you upload it. It will appear there, if it passes those terms and conditions and if it has no technical errors. You will see a link to it under your Google tools just beside the word "Video".

You will also see a link to it at your "Video Status" page where you will be able to see more details about it, edit its info, change, delete, view, and add captions and subtitles. In addition, there is a link to share it at the same page.

You can take its title as a search term to search for it and locate where it's shown on Youtube or on other websites. Use the search tool at the right column.

How Do You Embed Video HTML Codes into Your Site?

If you do have a website like this one, or a page like the Ezine Acts Video Production you can upload it from Youtube directly to your website. If not, try these Website building tools. But, you should first concentrate on the most things that interest you to focus on one and choose it right following the CTPM process.

To upload your movie, go to your account at Google's Youtube and view your own video. You will see "share" button at the right column.

When you click on that button, you will read "Embed HTML" just below it. Clicking on this link will open a form with a highlighted raw HTML code of the video to copy and paste on your page while you are building it. Youtube has changed the codes, which were previously long and somewhat complicated to simple codes.

How Do You Share the Video on Your Website?

Click on the < like sign at the top right of your your video screen. You'll see FaceBook, Twitter, Google plus and even more. Click on the one you want to share it with. Notice that, you should have an account on one of those social media networks.

You can do this with any of the videos on the Ezine Acts Video Production to see how it works.

You may ask about the best software to use to skin and produce your videos. You have your Windows Movie Maker on your Microsoft system, or the iMovie App on Apple. The App Store of Apple has also some software to use.

But, here on the Ezine Acts Video Production page, you have the best of the best, which are the NTI Home Video Maker, along with the Ezine Acts Video Converter and some other File Convert Software with Videotaping Ideas included to read the complete Ezine Acts Video Production on tutorials and then decide on which to use.

How to Talk and Share Your Video at the Same Time?

This page at https://www.home-biz-trends.com/video-talk.html about video talk will get you through to live in pleasure while you are chatting with your friends and sharing your videos.

The following videos are shot, recorded and produced by Khalid Osman for Khalid Osman's Network. I hope you have enjoyed them. If so, please share them with friends and family.

You can get through the Ezine Acts Video Production page to collect, record, produce or share your videos with family and friends whether you're talking live to them or not.

Now you know how to shoot a video, upload it to your computer, share it with family and friends and even make some profits from it.

Just beyond this fun, remember you can make your videos sell easily by consulting us at the consultation services link.

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The Ezine Acts Video Production page is as the other pages includes useful tips on how to record, upload and even monetize your products through your presentation. Note here that you will need a good camcorder.

The first paragraphs are about the first experience I had while doing this. For more videos and movies, see iwatchbestv.com.

You can also use the small buttons on the Ezine Acts Video Production page to "like" or "tweet" the page, if you found it useful. Pin the Ezine Acts Pictures on this page and at the Ezine Acts Galleries, Ezine Acts Photo Gallery and Pictures for Your Website. Thanks.

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