صحوة الفينيق

This is the ARABIC PHOENIX POETRY! ARABIC VERSE web page to read some verse in Arabic from my poetry book "Rising of the Phoenix" and order it, if it is interesting to you. I hope so.

The Phoenix Poetry in Arabic is in four formats, audio book, e-book, pics iBook & hardcover book. However, we are working with the audio.

The other three formats are available and the first test picture book is free to download from the iTunes Rising Phoenix.

To order the hardcover book get in to the Phoenix Order. An ebook version of the Phoenix picture book is here at my daughters website TV Cinema App.

Here is a picture of the picture book, the free version. For other details, see below the image.

The Arabic Phoenix Poetry "Pictured"!

"Rising of the Phoenix", the hard cover book has two editions. The selected Arabic poems of the poet, writer and veteran journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman is the second version of the poetry book.

It has more poetry, which the poet has added to the first edition, or version of the poetry book. Here are some excerpts, or snippets, or couplet of the Arabic Poetry.

Enjoy your reading, print some poetry on beautiful pictures to decorate your house, office, cafeteria, shop, club, restaurant, or any public place you have.

اشتقتُ ان أكون مرةً 

غلالةَ المساءِ في عينيكِ

إطلالةَ الصباح

اشتقتُ ان "ابوسَ" وجهَكِ القديمَ

في خياليَ الجريح

Rising Phoenix, Arabic Phoenix Poetry by Khalid Osman in ebook and hard cover book. The collection of the second edition of the poetry has sentimental love poetry for his lover and the nation. This is a love song for the nation and his beautiful lover that time. Symbolism appears through some of the verse, as well as romanticism, social realism, imagism and even surrealism. Get posters to make your site beautiful.

It is not my first book. I have some other books I wrote in 1971 and I have completed some of them in 1983. I lost the collection of the "Voice of Silence" in 1975.

A teacher who was one of my colleagues took it that time and have never returned it. I lost also one literary work I wrote as a radio play to the national radio, when I fled my homeland during the period of the second dictatorial regime after that without getting my copy back.

One of the producers who worked that time on the national radio took it and just erased my name and produced it for the radio after that. His name is Abdul Wahid Abdullah.

He absolutely knew at that time that there's no way for me to claim copyrights of my work. So, the "Price" was played on the national radio by his name as a writer and a producer.

Luckily, I have witnesses, as a copy of the same radio play has been saved in the theatre group that time and the director of the group has the copy.

لا تصدمي الرياحَ

لحظةَ الشقاءِ والتعبِ

لا تجهشي، زمانُ إرثنا

في الموتِ والشغبِ

زمانُ آدمٍ جديد

You can get some photos I used to write poetry on them and forward them to your friends to enjoy reading some couplets. You can even forward the link of the free picture book to them to download the iBook and encourage them to rate it at the iTunes.

Take what you like from the designed love verses, or political poems and send them as gifts of love to your beloved. To get the political backgrounds, read the Arabic HOA Political Scene, or the English version of the political website.

يمدُّ ليلُنا حكايةَ الغريبِ

للغريبِ خصلةً

وخصلة ينامُ في عيونِها القمر

مقطع من هواك يدق الان

أعرف حباً
يرقد بين الجرحِ
و بين الوردةِ
يسكنني الموج’
و يعلو بي
حتي لكأني بين الموجِ
و بين البردةِ
أعانق’ بدءَ الأشياء
و أزيح ستاراً
لحياةِ الكائن بين الدمِ
و نبضِ الماء

مقطع من ادم جديد

يمدّ ليلُنا حكايةَ الغريبِ
للغريبِ خصلةً
و خصلة ينام في عيونها القمر
يمدّ إرثَنا
و كلما انحنَي
في مطارفِ النزوعِ
و الشقاءِ
و الدموعِ
و السفر
أنّ اورغن:
- " يا أم احمد دقي المحلب"

The couplet above is one of the poetry in the Arabic Phoenix poetry book. It is also on the image you see at the top right of the first paragraph. If you wanted it on your Arabic website, pin it, first.

This page extends also at Arabic PoemsPhoenix Order and Wakening of the Phoenix. Enjoy your reading some couplets from the Arabic poetry book and ordering one of those three book formats.

مقطع من صحوة الفينيق

اشتقت’ ان أكون مرةً
غلالةَ المساءِ في عينيك
إطلالةَ الصباح
اشتقت ان "ابوسَ" وجهَكِ القديمَ
في خيالي الجريح

مقطع من الرقص في خيال الورد والليمون

و أرحلُ فيكِ أحلاماُ تدغدغ خاصرَ الهُرمون

و ترقص في خيالِ الوردِ و الليمون

يظلُ الطارقُ المجنون

يرسمُ في قميصِ النارِ و الزيتون

حكايا طائرٍ ملعون

في "الساحل" العظيم شهادة حمراء

سلو "نقفة" عن فدائية سمراء

سلو "اغوردات" عن مكارم الوفاء

سلو "كرن" الأبية حين جاءها المخاضُ

سلوها كيف كانت ولادة "العذراء"؟

Arabic Phoenix Poetry, Love Song for Eritrea, Titled "The Tree of Glory" by Khalid Osman. He Wrote It While He was Journalist in Asmara, During the Time that He was Engaged in His Environmental Project to Establish the National Environment Organization in the New Born Country. Such posters make your site beautiful and earn you additional income.

Well, you can print the images to forward them to your friends, fix somewhere in your saloon, or publish on your website.

If you want to do something like this online see the Online Free Consulting Services here, or ASK your question about how to convert your passion into a successful business.

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مقطع من للسندباد والطفل والطلق

و انت تطلقين صيحةَ المعاد
الليل يا وحيدتي يقف
كطفلنا الممزق المهاد
كجرعةٍ حقيرةٍ سقوها سندباد
و السندباد لن يعود
من مجدهِ العريق بالرماد

مقطع من بونجور يا بلادا شردتنا

بونجور يا بلادا شردتنا في المنافي ضائعين
يا بلادا صاغها طاغوت كذاب لعين
يا بلادا سادها صمت الصاغرين
يا بلادا اشتراها المترفون
بكل أصناف الفنون
بكل الوان الديون

مقطع من الحلم الصفيق

و غصين زهر قد أشتد انتباها
و نهيد فوق صدر استراح
كم هو ليل من خلفها
أطلق سراحه؟
أهو مشي؟ ام هو رقص؟
ام سباحة؟
ام انه وهم صفيق؟

مقطع من النبي والجدار

ما معني ان ترحل الليالي
وراء الليالي
و لا يبين النهار؟
ما معني ان تختار
من موقدك الكوني جمرة
و من الحياة جدار؟

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