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Raoul Dufy's art prints, posters and fine artworks have all become inspirational for many art businesses to produce clothing and decoration designs.

He also influenced French contemporary artists to stylize fauve and produce more inspiring styles of arts.

Dufy's French paintings emphasize the fauvist style he developed while using colorful decorative art prints, which became fashionable for ceramic, decor and textile designs.

Using oil and water colors he illustrated through his artworks a stand alone designs ready for textile industries to produce fashionable and modern clothing.

Raoul Dufy: Humans are Existentially Optimistic in Front of Colors. Khalid Osman Says.Raoul Dufy: Humans are Existentially Optimistic in Front of Colors. Khalid Osman Says.

This wonderful piece of painting is by my friend's daughter Salma Elias painted while she was a child under 8 years old.

Raoul Dufy was born on June 3, 1877 in Le Havre south of France and died on March 23, 1953 in Forcalquier in the Alpes de Haute Provence department at the south east of France. While he started working in commerce, he attended at the same time in 1892 

He was influenced by Cubism, which is one the early twentieth century avant grad art movement. The movement has revolutionized and inspired painting and sculpture in Europe, as it insured the European music and literature.

The Fauve movement of the French painting inspired him too, as impressionism did. The fauvism is a style of art started on the early twentieth century, as les Fauves, or the Wild beasts and it emphasize painterly qualities with impressing colors.

Raoul Dufy was inspired by the artistic lifestyle of his family, especially the musical passion his family had and became very productive. He left more than four thousand paintings in oil and water colors and many other drawings.

During early stage of his career, Raoul Dufy applied the pochoir technique, a French term for stenciling, which is a process to hand coloring black outline prints individually.

He frequently applied that into his artworks to produce many outline prints ready for use with other products in many manufacturing and reproducing facilities.

Raoul Dufy was impressed when he met Paul Poiret, one of the leading French fashion designers in 1909. The fashion designer encouraged him to design patterns for textile design.

So Raoul Dufy began with a small textile printing examples and from there he continued successfully to provide rich articulated surfaces and inlets to many fashion designs.

France with its own stylized arts in many fields has always been inspiring to French, some African countries France reached during the colonization period and other lands worldwide.

She is known by many talented and inspiring artists, such as Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Jean Bernard Carillet, Jean Honore Fragonard, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin and Pierre Auguste Renoir.

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Raoul Dufy's Art Store!

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Bouquet d'Arums by Raoul Dufy
Bouquet d'Arums
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Interieur a la fenetre by Raoul Dufy
Interieur a la fenetre
Dufy Raoul's Painting
Blue Palm Trees by Raoul Dufy
Blue Palm Trees
Dufy Raoul's Posters
Old Houses Along the Honfleur Dock, 1906
Old Houses Along the Honfleur Dock, 1906
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Interior With Open Windows by Raoul Dufy
Interior With Open Windows
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Anemones by Raoul Dufy
Dufy Raoul's Fine Arts
La Fontaine a Aspet by Raoul Dufy
La Fontaine a Aspet
Dufy Raoul's Abstracts
The Eiffel Tower by Raoul Dufy
The Eiffel Tower
Dufy Raoul's Drawings
Regatta by Raoul Dufy
Dufy Raoul's Arts
Le Port Du Havre 1908 by Raoul Dufy
Le Port Du Havre 1908
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Baie des Anges-Nice by Raoul Dufy
Baie des Anges-Nice 1926
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Race Track by Raoul Dufy
Race Track
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Vernet-Les-Bains by Raoul Dufy
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Nice Le Casino 1936 by Raoul Dufy
Nice Le Casino 1936
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Le Jardin d'Hiver a Vernet les Bains by Raoul Dufy
Le Jardin d'Hiver a Vernet les Bains
Dufy Raoul's Paintings
La Vie En Rose by Raoul Dufy
La Vie En Rose
Dufy Raoul's Arts
La Baie du Havre, 1908 by Raoul Dufy
La Baie du Havre, 1908
Dufy Raoul's Posters
Nice, The Bay Of Angels by Raoul Dufy
Nice, The Bay Of Angels
Dufy Raoul's Drawings
Bouquet d'Arums by Raoul Dufy
Bouquet d'Arums
Dufy Raoul Arts
Mannequins de Poiret aux Cours by Raoul Dufy
Mannequins de Poiret aux Cours
Dufy Raoul's Store
San Giorgio Maggiore by Raoul Dufy
San Giorgio Maggiore
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Le Port Du Havre 1908 by Raoul Dufy
Le Port Du Havre 1908
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Jetty At Honfleur by Raoul Dufy
Jetty At Honfleur
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Amphitrite by Raoul Dufy
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Vue sur Marseille by Raoul Dufy
Vue sur Marseille
Raoul Dufy's Arts


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