The Ezine Acts Games Have 2 Goals that Work for Your Own Interest!

The Ezine Acts Games are simply shooting games to know exactly how to play those games with the game playing strategies and tactics included to make the Ezine Acts shooting games a pleasure and make you the hero of all game players.

Ezine Acts Games: Traditional Wolfenstein 3D, Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny.Ezine Act's Games: Traditional Wolfenstein 3D, Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny.

So, the first goal is simply to enjoy your time with the Ezine Act's Games, relax after hard work and enjoy the Ezine Act's shooting games to refresh your mind and relieve yourself from depression or stress.

The second goal is more beneficial, as you could learn from the tips and techniques included in the Ezine Acts Game Site how to use you game playing passion to search, research and study it well to focus on one game and then choose it right to improve your life.

So, apparently, you have more pleasures on this page designed personally to help you improve your life, whether you are playing games, or building your games hobby a business of your own to generate income from it, based on the huge gaming interests that involve millions of people.

Here are some GAMES accompanied with secrets I have not revealed to any one, but you...

Really... and you will agree at the end... that enjoying some hobbies like those hobbies I mentioned here is useful.

It has three directions at here, which is the site map for this kind of entertainment to support you psychologically and economically and ensure your security while you are involved in this kind of entertainment.

This page reveals some tactics to use, as I wrote in details below this introduction. It is also very important to know that the better games are games that you buy cheap and play offline, so you could escape Malware and other IP threats.

But, you will also discover through the 15 pages on this topic (you may see more pages in the future) how to use your passion in this regard to work at home, build it a small business and improve your lifestyle.

You do probably enjoy some kinds of games in your free time to entertain yourself. Therefore, I reveal on ethe Ezine Acts Games here the best strategies to implement while enjoying shooting games like Wolf 3D.

Not only that, but you will come to realize that you shoot your depression, in fact, and reserve much of your energies.

You know of course the things that burn your energies. Make them your enemies in such games and then shoot them while shooting the enemies on those games.

Wolf3D GAMES, are called also Wolfenstein 3D-Games, and they are on the Ezine Acts Games with other Computer-Games, Video Games and Wolf 3D Games to enjoy. You can also download some of them through this page.

What's Important in this Intro?

Well, in fact I have developed the topic of the Ezine Acts Games to produce two sets of products. One of the sets of those products is for humanitarian purposes and the other is for entertainment.

The development process at and may help you develop some business ideas in your mind into a web business, using only your hobbies or your knowledge, if you are interested in doing any Internet business.

This shows you how to earn income even while you are playing games, entertaining and enjoying your time. It is so that simple, as you can see on through the Ezine Acts Games and at: and

Read the Best of Wolf 3D's Tactics Below.

You can download some Wolfenstein 3D's to play very secure, by following the instructions on the Ezine Acts Games. However, you should not play those Games Online.

To get one of them free like, tweet, pin the pictures on the Ezine Acts Games and tell me that you have done through the form at Contact Us.

You will get links to download free Wolf 3D and some other free e-books to help you make money on the Internet, if you wanted those ebooks to improve your life.

I am addicted to playing some PC Games to solve the bad feeling of the day, sometimes. I have learned from this simple behaviour many useful things.

One of those things is very important. Playing those computer and video games solve my stress and depression. I actually shoot my depression when I play War Games instead of shooting myself.

This is a very useful lesson on the Ezine Acts Games. I encourage you to do some practices too in this direction to fire your depression away every time you feel it.

Now here are the best tactics, you may need to use, while playing the Ezine Acts Games offline.

Best Ezine Acts GAMES' Tactics and Strategies!

GAMES, Khalid Osman writes about the Ezine Acts GAMES

These are better tactics on the Ezine Acts Games to follow when playing Wolfenstein 3D. I hope you find them useful. They definitely are.

Always use Mao-Tse-Tung's tactics when you face lot of enemies. Strike hard suddenly and escape as quickly as possible to perplex the enemies. When you open a door, do not stand there on the entrance to face fires from the enemies.

Open the door and then retreat fast. In most cases, you will hear a warning that the guards of the enemy have already occupied the area and they recognized you as an invading enemy.

If you did not hear the voice-alarm, use the up and down arrows to discover how many of the enemies are there.

When you retreat do not retreat steadily backwards, instead retreat back to the left, or to the right by pressing the back and (left or right) arrows. This tactic enables you to take good position ready to shoot any enemy when he gets out.

When you find yourself in front of enemies with advanced weapons, do not shoot them standing on their faces, instead shoot while retreating a distance from them.

Do not face and shoot many enemies in a location unless you have good weapons and good health. Even with good weapons and good health, it is better to attract them out one by one from their locations and then hunt them.

When you attract them out of their locations stand a distance far from the door to the left or the right.

Shoot the first one that appears at the door exactly to keep the door open. This enables you to see how many enemies have remained inside and use tactics to invade or attract them out.

When you invade and liberate a location, search for secret doors on the walls using the up arrow and space. Pay attention to the doors, nearby. Pay close attention to these game playing instructions on the Ezine Acts Games.

When you find a secret door, expect enemies hidden there. Therefore, do not rush to enter. Use the up (forward) and back (down) arrows to discover whether there were enemies inside the secret location or not.

When you find the machine-gun do not take it if your bullets rate is at 99. It sends more bullets when you shoot, so you will lose more of your bullets and find yourself with none to face other enemies. This is a game tactic that has already been set-up to deceive you by taking that machine gun to lose your bullets.

You don't need to take it at all. Always upgrade your pistol to the second advanced weapon and play with it for long as you could.

Do not face enemies with missiles without a heavy weapon. However, always hide yourself behind pricks or doors to shoot them when they were at sight. take this advice at the Ezine Acts Games seriously.

If there is a hidden location, you have opened before near the targeted location, withdraw to it and face the entrance to hunt the enemy one by one. Chances are that they will pass it without noticing it until you shoot the first one or a couple.

Do not face an enemy if you ran out of ammunitions and missiles. Your army knife will not hurt them all and they will finish you before you did. Instead, search for ammunition. However, you can face one-two soldiers with your army knife only if your health is good, (e.g. above 70%)

It is not good idea to face enemies occupied with heavy weapons either, if your health dropped under 20%. However, you can face a soldier in this situation and with health rate, only when you consider that you can shoot first from a good position.

Well, using the arrows and other elements on your keyboard, as you see from the Ezine Acts Games is something to consider checking when you open your games folder. You can arrange this process from the unzipped files when you click on them to play.

The screen will display all the features before you start playing. Use the arrows to scroll to where you read "Control". Scroll to "Customize Controls" and "Key" and then to "Board" where you can arrange the usage of your arrows.

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