Paul Gauguin!

The French post-impressionist painter, Paul Gauguin hadn't been recognized until after he died in 8 May 1903.

I presume that, during his life from the first day he opened his eyes onto this world in 7 June 1848, the French painter had the same sense of feeling of the sun beams Arthur Rimbaud had, with the poet's words, "When I opened my eyes onto the world, the sun was at afternoon."

Perhaps, some wording like that, which becomes a quotation.

Paul Gauguin:

The recognition he gained was for his Synthetist style and experimental use of color, which build distinguished charismatic style of art that differentiate him from the impressionists.

He was the great influencer of great artists, such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Even after his death, he still influxes many modern artists.

As a ceramist, painter, print maker, sculptor and writer Paul Gauguin was important character in the Symbolist movement in France in the late nineteenth century, which becomes origin of the Belgian and Russian poetry.

It is only from his experimentation with color the Synthetist created its own style of modern art. He himself, with other post-impressionist artists like Émile Bernard and Louis Anquetin had paved the way to this style of arts.

The expression of the subject in his paintings has influenced by the style of Cloisonnism, with its bold and felt forms separated by dark contours.

It, in turn, inspired the Western art movement, the Primitivism to return to Pastoral, as a movement in art and literature, as it has influenced other artists to work on wood engraving.

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Paul Gauguin's Art Store!

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Paul Gauguin
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