How to Produce Cable TV Spots?

If you though of how to produce cable TV spots on your local channel, this article gives you some ideas to use, so you could operate your cable TV spots successfully. Connect the experience you will get from it with the ideas of the relevant pages included and you will run with TV programs of your own at the end.

I am quite sure that with a little BAM, you could produce NICHE TV CANNEL of your own to succeed over so many boring TV channels that broadcast daily only for commercial reasons. Watch out for a new website that takes this inventory into its climax soon.

Here is how to produce cable TV spots with supportive links included to produce quality videos, just about anything that interests the audience.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Beverly Hills 90210, Jennie Garth, Kelly Taylor.

How to Produce Cable TV Channel using TV series? Beverly Hills 90210. Jennie Garth, Kelly Taylor in the series.

If you have cable, you've no doubt seen local advertising on most of the channels. There are three ways a local business could produce a commercial.

  1. they could do it themselves (and we all know what that looks like);
  2. they could have the local cable business do it for them (which can also look quite amateurish); or
  3. they can have an outside individual do the production. 

This is where you come in.

If your video skills are top-notch, you can produce excellent commercials for local businesses at agreeable prices. If you have marketing skills, so much the better.

But, it's not an absolute requirement. As long as you can clearly answer the "4 W" questions (who, what, where and why), your commercial will be good.

However, the video production links included show you exactly how you could use this profession not only to produce cable TV spots for commercials, but to make your spots potential presence as NICHE TV CHANNEL.

The only drawback to this business is that you should use 3/4 inch broadcast format video, which is incompatible with a home videocamera. A camera for this type of videotape usually costs around $3000, and less if it's used. There is a way around this expense, though.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Keanu Reeves in Speed.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV series? Keanu Reeves in Speed [Blu-ray].

Most cable stations have what is called a "public access" channel. This channel is designed so that individuals and groups from the community can produce their own shows, to be aired on the channel.

Contact your local cable company and find out if they have such a channel.

You should be able to rent time on their equipment. This is a real boon when it comes to editing a tape, as they will have the equipment necessary to make your tape look professional. They usually offer short courses on using the equipment, too.

Market your services directly to the small businesses in your area. Good prospects are auto dealerships, restaurants, retailers such as video, book, and computer dealers, and, in election years, local political candidates (hope they get elected - you can expect a return customer).

Your quality production, coupled with a reasonable price, should entice prospects to become customers.

Most commercials will be either thirty-seconds or one minute, and will be shot on location at the customer's facilities. If they provide the copy for the commercial, you only have to direct the commercial.

Run through the script with whomever will be reading it, to make sure that it will fit the time without sounding rushed.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Hollywood Heights, Brittany Underwood, Loren Tate.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV series? Brittany Underwood, Loren Tate in Hollywood Heights, the first time she stretched her hand to Eddie Duran while he was singing and he touched her hand, so giving her that magical moment, which inspired her with her lyrics and songs.

You want to aim for a relaxed, natural sound (unless, of course, you're working with your local crazy car dealer, in which case they may want an auctioneer sound).

Above all, make sure the script tells who the advertiser is, what they do, where they are, and why people should give them their business. This is what the customer needs to hear.

Likewise, make sure your customer is happy with the result. After shooting the video, edit it (you should be able to ask someone at the cable company to help you) then review it with your customer. As long as you've presented the advertiser in a good light, you'll be in good shape.

The first few times you produce a commercial, you may feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants. Just relax, use good common sense, and always remember that the job of the commercial is to convince the skeptical customer to spend his or her hard earned money with your client.

You should expect to spend a few hours during the shoot, to get enough takes for editing. Get four or five good takes. That way, any bad parts that you find when reviewing your taping can be replaced with a good take.

A 30-second or 1-minute spot can be shot and edited in one day. The first one or two may take a bit longer, but that's okay. It's better to take your time when learning the ropes, rather than rush through and end up with substandard results.

Because your overhead will be low (if renting equipment, instead of purchasing), you should be able to undercut your competition. In a decent size city, you can expect to charge between $500 and $1,000.

Longer commercials are more negotiable, depending upon whether or not you will be asked to write the script.

The half-hour long "infomercials" have become a bonanza for many advertisers, and they are a goal you can work up to, as your skills grow.

Watch commercials and listen to them. Keep mental notes about how the advertiser is presented, what message the commercial gives, and if you feel the commercial is successful. Incorporate the best elements of the commercials you see into your own shoots!

How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Melanie Griffith Crazy in Alabama.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV movies? Melanie Griffith Crazy In Alabama.

More business ideas to know how to produce cable TV spots using your own talent, or talents you know in your area:

If you had some talents around things that interest you and you think that they interest the TV audience, that is great.

If you don't, use the talents your friends have, or ask other people in the area about the interesting talent they have and whether they accept your help to introduce them to the audience.

They will absolutely welcome your ideas, so you could start interviewing them about their talents and how they carry (or not) with them and about many things that interest them in this life.

If you came through to any international star in this field of their talents, or that, prepare the script to include at least one presentation from that star. You could find this, on some TV channels.

Use your video camera to shoot them while performing, then arrange all of the script to include commercials as mentioned above. Don't focus only on the advertising you have and present it in a way that upset the audience, as some commercial channels in your local TV do.

That means, don't broadcast 10 announcements in one series of advertising every 5 minutes among your presentation of the talents. It is only one advertising that could be interesting, if it was relevant to the theme you are shooting.

The more interested people in your shows you get, the more money you could make from your customers commercials. If you escaped the trap of condensed advertising that upsets the audience, the audience would love what you present on your spot.

Be reasonable and careful, when you use commercials and use them in a way that makes these commercial interesting to the audience. For example, if you had a talent performing for one hour, don't provide more than 4 relevant commercials to the theme presented.

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How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Tori Spelling, Donna Martin, Beverly Hills 90210.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV series? Tori Spelling, Donna Marie Martin in Beverly Hills 90210.

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How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Speed, Keanu Reeves, bus explosion.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV movies? Speed, Keanu Reeves, bus explosion. Read more at I Watch Best TV Blog.

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How to Produce Cable TV Spots: Hollywood Heights, Eddie Duran Singing.

How to Produce Cable TV Spots using TV series? Hollywood Heights, Eddie Duran Cody Longo) Singing with Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood).

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