"Article Writing" Helps You Fertilize Your Articles!

Article writing is about four grounds to be your "articles' fertilizer expert"!

Well, I see your face and I can pick a question and exclamation marks on your eyes. Do you think this is a strange term?

Explore your tendency!

I am tended to invent new strange terms while writing my articles. Such new terms fall into my mind sometimes when I write articles about something I know as fruitful as a garden. So, apparently, this is why I picked the agricultural concept.

Do you think there is a connection between agriculture and culture?

Ah, divide it and you'll know.

The following article explains this new term and how to use it to be "articles' fertilizer expert". There are actually four grounds to be your articles' fertilizer expert, as I covered in the "Article Writing"!

But, let's make this preamble useful more by addicting images. Any article whether you write for a publication offline, such as newspaper, or on the web should have pictures, or at least one pictures.


Because pictures add more values to your articles and especially on webpages you should add pictures to your articles while you build web pages to support your website content by images.

Four Steps to Fertilize Articles When You Write!

Journalist Khalid Osman writing articles

By - Khalid Osman

Article word count 800

Is fertilizing your articles a new concept?

Why do you need to fertilize your articles and when?

How do you fertilize your articles?

What are the benefits of fertilizing your articles?

Four questions to answer and light this article to help you seed any article you think to write or prepare to renovate more content from any article you have already written.

So, let's have a walk together! I would like to whisper my words into your ears.

Well, some writers on the Web talk about writing new articles repeatedly using the same articles you have written, without having them mentioning the description for this operation.

Therefore, this is why I consider "being your articles fertilizer" a new concept in the world of articles writing.

I am doing this because I belong to the "SIP Seed of Content Institution" (SSCI) and I invite you to the SBI discussion board to know it and discuss what it (does, or could do for you) with us.

Accept this quoted expression, as one of my inventions, as there's no such institution by that name. But a sense of humor rules sometimes, even in serious articles like this one. In spite of this it really does that mentioned action.

So, I insist on calling it the SSCI. It would certainly be delicious than any sip you take from your joyce, or any beverage.

Imagine that you are writing an article by the following headline: "How to Create Your Self-Ideal and Live the Life You Always Dream?" and you have written the first paragraph shown in the "Self Ideal" page, beyond the text link (1).

Your paragraph could possibly include some titles in many sentences that are relevant to your topic and suitable to start a new discussion in a second or even a third article.

Have you ever thought of that?

Journalists always do some seeding strategies to their articles this way, every time they ran out of ideas to write new articles. They go back to their archives and bring in old articles that are suitable for fertilization and work on some ideas hidden between the lines on those articles.

Some of my colleagues have never seen those hidden ideas as potential topics for new articles at the time they wrote those articles. Others I know, know that and they explain this behavior by saying that they need to "fertilize" their articles every time they ran out of content to publish.

They never mentioned the quoted word, though. I pointed it out. They laughed. But, at the end they realized that imagination was great.

Some clever journalists say they even write articles considering the potentiality of renovating new articles from them in the future. So, this talk may explain why do you need to fertilize your articles and when.

I hear you asking about how you fertilize your articles.

That is sophisticatedly, simple!

Take the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs of this article and pay attention to the sixth paragraph, while progressing with article writing article.

Check some paragraphs in some articles you have written. Read them repeatedly three four times searching for new ideas on those paragraphs, which could be extensions to write on the same topics, using new seeded keywords, or to renovate and write new topics from them.

The example of "How to Create Your Self-Ideal and Live the Life You Always Dream?" could give you some new business ideas to write a second or a third article about personal development, personal experiences, personal relations, personal skills, problems management, self-influence, or time management.

It could give you examples to write even about the reflection of your influence in some love experiments, since it connects to attraction. You can develop it to an article about your ideal self-reflection on businesses, since it connects to attraction too.

Consider this fact; any fertilizing process should depend primarily on the seeding process. As a writer, you are capable of discovering different seeds you prepare to plant there, or you have already planted there deep in your articles to root it.

Every article in its full structure is a tree.

Those seeds are manageable and thus, they have benefits to construct a stream of relevant topics. That is what makes "Niche Writers" explore to write narrow niches.

Your benefits online continues when you write more content and when you keep your content updated. New and/or updated content refreshes a complete process of getting your keywords and descriptions fresh in the electronic "minds" of search engines and bring you more free traffic.

This process refreshes also a complete process of syndication, while you ping and RSS through your own feeds, bringing additional benefits in.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and monetize this free websites traffic. Fire away now, or I will change my whispers to screams ;-)


(1) The connection of "create", "life" and "dream" is gemmy. It lets you indulge in that beam thinking of the connection. Free your thoughts and let the indulgence of your thoughts bring you ideas that connect life with dreams and realities to write new articles about this.

You could write articles for example about personal happiness, things interest you in realities and in dreams, self improvement, or articles that answer the question of "how to", such as How to Creating Personal Happiness and other inspirational articles at the Ezine Acts Inspirational Articles section.

Article Writing Makes Your Website A Garden!

Enjoyed the article writing?

Good for you. Now take the last gem.

Well, that connection in article writing is "gemmy" because it starts from "gemmae" that make the ideas you have for any knowledge about specific passion.

We are going totally agrarian here to aggregate your seed of knowledge about something.

And then take those seeds to plant them on the ground of your website to make the branches of the website tree from the articles you write about each of the seeds. Your website is a garden, buddy.

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