Free Stuff to Improve Your Life!

It is a fact, that some talented people use free stuff to build a business, generate income and improve their lives, basically from some items in the stuff they use free, daily.

I have many examples of those people here to read their success stories and follow their steps to improve your life too.

But… yes, there are many "buts" here.

  • How do you know what stuff to use and get the information from it?
  • What kind of information would you look for to use and thus improve your life?
  • How do you offer free stuff that you are sure that it interests others?
  • How do you know the best stuff to use to build a business from it?
  • How to use that stuff to build this business, gain credibility and generate income?

Five questions to answer here… but, are these questions easy questions?

If they were, you wouldn't be here.

To know which free stuff to use… well, we are at the first question and here you must look into your specifications.


Yes, and that means the things you are good at. Not only this, but also the things you love to do, if not daily, then weekly. And even not only this, but also the things that you are passionate about and you know some information about them.

Did you reach the point?

If not, take this example. If a "sort" of a game is my specialty, I would be looking for free stuff that lets me use this specialty more professional to improve my life, yet effectively.

The free stuff I would be looking for is information about how to use this specialty to improve my life. At this point, I would be looking for a guide.

But, what guide?

Not any of course. But, a guide, as the "Action Guide" with proven methods that prove every day that they change the lives of many people. We answered now the second question, without even knowing about it until the word "people" in the last sentence.

The game example is only an example, as you know, you can tailor out of it many examples to get the free stuff they focus on, study it, investigate it, invent your own into it and use it the best way you could.

When you reach this stage from that specific free-stuff you got, you would know through the process you got through to "study", "investigate", and "invent" you would know that you have reached a point on your research, which is very useful.

You would come to realize the popularity of this item in the free stuff and even the popularity of other items you come across through "researching", "studying", investigating" and inventing".

Offering any kind of this free-stuff would be the easy part. You would use the same tools, which have already enabled you to reach the bottom line of all values in this free stuff to offer it to interested people.

That means, while carrying the research and the study process, you would come through to know everything about the market where that free-stuff is required.

You would know further how to make that knowledge well focused upon to improve other people's lives.

Not only that, but you would know some other factors about the market of the free-stuff you chose, including "availability", "competition", "presentation", "credibility" and more values that make the money out of that free stuff.

Haven't I answered the third and the fourth question, yet?

Well, very often when talented people like yourself want to use the free-stuff to build a home based business around it, they would stick to the values they have in their knowledge, hobbies, or personal experiences. I mentioned those values above.

The free stuff they already got… and got through to reach the level stated in the last line in the last paragraph, prove to have the process to build the home business systematically, even without having you knowing about this systematically version of my expression;)

Th system begins with Choose It and goes through the CTPM.

I guess, I have answered the fifth question.

The credibility part of the question is in your hat.

You pick it an develop it simply from the same free stuff, that proves its credibility to you to use it and implement every process inside it to reach the statement in this line.

Get the records you have achieved through the process you got through to build that small business out of your experiences, hobbies, or passion.

Know the standard that business reached while you are continuing to work at home and show it to those who are interested in using free-stuff to improve their lives.

What could be easy?

You can even show them the items that monetize the online business you have built out of free stuff. But, when you do this, do it on your mailing lists, or on consulting telephone calls.

Well, even the information you get here is a sort of free stuff!

What about movies?

Could you get movies free?

Could you use movies to offer free?

It is hard. But, guess what? The IWATCHBESTV.COM could give an idea.

In addition to this free information about the free stuff I have on this page, you may also be interested in the following business articles, all of which could help you visualize and understand the basics of making free stuff perfect to improve your life and the lives of the others:

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