HOME BIZ TRENDS - Resume: Show you how to resume, or build any business like this.

HOME BIZ TRENDS - Resume: Show you how to resume, or build any business like this.

Preparing Resumes: Better Jobs for You and Others!

Here's a business you can start for virtually nothing, and parlay into a million dollar enterprise in five years or less. Many established resume writing services in the large metropolitan areas are reporting annual incomes of $250,000 or more.

Even the smaller operations, in towns as small as 15,000 are experiencing sales of $50,000 or more. No special knowledge, education or experience are required for total success in this business.

An awareness of the general format of the "modern resume," and the ability to keep oneself up-to-date on refinements or new approaches to presenting resume material are about the only prerequisites to successfully operate a resume writing service.

Probably the most exciting and motivational aspects of this business idea are the low investment and risk factors involved, and the growing demand for resume service.

Up until the past couple of years few if any Americans really had to look for jobs. People in general have either forgotten how to look for a new job, or never knew how in the first place.

Since the start of World War II, back in 1941, the American worker has been spoiled by an affluent society and an ideal market for the job seeker.

Usually, all he had to do whenever he lost a job or wanted to change jobs was to report in to the local branch of his local employment service office, check in at his union office, look at the want ads in the Sunday paper, or call a few friends and ask about job openings.

But no more! Times have changed! There are fewer jobs and an increasing number of people applying for those jobs that are available.

Just recently, the post office department in a large west coast city advertise that applications would be accepted on two days only, for 600 upcoming openings.

Would you believe that twenty thousand applicants showed up to fill out applications! Can you imagine the post office personnel people reviewing all those applications, and then interviewing all those people, according to the fair employment practices act?

On another day, word got out that there was going to be an opening for a forklift driver at a local warehouse. Fifteen hundred men and women showed up even before the job was advertised!

Times are tough, and we're moving ever deeper into the age of specialization. Employers are demanding to know more about the applicant - his work record, natural talents and personality traits.

They want more information upon which to base their interview selections than just the cold facts on the application form.

Personnel managers are placing a higher premium on their time, and delegating to others the job of "weeding out" the unqualified applicants from those whose backgrounds and goals come closest to fitting the needs of the company.

To get in to see the person doing the hiring nowadays, the job applicant has to "sell the short-stopper," and that calls for a professionally written resume.

More and more firms are demanding resumes. Industry estimates are that by the year 2000, most of the jobs worth having will require a written resume before even an initial interview is granted.

And that's where you can fit into the picture with your Professional Resume Writing Service. Probably 80 percent of the people searching for jobs don't have a resume.

Of the 20 percent who do have resumes, many are ineffective; they simply do not adequately present the applicants total qualifications.

* The image at the top of the page tells you the resume is just an art to write it perfectly. It also tells you that there could be a business resume for any business already carved, or waiting to be curved nicely and used to improve your life every day and put you at the center of everyday success at home.

* Generic ideas are very important, whether in the resume business, or in any business you think to build on a home based business out of your hobby, knowledge, or passion, as you read through the linked pages, where the building is really a work of art and pleasure you will absolutely enjoy.

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You'll discover how to use your hobby to build it a business on solid grounds, even if you are a student.

Then, you'll find that hobby generating income for you when you graduate.


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