Sudanese Music!

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It is well known that when the Sudanese sing, the lyrics they sing attract warm feelings coloured with the rhythm of the musical fifth scale.

As there are so many genre of music in Sudan, there are also so many genrae of lyrics in the Sudanese poetic literature, which include sentimental poetry, political poetry, lamentation poetry and traditional seasonal and occasional poetry.

However, the third kind of the Sudanese lyric includes the two first kinds of lyrics sometimes.

The seasonal songs accompany the people's movement during the seasons of the year and especially during the seasons of their agricultural and pastoral activities.

So, these kinds of the Sudanese songs come original, pure and natural to epitomize the way they are living, their warm feelings and the bonds they have to tie them to their communities, while moving from place to place following the grass and to the natural surroundings.

These kinds of Sudanese songs are actually sung the first time without any musical instrument. They follow those activities to elevate their souls and abilities to do the job and embellish the field of their activities with warm pictures to amuse themselves.

The musical verse in Sudan describes these activities and the atmosphere of these activities, they enjoy daily.

The Sudanese music in such kinds of songs is embedded into the lyric itself. It inhabits the tones of the words and phrases they sing. They actually make the tones using their own musical notes throughout their throats.

The music in Sudan emerges through different kinds of lyrics following the tones of the verses in the traditional occasional songs. As there are songs for marriage called epithalamiums, those songs come in two different kinds, one of them is for the bride and the other is for the bridegroom.

Both of them praise the bride, the bridegroom and of course their families and grandparents.

The lyrics in these kinds of music describe the sincerity, bravery, kindness, mystical feelings, wealth and generosity of the spouses and their ancestries.

Here's how the Music, Songs and Dances Look Like!

Starting from the far northern Sudan, the music in Sudan "wears" this warm rhythm. It follows a different rhythm in the fifth scale which is so different than the seventh musical scale of the middle east.

This different musical scale is influencing the Jazz music, as the Sudanese singer Hamad Al-Rayah said earlier in the eightieth (1980-1984) when I interviewed him during a concert party in the Faculty of Law in the University of Kuwait.

Music from the Northern Sudan - Nubian Music

Sudanese Music - Central Sudan -

Ustaz Mohammed El-Amin

Junior Wardi -

But the Sudanese Jazz takes its music and wording to invent new areas in this music. It keeps the Sudanese traditions and customs warm and different too. This is why these Sudanese kinds of arts are exceptional.

Music - Sherhabeel Ahmed - Jazz Music

Ibrahim Awad: I had been happy with you

Sudanese Music - Central Sudan

Music - My Dearest Hasn't Arrived

Music - Dears to Us

Music - Eastern Heart

Western Heart - Sudanese Music - from Kurdufan or Kordofan

Sudanese Music

The neighbouring countries at the east and the west take the rhythm to colour it with their accents and dances which belong to the same 5th scale. Here is how Ethiopia sings Sudanese.

Sudanese Music in Ethiopia

See also Gondar in Ethiopia here.

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